A Testimonial About Our Author Promotions And Book Marketing Programs

Kaylin's McFarren

I recently had the opportunity to work with Smitty in regard to marketing my new release, Flaherty's Crossing. All I can say is every dollar has been well-spent. He is incredibly detailed, professional, and caring. My name, book, and trailer have appeared on hundreds of sites and the exposure has been unbelievable.

As a direct result of his tremendous efforts, Flaherty's Crossing has become one of the hottest and most ordered items at Champagne Books.

I truly can't recommend anyone more highly.

Kaylin McFarren, Author
Flaherty's Crossing, Now Available

Marketing And Promoting Your Book Less The Pitfalls

Every author soon comes to realize that author promotions and book marketing is a world of it's own. It requires hard work, making the right connections and pressing through the barriers.

Many times authors believe that once their book is published that 1,000's of book lovers will purchase it. Other times authors believe that their publisher will put together a magical promotion that will place their book in the top 10 best sellers.

For the self published author, many soon come to understand that promoting and marketing their book is more time consuming than writing and publishing it. The list of truths, realities and wake up calls is endless.

Have you ever wondered how many great books never made the top 100 list only because no one read them due to poor or lack of marketing?

Authors, you must promote and market your books finding targeted marketing while saturating that market. You must take the time to find cost affective ways to accomplish this and free marketing is not affective. It's just free.

Don't fall into the "I can do it myself pitfall and attempt to promote and market your book all by yourself". You must set aside a marketing budget and put that money to good use.

The High Price Of Author Promotions and Book Marketing

I spend a lot of time online and come by many sites that offer author promotions and book marketing. Some of the prices start at $500.00 plus dollars and that's justfor some basic author promotions and book marketing. One site that comes to mind offers three promotions packages and the high end package goes for $995.00. That's a lot of money and you have to sell a lot of books just to recover that money. Sure cuts into royalties quickly.

If you are looking for some expanded online author promotions and book marketing. Contact us. We can put together a great marketing plan for you that will expand your online presence and place you in prime positioning not on one site, but in a network of well established sites. For further information email us at kingdomexpansion1@gmail.com

For The Christian author visit Christian Book Marketing

Author Book Buzz Craze

Daily authors and writers run around to author orientated sites, networks and communities posting their books, information, links and creating book buzz. What amazes me is the dedication and time that a author or writer puts into this type of promotion and book marketing. The magnet of attraction is that it's free. One thing is for sure, many great online friendships are birthed. However, when it's all done, said, and over, just how many copies of a authors books are actually sold to yes, other authors.

95% of all the traffic to these sites are authors trying to sell their books and a very high percentage of the repeat visitors are authors. Now why would a author only target other authors? That just makes no sense.

Authors, if you want to create book buzz, promote and market your books. You must use targeted marketing finding targets, audiences and places where book lovers (the buying public) look for books. Promoting and marketing your books to other authors is not using the power of the Internet to your advantage. However, many of you have either come to know this or are realizing it.

Take some time to look around our site and you will find some valuable information about prime targeted author promotions and book marketing.

24/7/365 Day Author Promotions & Book Marketing


Thousands of dollars are spent publishing books. Authors spend endless hours writing them. How much money and time are spent on marketing them?

Many authors make the mistake of not marketing their books or self marketing them. Now how is a buying audience going to purchase your book if they don't know it exists?

Maybe you have paid for the standard single marketing page that your publisher offers. So have thousands of others. Maybe you paid for the standard publishers marketing package and you are in the in print book data base. So have millions of others and there you sit, lost, faceless and nameless amoung the millions.

We provide expanded online marketing within a network of sites. I hope your not missing this. I'm not talking about author promotions and marketing on one site. I'm talking about author promotions within a network of sites. Further and unlike other marketing offers that comes with a monthly renewal fee. Our marketing packages are for one full year of marketing with no monthly renewal fees. That's right. One full year and with no monthly renewal fees.

For information, contact us by email at kingdomexpansion1@gmail.com and we will prepare a marketing program designed just for you.