Author Media Blog & Book Marketing Costs

If you've checked into a online marketing program for your author's media blog you've probably found out that it can get quite expensive. The prices can range from $30.00 per month for advertisement on one site up to over $1,000.00 for yearly fees. That of course makes it very hard for author's to market their author media blogs and books, as the cost cuts deep into their royalties and profits. The numbers just don't add up unless your selling hundreds of books each day.

Of course many author's choose to purchase the marketing package when they purchase the book publishing package, which gets your book listed on 100's to 1000's of online bookstores and sites. Some packages go as high as 25,000 online bookstores and 15,000 online Christian bookstores.

However, there your book is online listed with millions of other books that are also for sale on those very same sites whereas the market is over flooded with authors, books and changes weekly and monthly. So in all honesty, what are the chances that your book will be found by its unknown title, as a new book.

The problem is this, chances are no one has heard of you as a author or knows that you're book is listed on those sites. It's just there lost among the millions of books and only found under a few word searches. Yes, there are some online bookstores and sites that will showcase a particular author and book, however that's like playing the slots hoping your name will come up.

I know, I have purchased those extensive online bookstore marketing packages before and with great disappointments. They offer the world, and deliver nothing and especially the ones associated to the POD publishing packages as most real bookstores will not even order POD books for thier shelves, even if you pay the book return fee to the publisher.

The key is finding a market for your books where the competition isn't so overwhelming while at the same time tapping into new markets, arenas, online networks and communities. Imagine 1,000 people visiting a site with 100,000 books for sale vs. 1,000 people visiting your site with your book for sale.

If you're interested in marketing your authors media site, book or books, and would like extensive marketing not on one site, but 25, 50, 75, or 100 separate sites for one full year that will dramatically increase you're online exposure, presence and marketing, contact us.

We will create a marketing package for your author's media blog and book that will get you the exposure that you deserve and at a price created especially for author's that fits into you're marketing budget. Plus and this is a huge plus, your book and author's media blog or site will not be lost in the millions of books listed on online bookstores, where the competition and market is flooded. Here are 7 simple but powerful reasons to take our authors marketing challenge.

1) Reach a larger audience for one full year.

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