A Highly Recommended Guide and Handbook

Reina Davison releases Overcoming Abuse: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Protection--A Guide for Parents Caregivers and Helpers by Reina Davison offers a 3-part handbook to parents, caregivers, and helpers to aid in protection against child sexual abuse. Coupled with the use of Biblical principles, stages of development in children, this book teaches, educates and gives parents the arsenal they need to educate themselves and their families in either prevention or healing from traumatic child sexual abuse (CSA).

Giving the definitions of child sexual abuse (CSA) and the staggering statistics in our nation, coupled with the abuse worldwide – the abuse of children is unprecedented. 

Our day and age is raging with this sin against the most innocent of beings – children. Abuse comes in many forms and can be quite insidious, thus the author’s efforts focus on sexual abuse. She also gives insight into the psychiatric dynamics of a sexual predator or offender. Her book is well-rounded and an overview on the subject of CSA that gives knowledge, help and guidance as a manual for prevention and protection against such crimes.

As a comprehensive handbook, one can glean the contents and find out not only how to use her guide, but understand how to limit internet media and device pornography, recognize strategies of perpetrators, giving tips of what to do and what not to do – parents, caregivers and helpers can help recognize, prevent and protect children against childhood sexual abuse. This guide is an invaluable resource, offering also an overview of the main reasons for abuse (the psychology of abusers) to help readers spot unsafe behaviors, giving them a guidebook in tracking and preventing child sexual abuse.

With a section on educating your child on this subject, this book takes all the pieces of a giant puzzle, and even sheds light on the judicial system in relation to this issue. With different stages of age, such as birth to toddler, toddler to five, six to twelve, and twelve to eighteen, the author has broken down the different stages of growth, exposing the different levels of opportunity that sexual predators may use against a child at these ages, along with age appropriate environments and care providers.

This book comes as a highly recommended guide and handbook for parents and caregivers as well as for those dealing with such issues, pastors, police, counselors, child psychologists, medical staff, and the court system will find this information useful in teaching child sexual abuse (CSA) prevention and protection!

You may get your copy of Overcoming Abuse: Child Sexual Prevention and Protection at Amazon or in Kindle as a download.

Title: Overcoming Abuse:
Child Sexual Prevention and Protection
By: Reina Davison
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Visit author Reina Davison at Overcoming Abuse for more information about her books.

Finding The Courage to Live a Powerful Christian Life

#1 Best Seller on Amazon 

Dare to Live Greatly: The Courage to Live a Powerful Christian Life by L.C. Fowler is a fantastic and uplifting memoir and guidebook chronicling a tadpole’s beginnings into a fearless Special Warfare CommunityFowler encourages readers to live a powerful Christian life through his lessons learned as a Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL (BUD/S) training in 1977 in Coronado, California. His book is more than a telling of life in the BUD/S training; his book gives others the motivation and insight they need to push forward to thrive beyond life’s fears and comfort zones. 

Developing fearless perseverance is only the first lesson in this book, as the author speaks on zeal, faith, facing the impossible to becoming a tenacious, wise warrior with absolute resolve for running the race well and finishing. Readers will not be able to put this book down! Every page is power packed with the how-to become great and thrive!

Fowler gives an invitation – an amazing invitation – to live a life courageously expecting more, doing more, and obtaining more that you every thought possible.  This book is one for those that want to do something great yet need the push and inspiration to do so. Readers will discover that a heartfelt attitude of overcome means just that…to overcome until you win…whatever the cost and that giving up is not an option, nor is just surviving – TO THRIVE is the goal. His book is a solutions-based to some of life’s greatest obstacles.

Coupled with great quotes from noteworthy evangelists like Billy Graham and memorable sayings that give deep insight from those who have gone before us, he poses a unique question within this, What are you starving for? We should all be starving for something worthwhile. ~ is his answer.

Each chapter offers a step inside peek at the Navy Seals training program; programmed to break you, and if that’s not enough, his story on what it took for him to graduate and win. He gives life-lessons that are invaluable, as he has learned from experience along the way each give a snapshot of the jaw-dropping and gruelling training in the Navy Seal training. Only the best win. Chapter twenty-six is one of my favorite chapters: When You’re Down to Nothing, God is up to Something! The author blends the truth of circumstances can appear to be, yet points readers to a greater cause, giving immense hope for the breakthrough that only God can bring in these intense life situations.  A highly recommended must read ~ CBM

Title: Dare to Live Greatly:
The Courage to Live a Powerful Christian Life|
By: Larry C. Fowler
A CBM Christian Book Review10.0 out of 10.0+ Stars

You may get your copy of Dare to Live Greatly at Amazon and in Kindle as a download.

A Child’s Body Safety Guide

Overcoming AbuseMy Body Belongs to God and Me – A Child’s Body Safety Guide by Reina Davison speaks to children, telling them they are “Overcomers.” 

This is a wonderful truth in God’s Word, as she begins the book by the definition of what an overcomer is. Opening children’s eyes to the truth of God’s purpose and plans for them, she goes on to describe God’s gift of free will. Describing Good Touch and Bad Touch; she elaborates on these two and what that can encompass. There are Good Touch people and Bad Touch people. Her book gives hope to children who have or have not experienced abuse by speaking the truth of God’s love and care for their body. She also teaches children how to prevent abuse by giving them the tools to know the difference between a healthy relationship and unhealthy relationships.

Writing from a Biblical perspective, yet incredibly gentle and simple, Reina Davison gives hope and guidance that exposes the darkness and sin of the enemy lurking in our lives. These people are unsafe and “No Touch” people as Reina explains. Her premise teaches children the principle of becoming “Overcomers” in Christ Jesus. This is a fantastic book that teaches wonderful and enlightening spiritual truths to children. (Note: This book just may encourage adults as well; teaching them that they are overcomers!) I personally enjoyed the uplifting truths to her book and thought…I wish I had a book such as this when I was a child. You will be delighted by this book as well.

As a guidebook, this book teaches parents, caregivers, family members, etc., to understand what safe behavior is in and out of the home. Her Body Safety guide in the back provides a checklist for adults to adhere to in protecting children. With beautiful illustrations, the author sheds light on walking in the truth of God’s Word, while giving them instruction of their enemy (the devil), the Bible, and Jesus, offering hope and encouragement to look to Jesus as their help and Savior. Her book shows that God has a good plan for them and cares for them. She shares that they are Overcomers and can defeat the enemy (the devil) and that because of Jesus, they too can choose to be of Good Cheer (be happy). 

This book comes highly recommended for all children who need to be taught encouraging truths about God’s Word, and especially is a tool to be used by parents, counselors, pastors, child psychologists, medical personnel, and lay persons to teach about healthy sexual boundaries.  

To tell you the truth, this is one of those books parents should utilize in teaching their children about bad people that sin and touch inappropriately. She has given a list of resources in the back of the book, and is an advocate of ending child sexual abuse. Written with grace, wisdom, and sensitivity to children’s pure intellects, this book does a wonderful job in tackling a difficult subject.

“Thank you, Reina Davison, for your work to protect the vulnerable children of the world!” ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews

Title: Overcoming Abuse: My Body Belongs to God and Me
A Child’s Body Safety Guide
By: Reina Davison, Illustrated by: Victoria Aleice
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

You may get your copy of Overcoming Abuse: My Body Belongs to God and Me at Amazon or in Kindle as a download. Be sure to visit author Reina Davison at Overcoming Abuse for more information about her books.

Stories of Golf's Greats - Hogan, Trevino, Palmer, Floyd

Highly Recommended - Go with God, Hogan, and The Hybrid is J. Michael Meadows' first book and showcases his life experiences in the context of stories, truths, and wisdom related to golf and the role it has played in his life.  

The Hybrid is the most important addition to your life and to your game. "God is not who we think He is, but who He reveals Himself to be in the Bible" and "God has a plan for each one of us. Therefore, it is important that we make sure our belief system about God is rooted in God's revelation of himself and not on human speculation about God".

This Book is filled with dozens of stories of golf's greats―Hogan, Trevino, Palmer, Floyd and many others―who have crossed paths with Meadows as he's traveled and played life's fairways. Go with God… is humorous, nostalgic, insightful, and empowering. 

The author, who has escorted hundreds of golfers to Scotland and Ireland with his Golf in the Kingdom tour and golf travel company, shares numerous insights from a lifetime in business and golf. Readers will enjoy and come to embrace his Southern style (and -isms), as well as the family, faith, and systematic foundations upon which he has built a rich and rewarding life. Whether it's stories about Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and their impact on the game of golf, Meadows' founding The U.S. Screen Door Open Golf Championship, corporate life with IBM, Xerox, and Exxon, and life as an entrepreneur, readers will be engaged and entertained.

Meadows shares personal successes and failures as well as some truths of mental attitude dynamics and spirituality that have sustained him as he's traveled the fairways of life. He calls it "living a normal life... in an extraordinary way". Everyone knows something about God but to know God is impossible apart from The Word of God, The Mind of Christ through the perception and application of Bible Doctrine from Christ, THE PERFECT HYBRID.

J. Michael Meadows is an avid, low-handicap golfer, a member of Phoenix Country Club in Phoenix, Arizona and The St. Andrews Golf Club in Scotland. Golf and business have taken him around the world and were the foundations for his encounters with legendary golfers like Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and many others. Go with God, Hogan, and The Hybrid is Meadows’ first book and, in a style all his own, he shares the truths and wisdom of the experiences that have shaped his life. 

For more information about the author and to buy this wonderful book, visit Go With ... God, Hogan, and The Hybrid

Christian Book Marketing - Christian Book Trailer Productions

The Power of Video Book Trailers and Video Book Trailer Marketing

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Christian Book Marketing - 7 Reasons Why? Evangelism Doesn’t Work!

A must read for every Christian

Evangelism is the engine that drives the Church into its true purpose. It is not just the pastor’s calling, the deacon’s calling, the evangelist, nor the missionary’s job, but the Churches’ calling as a whole. The Church is every believer in the Body of Christ. 

Evangelism is the first work of the Church. It is what the Church was commissioned and commanded to do. Evangelism is the meat of Christ, and the work of the Father according to: John 4:34-Jesus saith unto them, "My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work." 

What you are about to explore in this book is generated by the Holy Spirit. This writing is the result of thirty years of personal evangelism. They are my experiences of failures and successes, defeats, and victories of street-witnessing, public preaching and twenty-years of prison ministry. It is my prayer that you are both blessed and empowered as you read 7 Reasons Why? Evangelism Doesn’t Work!

A Christian Contemporary Romance Novel

For All Eternity by June Foster is a Christian contemporary romance novel tinged with religious tension and an unlikely end that speaks of the need for salvation and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. This is truly a must read book.

A surprise encounter leaves JD wondering about Joella, the beautiful woman who mowed him down on a bike trail. Intent on keeping the relationship just as a friendly one, JD tells himself; although he can’t get over the peace that emanates from her presence. JD finds Joella and her feminine beauty to be irresistible, even though the constant scolding from his father to “get a new perspective” on life, makes him wonder if Joella could ever be the right choice.  He longs for that peace that Joella possesses, and consequently realizes that a person can’t fill the deep void inside. 

Joella, a interior designer, brings delight to the novel as a young at heart church girl, presenting the charm of a budding romance, this novel keeps readers glued to the pages.  I was constantly wonder what the next page would bring.

As time passes and sparks fly, there are decisions to make and expectations each character has, especially for JD. His strict religious upbringing has taught him not to be interested in anyone outside of his church. Yet, he can’t deny his interest in Joella.  As this budding romance develops with some twists and turns, the author has coupled the scenes with an idyllic setting of family, home and country charm. 

June Foster captures emotions and brings surprise encounters into a well-developed inspirational themed book blended with the romance of true love. First encounters, butterflies, and heart pounding emotions develop into a deep respect and love in this Christian fictional romance that is sure to uplift its readers.

Title: For All Eternity
By: June Foster
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

You may get a copy of For All Eternity at Amazon and in Kindle as a download.

Christian Book Marketing - Author Grace Dola Balogun

Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven. He came down from Heaven to show us the way. He is the Lamb of God who took away the sin of the whole world. On the Cross, our salvation is complete. If you believe in Him, your salvation is complete. He is the way, the truth, and the life. (John14:6) 

The way to Heaven is only through Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ alone. Our Lord Jesus Christ is Himself the way to Heaven. He does not merely show the way; He is the way. Salvation is only in the person of Jesus Christ. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and you have salvation. 

Our Lord Jesus Christ is not just one of many ways, He is the only way. Discover the truth of the Gospel that will revive faith and the joy of salvation in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. This book will deepen understanding of spiritual truths that will empower readers to walk victoriously in Christ.

You may get your copy of Jesus Christ The Only Way at Amzon or as a download in Kindle.

Christian Book Marketing - A Very Informative Read

This book comes highly recommended for anyone that is struggling in their life as a chance to re-evaluate, elevate and find the peace of God

A CBM Christian Book Review - 10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Value Life by Noah Weldemichael presents an informative read about life that teaches one to not only value their own life, but to value others. Within this, he challenges readers with a few questions, then explains the answers according to the “right” way as taught from the Bible. 

He asks readers: “What is life? Where is life? When does life begin? What are our expectations in life? How do we want to live? Are we living, or are we just alive on this Earth? Are we satisfied with our lives? Is life worth living?” His answers uncover an awesome God to the readers, giving hope, light, instruction and a future for a valued life and answering how to find peace in a troubled world.

Different topics and varying issues are addressed. The author blends “his life story with important lessons from the Bible and the Holy Spirit.” In the end chapter, issues such as negative thoughts and suicidal thoughts are insightful. Within this, his book mainly speaks of battles we all face in our thoughts and how we can choose to meditate on right and wrong things. His book advocates a renewing of the mind through the Word of God and producing the fruits of the Spirit, (joy, peace, love, etc.).

Filled with Scripture, this book speaks to readers that one can go thru difficulties, challenges and struggles and not lose their joy and peace. His book teaches “how to think” and “what to focus your mind on” reminding readers that the mind is the battleground where you will win or lose battles. His book speaks of contentment and peace, offering all who read a choice, will you seek God for your peace?

This book comes highly recommended to new or mature believers alike; and is also recommended for those that want to find purpose, peace and fulfillment in life. For those atheists who doubt the existence of God or the validity of the Bible, he has a word or two for you, for those who doubt Jesus’ teachings, he speaks to those and asks them to open their minds and hearts and live a life that is worth living, asking, “What are you living for?” He also delves into the issue of sin, why God sent His Son and lastly, for those with tormenting or suicidal thoughts, this book also comes recommended as a way to evaluate your thought life, giving loving insight into the battle we all face.

With great insight and deep compassion, each chapter connects the dots from the beginning of creation to our reward in Heaven. With such chapters as: At Creation, How Much is Your Life Worth? Why God Sent His Son, When Does Life Begin? The Heavenly and the Earthly Kings, Stress and Depression, Your Skin Color, What God Expects, Sin, one will find great wisdom and experience gleaning from the author’s examples and life experiences. He writes with a great amount of temperance and offers sound Biblical teaching.

In short, relevance of a life fulfilled and satisfied comes to the forefront… How does one have joy, peace, love, etc., despite great difficulties? His book delves into these questions and brings renewing of the mind to choose what you think, say and do as a Christian. You may get your copy of Value Life at Amazon or in Kindle as a download.

Very Highly Recommended

This is an incredibly timely and well-written book that shares such valuable teachings and comes highly recommended for all Christians, whether a new or mature believer. Thank you Pastor Brunetto for sharing this insight and offering a Pathway to Promise! A CBM Christian Book Review / 10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Pathway to Promise: Learning to Overcome by James Brunetto is an amazing short and easy-to-understand ten chapter lesson guide designed to help one learn to move forward when one has become stuck, disillusioned, disappointed, etc. in their God-given mandate that seems to be more of an impossibility. Written by a pastor with much life experience and wisdom, he gives readers the tools and Biblical teaching that makes being a powerful person of faith and learning to be an overcomer attainable. He explains that waiting for the promises are not what one is to do, but running after them and moving forward, is the only way to learn to overcome. This book will change and transform your life that brings eternal rewards. He encourages all Christians that each person has a life mission and God-given mandate, yet so many give up when difficulties come. His word to you in this book is…Learn how to overcome and make the promises of God a reality in your life!”

Simply put, this book is a blessing! Encapsulated within the 10 short chapters, the author presents a “pathway to the promises” that will renovate readers’ thinking (and doing). He states that so many have given up, settled for “complacency and mediocrity”. 

His book offers new hope and a new life to the promises of God with such valuable chapters as: Learn to Overcome, Value the Valley, Develop a Breakthrough Attitude, Build Momentum, Learn to Engage, Learn to Move in Power, Be a Person of Faith, Be a Person of Prayer, Be a Person of the Spirit, Be a Person of Sacrifice. Readers will find this book to be a catalyst to lift them out of their struggles, enemy attacks, and disappointment that also ushers in fresh vision, focus, encouragement and hope that lead to mission and ministry coming into fruition.

I cannot recommend this book enough! Aspects of prayer, faith, and holiness shed light on a surprising read that includes such powerful lessons, insights and treasures from the Bible. He teaches from experience and assists readers to help them grab onto God, gain momentum in God’s ways and His promises. Hope and faith come alive. Such Biblical heroes bring great hope and faith, such as: David, Apostle Paul, the Disciples, all springing forth from the ministry of Jesus.  

Throughout his book, the author has given the roadmap to “failure is not an option.” And within such, revealing the nature of Satan and his temptations, as a mere twisting of the truth…bringing in deception. He makes an eye-opening statement in the later chapter, “Every temptation is Satan’s invitation to do things your own way instead of God’s way.” This is an incredible statement for those who would be willing to apply understanding. Within that, he offers snapshots and a chapter in the book revealing the enemy’s tactics as the “Tempter” and “Accuser of the Brethren” that showcase classic strategies of Satan, unveiling examples of compromise that are written in the Bible, so that readers can glean from these important lessons. Highlighting holiness, hope and faith are crucial elements that promote walking by the Spirit, make this a valuable and informative without complicating the matter.

This author offers truth from a Biblical perspective to propel readers into their God-given mission. 

You may get your copy of Pathway to Promise: Learning to Overcome at Amazon or in Kindle as a download.