Christian Book Marketing - Hope of Ages Past by Bruce Gardner

Hope of Ages Past by Bruce Gardner presents a vibrant and timeless literary masterpiece set amidst one of the most brutal conflicts in world history: the European Thirty Years War. 

This fight for religious freedom, stemming from post-Reformation Protestant resistance to Catholicism, included a series of battles that spanned three decades (AD 1618-1648) and ultimately resulted in more than 8 million deaths from violence, famine, and plague.

Blending historical and fictional elements of war, major battles, and famous personages, the author produces an inspiring tale of resolute faith and spirited romance—both fighting desperately against the raging quest for worldly gain, political power and agendas, and religious zealotry.

In the riveting, engaging and intriguing novel prologue, the author first gives an overview of the central European nations still in turmoil as a result of Martin Luther’s famous “Ninety-Five Theses” and doctrine of “Sola Scriptura” (The Bible Alone) promulgated a hundred years earlier.  Faced with these Protestant “heresies,” the Catholic-led Holy Roman Empire wants to retain absolute power, while Protestants strive to retain their freedom to worship despite attempts at suppression by various Catholic factions and governors. The war ignites in AD 1618 with armed rebellion by Protestant agitators in Prague, and central Europe is soon turned into a raging war zone.

A decade later, the historical and religious conflict ushers in lives that are changed, namely the main character Peter Erhart, who is now a Lutheran pastor in Magdeburg, Germany, and Hans Mannheim, a Catholic man whom Peter had tried to help in the 1618 Prague rebellion. Peter joins together with a third notable character—Anna Ritter, a young and very beautiful peasant girl who has secretly admired Peter for many years—initiating the romance element of the novel. 

Many other characters (mostly fictional, some based on real historical characters) add shape to the novel as the author provides a thrilling and suspenseful look into the lives, culture and temperaments of individuals and families caught in the crossfire of the horrific war that by now has engulfed all of Germany.

Wonderfully descriptive and concisely written with well-developed characters, this novel draws readers in and keeps them there, intertwined with the epic saga, making them feel they are right there in the book with the characters. Gardner has paid close attention to details and events that line-up with historical accuracy to create and lay a firm foundation for the story. 

As tensions mount, battles rage, and personal trials ensue, the author further reflects on the themes of God’s goodness, forgiveness, love, hope and restoration that bring resounding applause for this book as a tribute to the idea that “hope is worth fighting for” despite the harsh strife, struggles, devastation and personal loss that so insidiously characterized the era. Again, HOPE is worth holding on to, for God will never let you down!  

Inspirational and thought-provoking, one will not be disappointed with this work of historical fiction.

This book comes highly recommended for all those Christians that love a good historical story-line with twists! (And perhaps, will there be a movie in the making?)

Hope of Ages Past
Bruce Gardner
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Christian Book Marketing - Apostle Terri Diggs

In a Bad Way by Author and Speaker Apostle Terri Diggs presents a creative read written to young adults and teens, exhorting them to understand God, His ways and to make the right choices for themselves. 

These choices are presented by the author through a combination of rapping poems, core Christian values, Biblical knowledge and encouragement that offers young adults hope for their future. She presents a puzzle piece, a creed as me, and a way of love and community together with peace, joy and love as the centerpiece, which comes only from the foundational piece - Jesus Christ. 

Her desire is to create loving people that know Jesus, recognize each other’s uniqueness as valuable and asks for each person to seek the truth, which is found in Christ, the Son of God. This is an uplifting read that address the core issues such as: Who will you worship? What is respect and honor? Why does celibacy matter?, and what are open doors to evil?

Uniquely combining all the issues that teens face such as self-esteem, love, friends, temptations the author helps them to build character through godly principles. Her book is a hip way to speak to the young teen of our day who are lost, largely without motivation, parental instruction and core Christian values.

Her book is a testament to the power of solid Biblical foundations combined with an understanding God, Biblical principles, offering the youth of today guidance. By helping teens understand themselves, the world around them and giving them the tools to incorporate the Bible into their daily lives, the author provides a pathway to adulthood that will be successful.

Highly recommended for adults and teens to do together or in a small group setting where teens feel comfortable with their leader and with each other. ~ A must read!

In a Bad Way: Manual for Teens and Young Adults
By: Apostle Terri Diggs
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Available at iTUNESGoogle Play and Milk and Honey PressYou may also get your copy of In a Bad Way: Manual for Teens and Young Adults at Amazon or as a download in Kindle.

Christian Book Marketing - Christian Author Gianluigi Sio

I Was Blaspheming All Day Long, Then Jesus Appeared To Me by Gianluigi Sio is a brief autobiography of his life transformation after seeing Jesus alongside a busy roadway. Captivating and a short read, readers come to see a powerful spiritual change that took place in the heart of the author, coming from a place of lust, sin and greed for money. The author retells his conversion that is sometimes embellished with humor along the way as the author speaks of how incredibly stupid he could be, making fun of his humanity. As such, his story is worth the read, as he offers snip-its of the demonic battle he faced in reading the Gospels, and strange occurrences such as his bed shaking, but then he shows how he overcame all by faith and perseverance. He describes the Fathers love and embrace as something “tangible,” and give credence to the power and presence of God as awing and heavy. His life and testimony are a powerful blessing to the world around him and show others how God turned him around for the good. His only hope is others may come to know Jesus as well.

For Americans, this book represents a different culture, which is a delight to read. The author, Gianluigi Sio, grew up on a small island in Italy. In fact, he makes fun of this fact and states that the only playmates he had was watching a crow building a nest in an old oak tree. Still, he wasn’t joking-as he describes watching her build a nest. Life growing up in a small Italian town was different to say the least and is very different from America. Offering glimpses into this life, one thing he recalls was the stars at night that fascinated him. Surely, he knew there might be a Creator out there somewhere and that, we, as humans, are so finite. His book relates the commonality of mankind, a commonness we all face, “sin,” and the propensity towards temptation.

His testimony makes for a delightful read that makes mention of moments that stood out in time for him. The little comments his darling daughter make are intriguing and will make one stop and think. My personal favorite is, “God never sleeps.” His story encourages all to consider their ways and run to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, repenting of all sin, not in a religious way, but gives insight on the new heart, life and joy Jesus wants to give you.

A Highly Recommended Read!

I Was Blaspheming All Day Long, Then Jesus Appeared To Me
Gianluigi Sio
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Christian Fiction Novel

A must read - False Impressions: Michelli Family Ties by Sherry Crandell is a Christian fiction novel filled with mystery, temptation, and unexpected endings with love that shatters false impressions. In this opposites attract novel, the author takes readers on a journey, capturing the life of Tabitha, “TJ” Jennings.

TJ has fled to Texas to take another job; she left home escaping heartbreak after a break-up with her then fiancĂ©.  Encountering what she does not expect, she comes to find out that her new job is something she would have never imagined. Learning that she is now employed by the infamous Michelli Mob family, her life is not what she though it would be. Playing tiptoe and fighting an irresistible attraction to the grandson of the Michelli family (Dominic), her thoughts and mind are centered on just getting through, until she can quietly leave.

Set in modern day Texas, this book speaks of unexpected circumstances that surround TJ and her group of friends. Revealing surprising similarities in individuals despite false impressions, this book is a page-turner and fast-paced read as the author walks out TJ through her ordeal with Dominic, the Michelli family and what to do.Testing the waters, TJ is tempted, but knows better to involve herself with someone who not only is a non-believer, but a actual real-life mobster. 

This story focuses on a wonderful love story at the end with Jesus’ redemptive plan at the center. Readers will be pleasantly surprised. Refreshing, this story instills the great love God has for all those who are lonely, tired and looking to belong.

A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Christian Book Marketing - The Definition of Marriage

The Definition of Marriage: What You Really Need to Know About Marriage by Bishop Otis Kenner II Th.D. offers a firm Biblical view of marriage and speaks of God’s original design for marriage as a covenant. A covenant is more than a contract. There is much to consider before entering into marriage and many do not understand the Biblical definition of marriage, or know what their role is in a marriage.
A man and a woman differ in their roles and in their needs. Each are meant to complement one another, just as two puzzle pieces fit together in a jigsaw puzzle. In his new book, Bishop Kenner offers all the missing pieces in marriage today, creating a beautiful picture of God, marriage, offering a picture of Christ and His Church, being a mirror of what Holy Matrimony should look like.
Misconceptions and worldly views of marriage have skewed God’s purpose for marriage and the family. Many worldviews do not apply to God’s original design. God’s original design for marriage is between one man and one woman in a godly covenant unto death. Marriage is defined by the author as a ministry to each other. Offering an interactive 3-day challenge and inspiring journey for couples, the author hopes to create godly marriages that last.
Reading this book together offers couples a way to get back on track and helps them to understand marriage the way it was intended to be by God. Issues such as responsibility, intimacy, further enhanced by Scripture and definitions of a woman’s purpose and man’s gift offer a right mindset for each partner in marriage. Such issues as extra baggage, communion, submission, and balance offer solutions from a godly perspective. All are important issues to understand and adhere to
No matter if you are single, considering marriage as an engaged couple, or if already married, this insightful and Biblical read can help you understand the true meaning and purpose of marriage.
After 23 years of marriage and 11 children, Bishop Otis Kenner II Th.D., helps singles and couples understand fully their roles in marriage.

Christian Book Marketing - Living The Christian Life

Living a Fulfilled, Successful, and Joy Filled Life by Venatius Agbasiere shares practical, yet Biblical wisdom, covering a vast array of subjects that are paramount to living a successful life.
Based on God's Word, his upbringing and extensive training , he discusses many concerns such as relationships, marriage, family, finances, being a good husband, being a good wife, sexual immorality, debts, human trafficking, bullying, child abuse, social media platforms and many other subjects pertaining to all walks of life.
With immense wisdom and great compassion, these teachings can be read as a daily devotional.

Christian Book Marketing - The Christian Life

The Christian Life: Finding Hope In God is a collection of life-changing teachings, testimonies, short stories and miracles that share the goodness of God, His faithfulness and the Word of God that bring encouragement and hope, while sharing everyday Christian principles.
With testimonies from pastors, Bible teachers, ministers, multi-published authors, and award winning authors, The Christian Life is full of wisdom, heavenly pearls and daily bread for the reader.
May you be abundantly blessed as you read the wonderful testimonies highlighting the faithfulness of God and his goodness captured within the pages of this book. The Christian Life Is Available at Amazon

Will Jesus Be Coming for You?

Author Rick Hamlet
Who Goes to Hell: The Lie Christians Believe

Highly Recommended For Every Person, Believer Or Not, To Review And Consider ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews. 10.0+ out of 10.0 stars

.99 cent Kindle Special

This book is a Last Days’ warning to the Church. Stating that the return of Jesus is near, the author asks a poignant question, “Will Jesus be coming for you? Or, will you hear him say, ‘Depart from Me. I never knew you.’ ”

This is a stern warning against complacency perpetuated by wrong doctrine. In this book, the author presents fundamental teachings that will help one discern the Kingdom of God, and what is required to enter. 

Digging deep into Scripture, the author journeys, records and comments through a resounding amount of teachings and scripture verses, offering an overview of the main elements of salvation and the Kingdom of God. 

Sound Biblical doctrine remains the focus to include the parables of Jesus. Developed through much study, one would do well to read this book and discern for themselves and ask, Are they going to Heaven or have they been deceived either by self, the world or both?

With discernment and insight, this book has 64 chapters explaining who goes to hell with many other teachings explaining the temporal and the eternal. While that may sound daunting, the book is laid out well, giving each chapter its own subject title. Making each subject easily understandable, the reader will understand what the Kingdom of Heaven is like, understand Who Jesus is and why we need to be re-born into the Kingdom of God, understand who goes to hell, and so much more, while offering fresh revelation, insight and inspiration into our inheritance as believers in Christ. One will come away knowing the paradigm of the two co-existing realities: the Kingdom of God in Heaven and on the Earth. 

Additionally, both the New and Old Covenant teachings are also included within the book, which gives readers a firm grasp of the curse of death that Adam brought and the new life Jesus offers through His death on the cross.

Influential, powerful and most importantly Biblical, this book is full of wisdom for these Last Days to becoming a pure and spotless Bride that Jesus is returning for.

A highly recommended read for every Christian, unbeliever and skeptic. Get your copy of Who Goes to Hell: The Lie Christians Believe as a download in Kindle.

Highly Recommended - Finding Christ Through the Chaos

Inspiring and uplifting - Finding Christ Through the Chaos: A Mother’s Walk with Christ, Caring for Her Special Needs Child Son that Couldn’t by Gina Insinna Rice is her life story from childhood, giving birth to a son born with cerebral palsy and finding Christ through it all. A CBM Book Review, 10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Her life’s unexpected twists and turns reveal an intimate walk with God and the discovery of His presence through a series of encounters. Her story is unique as she describes the chapters of her family’s lives through a whirlwind of events. Her story is amazing, heartwarming, and touching. Readers will laugh and cry but will also be greatly encouraged by her constant faith in God, as she candidly shares memorable moments and reveals a sense of humor all the way through.

The theme that resonates throughout her testimony is that Gina simply never gave up.  At the age of twenty-one, caring for a special needs child brought her joy, tears and a perseverance not from this world, but that came from God as He gave her strength for the journey. Both Gina and her husband also remain a “statistic” in her community (parents with special needs children that remain married), giving all the glory to God.

Gina has written her testimony to share with others God’s faithfulness and to encourage caregivers of special needs children. Surely, her book is a testament to faith in God no matter the circumstance, that gives triumph to a mother’s unending love (and father’s), unfolding a true love story of triumph, loyalty, the bonds of family and God that are unbreakable. Throughout she expresses her love to God and to others, revealing a simple walk of trusting in Him one day at a time.  

Finding Christ Through the Chaos: 
A Mother’s Walk with Christ, Caring for Her Special Needs Child Son that Couldn’t
Gina Insinna Rice

Inspiring and uplifting, this book is memorable and comes highly recommended for all that may be suffering, or for those who may be caring for a sick child or parent. 

Get your copy of Finding Christ Through the Chaos at Amazon and in Kindle as a download.

A Wonderful Story To Share With Children

Children's Reading - The First Seed by David Witman is a colorful and beautifully illustrated children’s book depicting an old oak tree (as modern academia) and a little boy who have an interesting conversation. The little boy is able to look up to this big oak tree and ask, “Where did you come from and how did you get to be so big?” The old oak tree answers cordially, and has the same answer back to the boy every time with the exception of different seeds the tree came from. Question after question, the little boy asks and asks, until he finds out where the original seed came from.

With a series of answers, the last question that the little boy asks cannot be answered. Parents can answer for the book to dispel naturalistic views and introduce that the first seed came from a eternal being, namely God, who created the very first seed by intelligent design. Helping children recognize the systematic problem with “conjecture,” this book makes children think. Pointing children to God as the Creator of everything contained in the Universe, the author dispels evolution (and naturalistic views) brought forth by Academia’s as the ultimate and true fact.

With wit and a curious little boy, the author teaches children that we didn’t just “magically evolve” from one thing into the next thing as our science books are teaching our children as fact. The author has given children just enough knowledge of plant life and DNA to help them understand God and Science, and that God created all DNA and plants.

Truly a wonderful story to share with children to make them think about our world, and help them understand that God created all things. Beautifully written.

Book title: The First Seed
Written By: David Witman 
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

You may get your copy of The First Seed at Amazon 
or in Kindle as a download.

Kathryn Kuhlman, A little knowledge and an over-abundance ...

A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Misconceptions of Healing, Blessings and Miracles in the Church by Tiza Joseph Nyirenda speaks of doctrinal and Biblical error that the Church is participating in and writes to correct these errors. The authors hopes are that the Church will rise up in effectiveness and power through the Holy Spirit.

Beginning with a statement from Kathryn Kuhlman, “A little knowledge and an over-abundance of zeal always tend to be harmful. In the area involving religions truths, it can be disastrous.” With that said, the author writes to educate and equip the Body of Christ in the area of misconceptions in regards to healings, and gives inspiration to be witnesses of the great miracles and blessings of God.

Stating that, “People are zealous for God, but zeal without a deeper understanding of the Word of God can lead down destructive paths.” Additionally stating that there is a need for the Body of Christ to differentiate truth from error. He writes his book with candor and bases his book on Biblical wisdom. He speaks of fanaticism that has taken over the Church and has largely included examples from Africa, although fanaticism is taking place worldwide within the Church. He makes sure that readers understand that his book is not an attack on healing evangelists, but states we must learn from our mistakes, the past and from Scripture.

His book is written to give a deeper understanding of the ways Jesus heals, performs miracles and the blessings of God. Addressing such questions as medical interventions, work ethic, and the power of prayer, the author has also included a synopsis of some of the great healing evangelists such as William Branham, Oral Roberts and Gordon Lindsay, to include Kathryn Kuhlman. Scripture interpretation, common sense and Biblical wisdom make his book an informative read that disputes error in the Church.

This is a must-read for every Christian to consider as they look to God for the healing miracles in their lives and the lives of others. Get your copy of Misconceptions of Healing, Blessings and Miracles in the Church at Amazon or as a download in Kindle.

Christian Book Marketing - Dr. C. Todd Fetter

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The One Things: A Heartwarming Story About What’s Most Important by Dr. C. Todd Fetter is a delightful children’s book that teaches children what the most important things in life are. Through an ingenious tale of Grandpa Ed and the neighborhood children that gather around him while he is in the hospital, he is known as the kindest man in town, and one who loves to tell children great tales.

With his hand, namely his thumb and his four fingers, he tells the children around him, giving them a visual of the five things on their one hand to help them to remember. The five lessons are derived from the Bible and Jesus’ parables that present heartwarming and timeless truths that reveal that life in Jesus is everything we need. 

Gleaming from David, Grandpa Ed, first speaks of Psalm 27:4. This is the first lesson, seek God first and seek to abide in His house above all things. The second lesson, using his first finger, Grandpa Ed speaks of the rich man Jesus told to go and sell everything, and then he would have the riches of heaven. This teaches children to not love their stuff more than the Kingdom of Heaven and to obtain the riches of Heaven. Then there is the story of Martha, who was too busy for the more important things in life, which was to worship at the feet of Jesus, just as her sister Mary chose. The fourth story, Grandpa Ed shares is one of the blind man. The blind man was chosen to show the glory of God. Last, but not least, the Apostle Paul, was one who chose to forget the past and strive forward in life in Christ Jesus.

These lessons resonate with children and adults alike. All who read this book through the eyes of faith and with an open heart will be reminded once again of what is truly important in life – that we so easily forget as adults.

Additionally, one would do well to read this book to their children to instill the timeless truths captured in this fantastic, funny and endearing children’s book.

Highly recommended for Christian parents wanting to instill Kingdom principles in their kids that will last a lifetime.

Title: The One Things: 
A Heartwarming Story About What’s Most Important
By: Dr. C. Todd Fetter
A CBM Book Review
10.0+ out of 10.0 stars

Christian Book Marketing - Arthur D. Bardswell

The Wings in the Wind: The Reign of Mawh’eyri  by Arthur D. Bardswell is a fantasy novel that offers great encouragement in overcoming through a revealing of the mystery of the Great Spirit-wind as told through the mouths of the great King Eagles. 

Arthur D. Bardswell has penned a fast-paced story that reflects majestic views of a world once destroyed, that would grow again after desolation from a great winter – an Ice Age. Inspirational, well-written, the book is designed to give hope after all is lost. With a flare of Indian literature and tribal culture, combined with folklore, this book is for those that desire this genre.

Inspired by C.S. Lewis and JRR Tolkien, the author follows their writing style, as he notes in his Acknowledgments. He begins his tale with a Prologueand follows with the story of the Great Eagles who call themselves the Eyri. Speaking of an ancient time, before the coming of men, these creatures ruled the skies and mountains. The most powerful of them all were the Mawh'eyri,which were seven times the size of the other eagles and owned their own culture, language and code of conduct. Then there were the Windlords, a few select warrior eagles, who by their bravery and triumph over the Monarch of Mountains, were granted much favor.

Further presenting an inspirational story intertwined with majestic reigning of kings, Windlords, many great battles, much passion, the author offers hope and triumph over despair and failure. The author has creatively designed a story of valiant characters, bringing glory in overcoming adversity – to those who love reading C.S. Lewis or admire the Lord of the Ring series will enjoy this great novel.

A fascinating, rewarding emotional journey that will leave you wanting more!

Title: The Wings in the Wind: The Reign of Mawh’eyri
By: Arthur D. Bardswell
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0

or as a download in Kindle.

Christian Book Marketing - If You Truly Loved Christ

If You Truly Loved Christ, You Would Be Keeping More Than Just Ten of His Commandments by Lord S.G. Vanwells speaks to Christians, providing information, and thus encourages maturity in the Body of Christ by helping others to understand what Christ’s commandments are through the application of biblical wisdom.

His book speaks to the believer who understands that becoming Christ-like means that you “Do” His commandments, taking seriously the call to be set apart and made holy, just as Scripture denotes that all believers are to partake of becoming Christ-like. First stating that, “The primary goal of this entire writing endeavor . . . is to build your spiritual and heavenly worth by conforming to God and Christ’s stated biblical wishes.” 

The author builds on Biblical and Hebrew roots of Jesus (Yeshua), using the two names interchangeably. Thus, offering insight into the rich biblical history, location and roots of the Twelve Tribes, to include the branch of religion we call “Christianity”, asking, “What Does it all mean to love Jesus and follow His commandments?” Therefore, challenging modern-day believers to “re-think” what sin is and what does it mean to be righteous.

To ask that question, one must know what the expectations are from Yeshua (Jesus). With that in mind, the author takes readers on a journey and offers a look at what Jesus’ personal biblical requests throughout Scripture, and offers commentary and an overview of the Messiah Himself. He also gives a fair warning of controversy in the beginning of his book as well, as this subject is the center of controversy and has been for many years.

The book does give readers a plethora of information to consider: concerning Jesus, Israel, the Twelve Tribes, blessings & curses, the roots of Christianity (to include many of the holidays celebrated today in America, with additional information on the Catholic priests and a common Catholic mistranslation).  

With such chapters as: What is Sin?, 248 Positive Commandments of the 613 Commandments/How Yeshua was Sinless, 365 Negative Commandments of 613 Commandments of God, Problems with Paul, Common Christian Misinterpretations, Promised Blessings and Curses (Signs of Judah), Why Yeshua Died for Israel’s Curses and Sins, Where are the Twelve Tribes Today?, Honorable Mention, (with included cites, notations, bibliography, and webography, and links). This is an insightful, often surprising, and historically inclusive book of many unknown related data regarding historical dates (such as Christmas), and Roman ties to idol worship that readers will find unbelievable, yet verifiable.

Most importantly, the book points out that if you love Christ, you will do His commands. He points to true Christianity as a relationship with Yeshua, living out each day, following Him.

Most importantly, the book points out that if you love Christ, you will do His commands. He points to true Christianity as a relationship with Yeshua, living out each day, following Him.

Title: If You Truly Loved Christ, 
You Would Be Keeping More Than Just Ten of His Commandments
By: S.G. Vanwells
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

An amazing read. You may get your copy of If You Truly Loved Christ at Amazon 
or as a download in Kindle

Christian Book Marketing - New Christian Book Release

Illuminated Beyond the Cross by David Hess offers a redemptive look of the Cross and the Crucifixion through a journey into God’s Word and key Scripture. Sanctification and Romans 6:6 illuminates the power of the Cross by way of the new man. 

Exposing deception, darkness and sin held within, Hess offers Biblical keys to walking in the power and forgiveness by way of the Cross. Presenting the grace that is present in the New Testament, beyond the Cross, coupled with a series of revelations recorded in the book obtained from poignant questions the author asked the Lord, He delivers answers. 

These answers correlate with Scripture and Christians indeed will find them intriguing. A further study of Scripture reveals the Law, which all could not keep. Sharing a powerful message to all those who would believe Christ’s message of the amazing grace of a new life in Christ marked by a pure heart, repentance from sin, the author offers a powerful and practical guide to living in the victory of Christ.

Displaying the mystery of the Cross, a new meaning of freedom from guilt and shame come to light in this invigorating and deeply insightful read. Stating that what has been hidden for centuries, is now available to all who would open their hearts and choose to see with eyes of understanding.

With such chapters as: Seeking & Searching, Beyond the Cross, A Word from God, Wisdom of Revelation, The Cross illuminated, Crucifixion, Sanctification, In Christ Illuminated, Creation Illuminated, John 17 Illuminated, The Law Illuminated Summary, the author lovingly reveals being crucified with Christ, being freed from sin and living a sanctified life that brings freedom – all by way of the Cross.

Further, declaring a revlatory theme for 2018 as many being set free from bondages, the author offers a journey and guide to teach others what the Cross means to them in their everyday lives. Stating that the year 2018 is when the Church will receive back the power and glory, inspiring all to go beyond the Cross into the God’s destiny as the triumphant Church.

This book comes highly recommended relating powerful keys for the Church to grasp in order to walk in full victory. 

Title: Illuminated Beyond the Cross
By: David Hess
ISBN# 978-1986519595
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

You may get your copy of Illuminated Beyond the Cross at Amazon 
and as a download in Kindle

Timeless Eternity

God rules over His creation. Quantum physics has established that particles of the substance of creation are wave functions. Wave functions extend over the whole universe. The composite wave function of one man person extends over the universe. Wave functions can become entangled. The man person consists of a body of flesh, soul for thinking and planning, spirit given by God, and the quintessential essence, heart. The wave function of Christian becomes entangled with the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

The purpose of this little book is to give you some understanding about God and His creation. Physics of relativity is presented, as is some physics of quantum mechanics, and the ramifications of the expanding universe. The sense of time is a consequence of expanding space-time. Time can run forward, or backward, or stay in NOW. NOW is the essential thing of existence as the movement of life from NOW goes into the future. Free will exists in NOW. The elements of causality are in the history of NOW.

God causes nothing as God exists outside as well as inside space-time, observing man and his free will observing from timeless eternity. As man makes decisions and then executes them, God records them in vast books of history, waiting for the final judgment of mankind.

The Unseen Evil

Today, America's most dangerous enemies are not the terrorists or those wanting to kill us. They are the unseen evil forces that have been slowly depleting us of morality, decency and value in God. Evil has taken a seat not only in our movies, media, music and schools, but in our White House.

The Evilution of America has been eroding what our Forefathers fought and suffered to create and is turning the United States into a country void of everything Godly we once stood proudly on as the greatest nation in the world.

Author, Leo J. Battenhausen
, exposes the true reality of the battle between good and evil going on in America today for our souls and how politics and the media are working together with evil to gather them up in droves. The Evilution of America is a must read for every citizen of the United States who asks the question, "What happened?" Battenhausen is a licensed psychotherapist, social commentator and syndicated radio guest as well as the author of four other books that speak to the human condition in America today.

Embracing Our Suffering

FINDING TRUE a very powerful, inspirational, thought provoking, motivational, uplifting and heartwarming book on how we can derive, acquire and find true peace and joy in the face of lifes struggles, challenges, trials, storms, agonies and hardships.There is always a good and a value in every pain we go through in life, this is what this book is all about. Embracing our suffering, suffering in union with Christ and seeing beyond the present suffering and pain to the future glory and gain therein. Summarily, suffering was described by someone as a washing machine; it spins us, it tosses us around, it twists us but at the end, we come out better, brighter and cleaner.


Available In Paperback at Amazon

Paperback: 44 pages
Published (February 4, 2018) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 1984394207 
ISBN-13: 978-1984394200

New Book Release - James was regarded by Paul as a ‘Pillar of the Church’ and certainly he became very prominent in the church of the time. James comments on Trials and temptations, favoritism, faith and works are classics. 

One of the hardest lessons to learn is to tame the tongue which can do such untold damage in a church community. 

With chapters on submitting to God in the matter of the taming of the tongue and the display of godly wisdom are just as relevant in the church today. Those of the church members who are wealthy also should pay heed to James comments. 

Matthew A. Knight has written this book with the commentaries on each chapter in the hope that all who read it might learn and having learned might apply it to their own situation in the church they find themselves in. Especially, James’ comments are helpful for the leadership of the church.