Drama Christian Fiction - Highly Recommended

Final Grains of Sand: A Novel
Author David Harder
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

A highly recommended read for those that enjoy a blend of Christian fiction with a look at relationships, life on Earth, the realities of our choices on Earth and the impact that we can have on individual lives, one-by-one. An absolutely wonderful, entertaining and deeply touching novel that captures the ingredients of life!

Final Grains of Sand: A drama fiction, bringing light and life to James Kreider, a man faced with his own demise. The author blends a fantastic and engaging novel as James plans his funeral.  The novel is inspired by the vibrant and full life of Roy Kreider Woods II (1936-2013). 

Choosing 5 friends who will represent his life at this funeral, this novel is about friendship, displaying God’s love and forgiveness in our lives and living a life that is pleasing to God. All these characteristics describe the character of James Kreider, who in his final moments, leaves a legacy to others before he passes.

Touching and inspiring, this author brings readers through a journey - a journey of a life lived through the man James Kreider, his sufferings and offers a heavenly perspective. All will be able to identify with Kreider in some fashion or another. This book causes one to reflect on the value of life and teaches others to enjoy the present, love others and God above all else, keeping with the theme of choosing love. Each page keeps readers focused, and the Epilogue gives a glimpse of what it might be like to pass from death into eternity, which is intriguing to say the least.

“Like a mirror of reality, learning the information between the covers of a book defines the message hidden in the pages. The life of James Kreider is no different.” ~ David Harder

You may get your copy of Final Grains of Sand at Amazon or as a download in Kindle
Be sure to visit the author at David Harder

Drink Deep The Goodness of God - Life With Christ

Life With Christ: How Faithful He Is - A collection of life-changing teachings, testimonies, short stories and miracles that share the goodness of God, His faithfulness, the Word of God, encouragement and hope.
With testimonies from Pastors, Bible teachers, Ministers, Christian counselors, scholars, businessmen and women, Life With Christ is full of wisdom, heavenly pearls and daily bread for the reader.

May you be abundantly blessed as you read Life With Christ and the wonderful testimonies highlighting the faithfulness of God captured within the pages. Order your copy of
Life With Christ at Amazon.

Showcase Your Christian Book In Video

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The Art of Prayer

Dr. Willie B. White releases A Prayer Study Guide - designed as an effective, yet insightful and encouraging guide to increasing understanding and knowledge of prayer.

“Exploring the prayer from Biblical and scriptural (using the King James Version), practical and relational viewpoints that speak of, “…prayer from its history, phenomenon, philosophy, practices, patterns, the practices of prayer, the many different kinds of prayer and what can hinder a prayer's effectiveness.”

Many want their prayers to be answered. There is not doubt that is “why” we pray. This book gives a much deeper understanding as to what prayer is. Prayer is communion, worship, praise and adoration of God. There are ways to pray effectively and there are things in our life or attitudes of heart that will hinder prayer. Unlocking these guidelines, the Bible, the Psalms and many patriarchs from the Old and New Testament, to include Jesus as our example give us insight as to what an effective prayer life looks like.

This book will increase your faith as you explore and learn to approach prayer in a fresh, new way that will invigorate your relationship with God, bring exciting answers and give you a mature approach to prayer. For many this book will be a catalyst to seeing God move mountains in their life. This author has researched the Scriptures thoroughly and while this works is an exhaustive commentary, it is a complete joy to read that is founded on the Word of God.

With the inclusion of many strong Biblical patriarchs (such as Abraham, David, Solomon, etc), their predicaments and/or prayer that relates how these are written for our instruction. For example, do you need wisdom?  The author takes a look at Solomon, relates the story of Solomon asking God for wisdom. Concisely, the author then reiterates how “we” as believers are to understand the themes and scriptures pertaining to wisdom, gives additional discussion questions, and extrapolates other verses, and provides a guide of “how” we are to ask for wisdom, giving the benefit thereof. The author’s ability in her book unveils a strong preaching anointing, which really gives readers keen understanding, teaching and exhortation in understanding Biblical concepts and Kingdom principles.

This book comes as a MUST-READ for all Christians new and mature alike. I cannot recommend the absolute importance of this book to the readers’ faith.

A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Get your copy of A Prayer Study Guide at Amazon. You may also visit the author at Uplifting Insights.

Christian Living - Short Stories That Inspire

Available at Amazon - In today's world, life comes with challenges, whirlwinds, tornadoes, raging seas and simply bad hair days. Is there a perfect day? Many times life deals us some very nasty cards. Other times our actions, words and the decisions that we make invite fire flies that can make life miserable. Then there are those days when people rub us the wrong way. 

Everyday Christian Living is filled with short stories and fun and humorous sayings that you will find fun to read and easy to apply in your daily life that will help you to put the fires out, calm the waters and find victory over many of life's situations.

V. Jose

Asian Connections: A Mystery Crime Novel that takes readers by surprise in this fast-paced, suspense thriller, filled with intrigue, international espionage, adultery, professional hit men, murder, and a series of clues, each one more puzzling and bizarre than the last.

What Do You Say to a Happy Heathen?

Through the persistent concern of a neighbor, Richard Christenson became a born-again believer at age thirty-one. Richard, previously a professing agnostic, subsequently began talking with family, friends, and work associates about his new life as a follower of Jesus.

A work associate attentively listened to his story and responded, "It is evident that your belief in God is making you happy. However, I choose not to believe and I am also a happy person. Why can't you Christians leave us happy heathens alone?"

What Do You Say to a Happy Heathen? provides insightful, inspirational assistance for those willing to consider the biblical claims of Christ, followers of Christ wanting to more effectively communicate their beliefs, and local church discipleship training processes.

Possessing God’s Provisions

The book of Exodus provides us with one of the most dramatic adventures of faith found in the Bible. 

During its forty fantastic chapters, we read about the enslavement of an entire race; a baby set afloat on the Nile River; a speaking shrub; a shepherd’s staff becoming a venomous snake; water transformed into blood; miraculous frogs; gnats, flies, and locus infestations; a death angel; a sea selectively parting for the good guys and swallowing up the bad guys; a seemingly unlimited supply of flat bread on the ground in the desert every morning; birds dropping in for dinner; water flowing out of a rock; and much, much more.

The stuff God pulls off in Exodus is way better than anything Indiana Jones, Iron Man, or even a Jedi relying upon the force could possibly accomplish. Seriously, someone should consider negotiating a film deal with God. I really believe the story that unfolds in Exodus would be a blockbuster success. Wait, has someone already done that movie?

Former Pastor releases Christ's Discipleship Deal

As a former pastor, Richard Christenson has had the opportunity to address numerous congregations and men’s ministry groups throughout the northwestern United States, and his observations from these experiences are alarming. He found that comprehensive discipleship training that addresses the spiritual formation and mission involvement requirement of Christ’s followers has been replaced by “felt needs” driven programming and religious education classes. The result is, local churches are becoming increasingly ingrown and are comprised of consumers, spectators, and Jesus fans rather than cross-carrying followers of Jesus Christ.

Richard Christenson believes this problem is the result of our incomplete presentation of the Gospel and our failure to provide comprehensive maturity, ministry, and mission training for church members. Christ’s discipleship deal comes with many temporal and eternal benefits, but there are also costs involved that need to be counted before making a commitment to become a follower of Christ. 

In his new book, Christ’s Discipleship Deal, Christenson offers assistance for local church leaders in identifying and correcting concerns related to their presentation of the Gospel, spiritual formation of their members, and proactive participation in Christ’s redemptive mission.

Order your copy of Christ's Discipleship Deal at AmazonYou may visit the author at Author Richard Christenson.

Unraveling The Christmas Star Mystery

Unraveling The Christmas Star Mystery - The Christmas star has been scientifically proven. During research to locate and prove the Christmas star, 15-years of ancient skies were surveyed using NASA astronomy computer programs.
Correlating events with symbols, symbolism and interpretations used by the ancient sky watchers of 2,000-years ago, additional significant celestial birth announcements just prior to Christ's birth were discovered.
They have been verified with additional computer programs. The first spectacular celestial events announced why the first Earth-born God would become the greatest God in the universe. The final celestial event over Bethlehem was the geographical position marker for the birth place of that God, Jesus Christ.


A Wonderful Must Read Book - CBM

Healing Hands, Healing Heart: The Dr. Eleanore Kue Story shares one woman’s amazing testimony as a culture changer and how God led this woman from Cameroon, Africa to the United States to become a doctor, missionary, church planter and pastor. 

Her story is truly remarkable, and she is a gift from God to those she meets and treats in her health clinic in South Lansing, Michigan, providing physical healing, but also to the heart, mind and soul through the preaching of the Gospel and Jesus.

With an amazing ministry and calling, Dr. Eleanore Kue’s health clinic has provided more than 45,000 medical appointments to over 15, 000 individuals in the 8 years it has been open. She treats the underprivileged and uninsured, the poor, single moms, drug addicts, those who are homeless, drug dealers, gang members, ex-convicts and prostitutes. 

Dr. Eleanore Kue is an inspiring woman who believes in ministering to the “whole” body, treating not only the physical, but the spiritual and emotional as well. Read on and discover what drives this woman to make sure she always does two things at once, as she comically states (although she’s intensely serious about that)…

Intertwined in the pages is her life story, including her upbringing from a dysfunctional, nominally Christian home and the culture she was brought up in, in Africa. Her life has not been easy and three attributes have been to her benefit, as mentioned by the book’s forewording author, that have kept Dr. Kue from not growing weary in well-doing. They are: courage, tenacity and compassion. 

Reading this book will help the readers understand that this “perseverance” is what needs to be developed if they believe they are called to ministry. This book will delight and impress you, as this woman is one determined lady.  She truly is an inspiration and one of God’s trophies! She is a model to those who call themselves servants of God as well. Her strong work ethic and dedication to prayer, are also quite noteworthy!  And her work ethic is an inspiration to mom’s all around the world…truly amazing!

The book focuses on the reader, in that each chapter is designed as interactive devotional, challenging readers with discussion questions to probe into their own lives, bringing healing, forgiveness and restoration. Her book is written with a sense of discovery for the journey to one’s purpose in God, life and their world around them. With a “Survivor’s Creed” readers are encouraged to press on in God.  She gives understanding to women and encourages them to find their identity, security and freedom in Christ. She also addresses issues in life that weight us down, helps readers to identify and the book gives hope to solutions, setting a Biblical standard for marriage and relationships.

This book comes highly recommended as an inspirational read to those who feel like they just want to do more for God!

Order your copy of Healing Hands, Healing Heart at Amazon or as a download in Kindle. For more information about the author, her book and some great ministry, visit Eleanore Kue.

Haunted Voices, Nightmares, Monsters, Jaclyn and the Beanstalk

A Must Read .... Jaclyn and the Beanstalk by Mary Ting is set in the 16th century, giving a new twist on the old fairytale of Jack and the Beanstalk. Jaclyn, along with her mother and father have a quaint life in the country, until one day Jaclyn eavesdrops on a private meeting held by her father and other villagers in the dark of the night. 

As a backdrop, Jaclyn has been hearing haunted voices whom she thinks are demons trying to get to her soul. These nightmares become a large fear that she fights inwardly. Facing Black Mountain, monsters, with elements of mythical tales from the past, her worst fears are proven. But with determination and a profound love for family, she advances as a strong, almost princess warrior.

Jaclyn is the heroine in the story, somewhat different from most girls her age, and at the tender age of 16, she wanted to find love first before settling down into a housewife role, as expected by society. Jaclyn is independent, witty, fun and stubborn all at the same time. She knows what she wants and desires, and being more of a tomboy, prefers pants instead of dresses. Her passion for life burns ever brightly throughout the story, as readers find out that many a day was spent training on how to wield a sword with her father.

Tender words of wisdom given by her father, adventure, suspense, a dreary dark side with a curse and a twist make this a delightful story for young teens seeking their path along life. “Lead with love in your heart”, are some words to live by given by her father seemingly inspire, teaching that life is a journey wrought with trials, but good times do come like the sunshine. Knowing your heart, truth and love, all give this story a strong steeping in Christian values. With a strange take on the Roman soldier who pierced Jesus’ side and a telling of Mary Magdalene, Jaclyn finds out a long held secret in her family’s life. Still, love overcomes all evil in this wispy, fast-paced novel.

Mary Ting writes with an adventurous heart, a clever pen, introducing young readers to a classic that meets fantasy, shedding light on the family devotion and a love story that buds to completion by the end.

This short novel comes as a highly recommended read for parents and young adults that prefer fantasy fiction with a Christian-based theme and a creative perspective.

Mary Ting is one of those writers to notice and watch. 

For further information about the author and her books, visit Tangled Tales of Ting
Get your copy of Jaclyn and the Beanstalk at Amazon or in Kindle as a download.

Jaclyn and the Beanstalk
By: Mary Ting
A CBM Christian Book Review
10 out of 10.0 stars

The Legacy That We As Fathers Leave

A Faithful Dad's Guide to Legacy

 This is arguably one of the most, if not the most, critical question a dad will ever answer.

Yet, as we think through it, a legacy isn’t just something that you produce at the end of your life, something you just whip up quickly in the kitchen like some microwave leftovers for your kids to gobble down after soccer practice. 

No, a legacy is, of course, something that is built up – or torn down – over time, a lifetime to be specific. It’s something developed day by day, interaction by interaction with those we love, those who love us, those closest to us. So, when I’m gone from this earth, what will I be remembered for, both good…and bad? That leads us to a reality right now that all of us dads must face: 

The Reality: Whether you know it or not, you’re already leaving a legacy now. But what legacy?

Christian Author Travis L. Zimmerman

Highly recommended as a fun, yet biblical teaching, keeping Jesus as the focus along with the Word of God as a solid foundation! ~ CBM.

A Family Guide to Joy by Travis L. Zimmerman is a fun and interactive guide written for families, individuals, small groups Bible studies and challenge-seekers, helping all to find joy in All circumstances.

Sound biblical teaching set forth a quick read that reveals a discovery process to joy in following Jesus’ example. Each chapter offers study questions that include a step-by-step teaching, as readers are given a deeper understanding of the process of the Christian walk into increased faith that results in finding joy. This guide specifically presents Jesus as our example. The author states, “In essence, Jesus teaches us how to turn our burdens into joy.” Written to help Christians grasp a higher understanding of the walk as a disciple of Christ, this easy guide addresses finding joy in all of life’s journeys.

Further stating that, “We often all experience our share of good times and bad times- often concurrently.” Each chapter addresses Jesus’ roadmap to joy in each circumstance of life. This book encourages readers to view their circumstances through the lens of Scripture, giving a brand-new perspective to challenges and trials. Key Scripture teaches the premise of James 1:2-3 to, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”

With a Free App, families, friends and co-workers can connect to each other in a new interactive way, introducing a 12-Step Challenge of Joy. This is a signed declaration helping readers to take a journey to joy in their own life.

A Family Guide to Joy is a refreshing and fun way to discovering joy as you connect with Jesus and one another! The author has designed a uniquely practical guide to help you on your own journey to finding joy through all life’s challenges.

Title: A Family Guide to Joy
(in All Circumstances)
By: Travis L. Zimmerman
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0+ stars

To find out more about Travis L. Zimmerman, his ministry and his books, visit A Faithful Dad. You may also get your copy of A Family Guide to Joy at Amazon.

Sifting Through the Sand by Anela Lani

Sifting Through the Sand by Anela Lani is a collection of poetic musings, thoughts, emotions, and stances combining life experiences of the writer in a poetic collection, revealing a spiritual journey. Inspiring, beautiful, touching, thoughtful and cleansing can only describe some of her poems. I truly enjoyed reading her book.

Divided in two sections: Shifting Sands and Salt and Light, one will see a transformation from someone searching for inner peace, joy and happiness from a worldview, to one who has found God, and His peace, joy and light.

The division is visible, and the latter writings reflect a woman who went from striving, to rest, discovering her journey and herself. These collections are meant to inspire and reflect the beauty of the inner journey of finding meaning and purpose in life, as well as speaking on a variety of different themes and subjects.

The author has included a quote for A.W. Tozer that encompasses her search for “truth” and believes that most human beings have a desire to find home, belonging and purpose in their lives. From this truth, she has written poems that will uplift and encourage, that, at some point, readers will identify with the commonality expressed in some or many of the short poems.

Sifting Through the Sand is a delightful and insightful journey into literature for the novice or the mature reader alike. And also comes highly recommended read as an inspirational book that reflects beauty in all things and a book that will also make a wonderful gift for family and friends. Be sure to pick up an extra copy as a blessing for someone else.

TSifting Through the Sand
By: Anela Lani
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

For more information about the author and her book visit: Observish.
You may order your copy of Sifting Through the Sand at Amazon.

Finding The Meaning of Life

A must read - Finding Heaven by Dr. Edward Mrkvicka, Jr., D.D. (h.c.) with Kelly Mrkvicka Bihlmaier speaks about finding the meaning of life and discusses the pathway to heaven. 

Beginning with Matthew 7:13-14 stating, “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” 

This book is about one’s belief system in God. With Biblical integrity, coupled with wisdom and common sense, the author truthfully states that your choices on Earth will affect your eternity. Intriguing, and filled with Scripture that explain the purpose of life on Earth, this book gives a roadmap to finding God and knowing God, finding salvation, obeying God and discovering true purpose in life through the knowledge of God and His Word.

The book is further dedicated to those that would believe that (as stated by the author), “The deception of Satan tells us that all we need to do to be with Christ for eternity is believe.” In that statement, he addresses, what is sometimes called “cheap grace.” This is where one believes not in repentance, but the forgiveness of sins without a turning away from sin, known as true repentance from the heart. Further discussing other beliefs such as non-belief, as in Atheism, and other beliefs about God that include such theories as “The Big Bang Theory”, the authors sequentially address all of the roads that one may “think” leads them to God and to heaven.

The authors further address the issue of hope and the “looking for love in all the wrong places,” as the old saying goes and gives readers a choice with thought-provoking analysis, what are you searching for knowing that when you die you can’t take anything with you? Material wealth is of no consequence after one dies, thus one path leads to life (salvation and eternity in heaven); and the other path is broad, leading many to an untimely and destructive end. The broad path is deceiving, in such Edward Mrkvicka addresses the heart and mind attitudes that may lead one on that path. With such chapters as: Getting to Know the One Who Knows You the Best, Salvation 101, Obedience: The Lynchpin of our Faith, Jesus is Not Merely Your Savior, the author helps readers discover a relationship, not a religion.

Stating their case for God throughout (i.e. creation), readers are offered knowledge of Who God is according to the “God of the Bible,” not what they may want God to be in their mind. Then the book gives readers an understanding of salvation and why it is so important to be saved. Everyone wants to go to heaven and the reality is that not everyone will go. His book is written to inform, exhort, instruct, encourage and to inspire those that would choose this temporal world over the truth of the God of creation, Who sent His only Son to save all for those who would believe. (Paraphrased John 3:16)

This is an excellent book for those that don’t understand their purpose in life, need hope (and those that perhaps don’t believe in God), and for those who seek answers.

Finding Heaven comes highly recommended as one of those reads that will make a true impact on those who are in deception, being either deceived by the world or their own rebellion, and speaks of the magnificent light in the truth of Jesus’ salvation and knowledge of the Word.

Title: Finding Heaven
By: Dr. Edward Mrkvicka, Jr., D.D. (h.c.)
With Kelly Mrkvicka Bihlmaier
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

You may get your copy of Finding Heaven at Amazon
or in Kindle as a download.

Anointed to Heal: True Stories and Practical Insight for Praying for the Sick

Anointed to HealPractical Insight on Praying for the Sick from Two Bestselling Authors

If you could sit down and talk privately with two world-renowned leaders in healing ministry--away from the spotlights, stages, and eager crowds--this is the conversation you would have!

Bestselling authors Randy Clark and Bill Johnson witness the miraculous regularly and see thousands touched by God each year. Now, in a rare behind-the-scenes format, these close friends interview each other, sharing with you the heartbreaks and victories, the failures and successes, the personal and candid insights into their extraordinary journeys.

Are People Leaving God or The Church


7 Reasons is not a book about the advantages of going to Church. The book is a clarion call for all people (including leaders) to: recognize their wayward behavior; offer sincere repentance, and be reconciled back to God and His Body, the Church. The 21st century believer must discontinue reducing God to human standards.

Get your copy of 7 Reasons Why You Should Go To Church at Share Wizdom.

Christian Book Marketing - Hope of Ages Past by Bruce Gardner

Hope of Ages Past by Bruce Gardner presents a vibrant and timeless literary masterpiece set amidst one of the most brutal conflicts in world history: the European Thirty Years War. 

This fight for religious freedom, stemming from post-Reformation Protestant resistance to Catholicism, included a series of battles that spanned three decades (AD 1618-1648) and ultimately resulted in more than 8 million deaths from violence, famine, and plague.

Blending historical and fictional elements of war, major battles, and famous personages, the author produces an inspiring tale of resolute faith and spirited romance—both fighting desperately against the raging quest for worldly gain, political power and agendas, and religious zealotry.

In the riveting, engaging and intriguing novel prologue, the author first gives an overview of the central European nations still in turmoil as a result of Martin Luther’s famous “Ninety-Five Theses” and doctrine of “Sola Scriptura” (The Bible Alone) promulgated a hundred years earlier.  Faced with these Protestant “heresies,” the Catholic-led Holy Roman Empire wants to retain absolute power, while Protestants strive to retain their freedom to worship despite attempts at suppression by various Catholic factions and governors. The war ignites in AD 1618 with armed rebellion by Protestant agitators in Prague, and central Europe is soon turned into a raging war zone.

A decade later, the historical and religious conflict ushers in lives that are changed, namely the main character Peter Erhart, who is now a Lutheran pastor in Magdeburg, Germany, and Hans Mannheim, a Catholic man whom Peter had tried to help in the 1618 Prague rebellion. Peter joins together with a third notable character—Anna Ritter, a young and very beautiful peasant girl who has secretly admired Peter for many years—initiating the romance element of the novel. 

Many other characters (mostly fictional, some based on real historical characters) add shape to the novel as the author provides a thrilling and suspenseful look into the lives, culture and temperaments of individuals and families caught in the crossfire of the horrific war that by now has engulfed all of Germany.

Wonderfully descriptive and concisely written with well-developed characters, this novel draws readers in and keeps them there, intertwined with the epic saga, making them feel they are right there in the book with the characters. Gardner has paid close attention to details and events that line-up with historical accuracy to create and lay a firm foundation for the story. 

As tensions mount, battles rage, and personal trials ensue, the author further reflects on the themes of God’s goodness, forgiveness, love, hope and restoration that bring resounding applause for this book as a tribute to the idea that “hope is worth fighting for” despite the harsh strife, struggles, devastation and personal loss that so insidiously characterized the era. Again, HOPE is worth holding on to, for God will never let you down!  

Inspirational and thought-provoking, one will not be disappointed with this work of historical fiction.

This book comes highly recommended for all those Christians that love a good historical story-line with twists! (And perhaps, will there be a movie in the making?)

Hope of Ages Past
Bruce Gardner
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Christian Book Marketing - Apostle Terri Diggs

In a Bad Way by Author and Speaker Apostle Terri Diggs presents a creative read written to young adults and teens, exhorting them to understand God, His ways and to make the right choices for themselves. 

These choices are presented by the author through a combination of rapping poems, core Christian values, Biblical knowledge and encouragement that offers young adults hope for their future. She presents a puzzle piece, a creed as me, and a way of love and community together with peace, joy and love as the centerpiece, which comes only from the foundational piece - Jesus Christ. 

Her desire is to create loving people that know Jesus, recognize each other’s uniqueness as valuable and asks for each person to seek the truth, which is found in Christ, the Son of God. This is an uplifting read that address the core issues such as: Who will you worship? What is respect and honor? Why does celibacy matter?, and what are open doors to evil?

Uniquely combining all the issues that teens face such as self-esteem, love, friends, temptations the author helps them to build character through godly principles. Her book is a hip way to speak to the young teen of our day who are lost, largely without motivation, parental instruction and core Christian values.

Her book is a testament to the power of solid Biblical foundations combined with an understanding God, Biblical principles, offering the youth of today guidance. By helping teens understand themselves, the world around them and giving them the tools to incorporate the Bible into their daily lives, the author provides a pathway to adulthood that will be successful.

Highly recommended for adults and teens to do together or in a small group setting where teens feel comfortable with their leader and with each other. ~ A must read!

In a Bad Way: Manual for Teens and Young Adults
By: Apostle Terri Diggs
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Available at iTUNESGoogle Play and Milk and Honey PressYou may also get your copy of In a Bad Way: Manual for Teens and Young Adults at Amazon or as a download in Kindle.

Christian Book Marketing - Christian Author Gianluigi Sio

I Was Blaspheming All Day Long, Then Jesus Appeared To Me by Gianluigi Sio is a brief autobiography of his life transformation after seeing Jesus alongside a busy roadway. Captivating and a short read, readers come to see a powerful spiritual change that took place in the heart of the author, coming from a place of lust, sin and greed for money. The author retells his conversion that is sometimes embellished with humor along the way as the author speaks of how incredibly stupid he could be, making fun of his humanity. As such, his story is worth the read, as he offers snip-its of the demonic battle he faced in reading the Gospels, and strange occurrences such as his bed shaking, but then he shows how he overcame all by faith and perseverance. He describes the Fathers love and embrace as something “tangible,” and give credence to the power and presence of God as awing and heavy. His life and testimony are a powerful blessing to the world around him and show others how God turned him around for the good. His only hope is others may come to know Jesus as well.

For Americans, this book represents a different culture, which is a delight to read. The author, Gianluigi Sio, grew up on a small island in Italy. In fact, he makes fun of this fact and states that the only playmates he had was watching a crow building a nest in an old oak tree. Still, he wasn’t joking-as he describes watching her build a nest. Life growing up in a small Italian town was different to say the least and is very different from America. Offering glimpses into this life, one thing he recalls was the stars at night that fascinated him. Surely, he knew there might be a Creator out there somewhere and that, we, as humans, are so finite. His book relates the commonality of mankind, a commonness we all face, “sin,” and the propensity towards temptation.

His testimony makes for a delightful read that makes mention of moments that stood out in time for him. The little comments his darling daughter make are intriguing and will make one stop and think. My personal favorite is, “God never sleeps.” His story encourages all to consider their ways and run to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, repenting of all sin, not in a religious way, but gives insight on the new heart, life and joy Jesus wants to give you.

A Highly Recommended Read!

I Was Blaspheming All Day Long, Then Jesus Appeared To Me
Gianluigi Sio
A CBM Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars