One Woman’s Faith Journey

Dancing in the Minefields: One Woman’s Faith Journey through Child-loss, Addiction, and Adversity by Maribeth Ditmars reveals her personal journey of faith through life’s most heart-wrenching of events. 

Rob and Maribeth were like any other young couple starting a family. Maribeth had envisioned a perfect life and a healthy family. Yet, when tragedy struck in the form of childhood leukemia in their eldest son, Chris, life dramatically changed forever. Through the minefields of childhood cancer they persevered. The battle was a life and death struggle. Adversity took its toll on this family in many different forms, namely alcoholism with Maribeth and her husband, which slowly eroded their marriage. Then addiction became their daughter’s choice and eventually, her master. In her poignant, touching, and candid testimony, Maribeth opens her heart, offering faith and hope to those that have experienced child-loss and dealt with addiction. In sharing this beautiful story, she hopes that through the storms of adversity others will see triumph through Jesus. 

Despite these trials, even in the midst of death, God was with this family. Maribeth openly admits that before Chris’s diagnosis, being a Christian was only an obligation. Her humor is revealed in her snappy quips that capture the essence of her spiritual state. As such, her book reveals her progression through 12 step programs and the precious faith that Chris displayed in his battle. Each chapter begins with a powerful scripture verse that describes each phase of her struggle, truly making one understand the truth of God’s Word. As she elaborates on the timeline of their story, her writing speaks to the many parents, friends, sisters, brothers, etc., that have grappled with these types of life storms. She eloquently, yet matter of factly, offers her struggles and solutions regarding dependency on alcohol, child-loss, and marital stress. 

As intimacy with God is developed and transformation begins to bud, her book tells the progress of going from faltering faith to a powerful faith that withstands the trials.

Dancing in the Minefields is one of those books that will touch your mind, spirit and heart, allowing faith and hope to come, despite death. For those that have lost loved ones, her book offers practical tips on finding strength in God despite the tragedies of this fallen world. This book can also be used as a ministry tool to give to others that are suffering through cancer, grief and addiction. Keep in mind that this book speaks to readers to not give up, reach out to others in their suffering, reach out to others in your own suffering and most of all to remember that God can heal, save, and deliver. She points others to the eternity of Heaven and helps those who have lost ones to remember that they will see them again. I truly appreciate and love this book! You will too.  

This book comes highly recommended for all that have suffered through loss of children, addiction, and/or grief. 

Get your copy of Dancing in the Minefields at Amazon. Be sure to visit the author at Maribeth Ditmars for more information about her books and ministry. A CBM Book Review ~ 10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Little Bit & Big Byte, A Day at the Beach and Little Bit & Big Byte, Go Green

Children’s Author, Craig T. Feigh, offers two fabulous children’s books from the Little Bit and Big Byte series.

Little Bit & Big Byte, A Day at the Beach and Little Bit & Big Byte, Go Green that:

Have unique, fun, characters
Are professionally illustrated
Have a story-within-a-story with a fun character
Have a hidden object to find on each page
Include a B&W coloring page at the end
Teach a life lesson

Little Bit & Big Byte, A Day at the Beach introduce children metaphorically to computers and the dangers of surfing the Internet known as the “Web”.

Through the use of metaphorical word pictures, surfing and the illustration of the huge ocean as the Web, the author explains the Internet, and simple usage of computers, like using a mouse that can be fun to surf, but you need to know how to “safely” surf. 

Parents can use this book as an aid in educating their children about computers and the Internet. A day at the beach with Little Bit, Big Byte and all the cast of characters will surely become a family favorite !

This little book comes highly recommended to all parents when beginning to educate their children about computers, or when school starts children on computers and the Internet.

Little Bit & Big Byte, Go Green teaches children the importance of saving the environment by recycling and conserving natural resources, like water.  All these natural resources that our planet Earth provides are necessities of life that we all need.

The Romie family is going green – they learn to purposefully recycle, conserve energy and natural resources to make our planet a cleaner, better place to live.

Parents can use this book to help young children understand our planet and how to contribute in small ways that have huge impacts!

 All of Craig T. Feigh’s children’s books are carefully crafted to meet children at their level with wonderfully and professionally illustrated pictures, fun  and memorable characters, and exciting and family-centered books! Each book also includes a black and white coloring page, a hidden object on each page (secretly my favorite part), and help parents instruct their children with a life lesson that makes learning simple and fun!

This little book comes highly recommended to all parents when beginning to educate their children about computers, or when school starts children on computers.

For more information about Craig T. Feigh's book's visit Craig's Amazon page.

Five Chosen Ones

New Releases - Dominion: Kings and Queens is an exciting Sci-Fi fiction, End-Time thrill novel created by Craig A. Aguillard that speaks of Five Chosen Ones, as told in The Prophecy of Old. 

These ordinary teenagers have been chosen to embark on a journey into Demon’s Realm to battle and regain dominion of the Earth. Their mission is to not only take back authority over the Earth, but to subdue the evil rule of the Demon King and set the captives free in his kingdom. Each Chosen One comes from vastly different backgrounds than the others. Can they form a united front in order to retrieve the six pieces of the Armor of God?

Only five clans are left separated upon Earth’s devastated surface scattered between continents.  The brave Chosen Ones must learn to follow the Spirit of Truth to defeat the Demon King. In Demon’s Realm there are great snares and tribulations, with evil looking to destroy them. Armies of the Demon King consist of witches, vicious beasts, and demon beings that are eagerly expecting their arrival. The evil ruler, the Demon King, knows the Chosen Ones are coming and he’s been scheming against them and has prepared his minions against them. He knows their strengths and their weaknesses. He knows mankind so well and has studied them for centuries. It is up to these Five Chosen Ones to reclaim dominion over the Earth from the Demon King’s evil grasp.

Reflecting somewhat on the Book of Revelations (an adaptation with some embellishments) of a metaphor that Christians face in the spiritual realm and the Armor of God that is their protection. This is an engaging piece that is geared towards youth and adults alike and is the first book in the Dominion Series. This is an exciting must-read for those that love a thrill and adventure based upon Biblical themes, in this case, the End-Times and the survival of Earth. 10.0 out of 10.0 stars ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews 

Order your copy of Dominion: Kings and Queens at AmazonBarnes & Noble or in Kindle as a download.

New Releases - How to Go from Broken to Blest

How to Go from Broken to Blest by Adele M. Gill is an easy-to-read 6-Step practical guide based on Biblical principles and sound wisdom as a lifelong Christian mentor. This study guide addresses many life issues that we all deal with from time to time.

The author has also expanded her book to include the fear and anxiety caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic. With that said, this is a phenomenal book giving readers understanding of how to move forward in faith, leaning on Jesus as their anchor of hope in life, and to go from broken to blest.

Jesus says he desires us to have an abundant life – but some wonder “how” to get there. This book speaks to such issues as learning to be worry and fear free, to avoid toxic people, forgiveness, accepting of the past, and learning to let go to find freedom mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In doing so, the author highlights salvation as a key ingredient to finding peace, enjoyment, and the abundant life Jesus died to give all.

The 6 Steps Include: Acknowledge You’re Struggling, Put Aside All Worry and Fear, Recognize Your Greatest Source, Forgive and Take the High Road, Learn to Accept Imperfections, Embrace Your Healings, with a Six Week Small Group Discussion Guide  & Book Reviews give readers or a small group the blueprint to healing.

This book comes highly recommended for individuals, small group sessions at home, or within church settings. Additionally, pastors, counselors, marriage and family counselors might want to keep copies to give to their parishioners or clients.

As a Christian, this short book gave me the tools and the “how to” go about living the blest life centered on Jesus, trusting in my “Greatest Resource.” Yet, this study guide is NOT for just Christians. I would also whole heartedly recommend this book for those that are struggling with life in general and to those who need encouragement during these turbulent times. Even those who are struggling with drugs and/or alcohol would benefit from this book.

This book is true to its title. You will not be disappointed!

Thank you Adele M. Gill for writing such an easy-to-read 6 - Step Study Guide giving us hope and light in these dark times! ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews 

How to Go from Broken to Blest
Adele M. Gill
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

You may get your copy of How to Go from Broken to Blest at Amazon.

Christian Author Matthew F. Terry

I Came to You in Weakness by Matthew F. Terry reveals a faith journey into the unknown. His decision to follow God’s will, and not his own, brings travelling to China to be an English Teacher. 

His story is one of great courage and faith as He finds God and follows God in his weakness. Beginning with an unveiling of the misery in trying to stay in a lifeless job that he could not stand anymore – corporate America, based in Chicago, as he describes it was a job he could not stand. In the midst of despair of endless resumes and job searches after being laid off in 2011, his journey begins as he chronicles the prayers and the answered prayers.

The author displays that trusting God was not easy, and some answers came in amazing ways, certainly not the way the author thought that God would answer. Some of the answers were incredibly simple. As it turns out, God can be practical as well as full of wisdom. Born out of the author’s weakness comes a great testimony to the scripture verse in Corinthians 9:10: “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Matthew Terry reveals his trusting God despite all the weakness in the form of job security, travelling to a foreign country, and a medical emergency with his beloved wife.

Beginning with short segways into his venture from moving from seeking trust in the world, losing jobs, job searches, to complete disgust in online searches – each section is short and sweet chronicling almost a year of finally coming to the boiling point. Some entries are rather candid and some humorous as he describes what its like to be looking and searching for a job in the midst of the bottom of the sea with all the other “out of work” colleagues. You can visibly see the downshift in the work-place and he describes the tension level on all 10 floors of his building. Again, direct and concise, these entries create a timeline of his desperation, his prayers and answers to God and how God answered.

Five sections describe his travels from his shift from self-reliance to finding life in weakness and fully trusting in God. Scripture verses speak of each section along with some pictures, as answers, prayers and encouragement for his path to be revealed as God speaks to His heart and leads him make for an invigorating read, sidelined with humorous side notes. In the end, you will find the author has been brought full circle and be inspired to follow God on your own journey into the brave unknown as you begin asking and following His will.

Humbling and insightful, this is a wonderfully touching and uplifting testimony of someone saying, “I’m all in; let’s go.” His thankfulness and enthusiasm ushers in a love for others and adventure. He reveals different aspects in China, some that tug at your heart like the children and the orphans. This book is breathtaking and refreshing!

Certainly, you will read this book with a smile inside seeing the goodness of God lead, protect and bless this man in his future endeavors. And certainly, God has the same for readers. This book is unique in the way it is written with short entries, the blending of a timeline, scriptures and faith, and leads others to discovering God’s will for their lives.

I Came to You in Weakness
By: Matthew F. Terry
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

You may get your copy of I Came to You in Weakness at Amazon or in Kindle as a download. Be sure to visit the author at Matthew F. Terry to find out more information about his book and some great ministry. 

The Coming of the Son of Man

Title: The Coming of the Son of Man: The Sequence of Events of the End Times
By: Janet M. Magiera (Light of the Word Ministry)
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

The Coming of the Son of Man: The Sequence of Events of the End Times by Janet M. Magiera offers a concise outline of the events surrounding the Second Coming of Christ. A current topic, especially with the world in its current state of chaos, this subject is worth investigating, even for the stout skeptic. Although this is a controversial subject, the author’s intent is to not give bad news or employ scare tactics, but to reveal the hope that born-again believers have in the return of Christ. There is a glorious celebration and gathering to come as the fulfillment of time takes place upon the world’s stage.

The author has given readers a comprehensive (but not exhaustive) study guide that is not only foundational, but an easy-to-understand outline of the catalysts that take place in the End Times. With fourteen chapters, each chapter showcases events to take place such as: The Gathering Together, The Beginning of Sorrows, Rise of the Antichrist, The Abomination of Desolation, The Great Tribulation, The Day of the Lord Begins, The Vengeance and Wrath of God, The Day of God Almighty, The Coming of the Son of Man, The Kingdom Established, The Millennial Reign of Christ, The Telos, The Hope of His Calling. This book also includes a summary chart of the sequence of events.

This a well-organized and researched book from one who knows the Word of God. Her easy teaching style presents complicated information with relevance and intelligence, making this book invaluable. Her insights and presentations will help readers gain knowledge into the great hope of the coming of the Son of Man.

Certainly, this is a must-read for all. As such, her book is a timely writing in light of the things going on in the world and the shaking that is taking place. The author mentions that Jesus is our sure hope, much like an anchor, that will keep us in place amidst the tempest that rages all round us. His name is Jesus, Yeshua! The King of kings and Lord of lords!

This is one of those books that comes with a crucial message! Christ’s return is imminent and fast approaching. With knowledge from this book comes a calm that the Father has everything under His control.

You may get your copy of The Coming of the Son of Man at Amazon and in Kindle.

Father Into Thy Hands I Commend My Seed: The Importance of Returning Our Children Back to the Father

As an Apostle with a mandate from God to this generation, Apostle Akhem Wilson, declares sound principles of the Kingdom of God that announce and ignite the Kingdom of God on Earth. His words come from one who clearly hears from the Lord, as he describes angelic encounters, supernatural results of faith, mentioning the importance and benefits of returning the Father’s children back to Him.

This movement is an end-time movement of the spirit of Elijah moving to return the father's back to the children and the children back to the Lord. This is the Lord's mandate to the author in which he shares the revelation from God to you, the reader. Now is the time, to dedicate, prophesy, and declare the favor of the Lord over your children, so that they may walk in the supernatural power of God and destiny set forth by God. 

Reading this book will help one understand deep principles in the Kingdom of God, that when activated by faith and the declaration of a prophetic voice (and one who hears from God as a messenger) - change, blessings, and great favor become a reality. This is an important and pertinent message today for all those who are dedicated to God and His end-time purposes on Earth. Apostle Akhem Wilson will lift and ignite your faith to declare and believe what God has for you and your children. 

Christian Book Marketing - Pastor Donatien - God's Cook Book

God’s Cook Book -1 Recipe 4 ALL: 
Your Mess + His Grace - Menu: God's Glory - Voilà: 
Even Deliverance From Homosexuality - Rejoice

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    Christian Book Marketing - No Earthly Restictions

    A Must Read Book - This book is the first to prove that time traveling is possible and not a fictional concept. It is the only one of its kind that brings clarity to out of body experiences. Time travel gives a deeper understanding of visions, dreams and de ja vu and adds validity to the interpretation of those spiritual encounters. 

    Through reading Time Travel one can see how dreams and visions can be signs of warning and protection as well as navigate the future. There is an unseen reality that is all around us and the only way into it is in a "Time Traveling Machine”. The machine is a spirit being that is not trapped by the laws of logic such as time, space and matter. This book gives it’s reader the keys to a place of unlimited opportunities by traveling into a world that knows no earthly restrictions. 

    The uniqueness of this book is that it demonstrates how both Christians and non-Christian have accessed this power without knowing, because time traveling is a part of our world. This book will strengthen your spiritual life and bring blessings you never thought imaginable.

    You may get your copy of Time Travel, No  More Fiction at Amazon.

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    Christian Author Dianne Tolliver

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    Christian Book Marketing - Stories of Hope

    A Highly Recommended Guide and Handbook

    Reina Davison releases Overcoming Abuse: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Protection--A Guide for Parents Caregivers and Helpers by Reina Davison offers a 3-part handbook to parents, caregivers, and helpers to aid in protection against child sexual abuse. Coupled with the use of Biblical principles, stages of development in children, this book teaches, educates and gives parents the arsenal they need to educate themselves and their families in either prevention or healing from traumatic child sexual abuse (CSA).

    Giving the definitions of child sexual abuse (CSA) and the staggering statistics in our nation, coupled with the abuse worldwide – the abuse of children is unprecedented. 

    Our day and age is raging with this sin against the most innocent of beings – children. Abuse comes in many forms and can be quite insidious, thus the author’s efforts focus on sexual abuse. She also gives insight into the psychiatric dynamics of a sexual predator or offender. Her book is well-rounded and an overview on the subject of CSA that gives knowledge, help and guidance as a manual for prevention and protection against such crimes.

    As a comprehensive handbook, one can glean the contents and find out not only how to use her guide, but understand how to limit internet media and device pornography, recognize strategies of perpetrators, giving tips of what to do and what not to do – parents, caregivers and helpers can help recognize, prevent and protect children against childhood sexual abuse. This guide is an invaluable resource, offering also an overview of the main reasons for abuse (the psychology of abusers) to help readers spot unsafe behaviors, giving them a guidebook in tracking and preventing child sexual abuse.

    With a section on educating your child on this subject, this book takes all the pieces of a giant puzzle, and even sheds light on the judicial system in relation to this issue. With different stages of age, such as birth to toddler, toddler to five, six to twelve, and twelve to eighteen, the author has broken down the different stages of growth, exposing the different levels of opportunity that sexual predators may use against a child at these ages, along with age appropriate environments and care providers.

    This book comes as a highly recommended guide and handbook for parents and caregivers as well as for those dealing with such issues, pastors, police, counselors, child psychologists, medical staff, and the court system will find this information useful in teaching child sexual abuse (CSA) prevention and protection!

    You may get your copy of Overcoming Abuse: Child Sexual Prevention and Protection at Amazon or in Kindle as a download.

    Title: Overcoming Abuse:
    Child Sexual Prevention and Protection
    By: Reina Davison
    A CBM Christian Book Review
    10.0 out of 10.0 stars

    Visit author Reina Davison at Overcoming Abuse for more information about her books.

    Finding The Courage to Live a Powerful Christian Life

    #1 Best Seller on Amazon 

    Dare to Live Greatly: The Courage to Live a Powerful Christian Life by L.C. Fowler is a fantastic and uplifting memoir and guidebook chronicling a tadpole’s beginnings into a fearless Special Warfare CommunityFowler encourages readers to live a powerful Christian life through his lessons learned as a Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL (BUD/S) training in 1977 in Coronado, California. His book is more than a telling of life in the BUD/S training; his book gives others the motivation and insight they need to push forward to thrive beyond life’s fears and comfort zones. 

    Developing fearless perseverance is only the first lesson in this book, as the author speaks on zeal, faith, facing the impossible to becoming a tenacious, wise warrior with absolute resolve for running the race well and finishing. Readers will not be able to put this book down! Every page is power packed with the how-to become great and thrive!

    Fowler gives an invitation – an amazing invitation – to live a life courageously expecting more, doing more, and obtaining more that you every thought possible.  This book is one for those that want to do something great yet need the push and inspiration to do so. Readers will discover that a heartfelt attitude of overcome means just that…to overcome until you win…whatever the cost and that giving up is not an option, nor is just surviving – TO THRIVE is the goal. His book is a solutions-based to some of life’s greatest obstacles.

    Coupled with great quotes from noteworthy evangelists like Billy Graham and memorable sayings that give deep insight from those who have gone before us, he poses a unique question within this, What are you starving for? We should all be starving for something worthwhile. ~ is his answer.

    Each chapter offers a step inside peek at the Navy Seals training program; programmed to break you, and if that’s not enough, his story on what it took for him to graduate and win. He gives life-lessons that are invaluable, as he has learned from experience along the way each give a snapshot of the jaw-dropping and gruelling training in the Navy Seal training. Only the best win. Chapter twenty-six is one of my favorite chapters: When You’re Down to Nothing, God is up to Something! The author blends the truth of circumstances can appear to be, yet points readers to a greater cause, giving immense hope for the breakthrough that only God can bring in these intense life situations.  A highly recommended must read ~ CBM

    Title: Dare to Live Greatly:
    The Courage to Live a Powerful Christian Life|
    By: Larry C. Fowler
    A CBM Christian Book Review10.0 out of 10.0+ Stars

    You may get your copy of Dare to Live Greatly at Amazon and in Kindle as a download.