Author Media Blogs & Book Covers

This is a book cover that we designed back in 2008. Note the clarity, colors and font layout which was all done in PhotoShop CS3. Also note the size and upload on this page which is very important when creating a author media site or blog. Of course within this management program Blogger offers three upload sizes, small, medium and large, however the upload file must first be prepared to get a quality graphic when uploaded.

Many times I come across author media sites and the book cover has been uploaded wrong which places the cover out of proportion and looks very un professional. It's important to have the right programming and knowledge when creating a jpg and uploading your book cover to your author's media blog. You can also click on the image and see a larger view of the cover.

The above author of this book was well on his way to success, however he then decided that he didn't want to do book signings at local bookstores or further pursue sales. That after making the top 100 numerous times at various online bookstore sites and selling out of his original author orders of over 400 books in the first 60 days.

If you need some assistance, advice or some graphic art work, contact us, however make sure that you truly want to be a successful author which includes additional marketing, book signings and stepping into all the doors that open and come your way. Contact us at: