Marketing And Promoting Your Book Less The Pitfalls

Every author soon comes to realize that author promotions and book marketing is a world of it's own. It requires hard work, making the right connections and pressing through the barriers.

Many times authors believe that once their book is published that 1,000's of book lovers will purchase it. Other times authors believe that their publisher will put together a magical promotion that will place their book in the top 10 best sellers.

For the self published author, many soon come to understand that promoting and marketing their book is more time consuming than writing and publishing it. The list of truths, realities and wake up calls is endless.

Have you ever wondered how many great books never made the top 100 list only because no one read them due to poor or lack of marketing?

Authors, you must promote and market your books finding targeted marketing while saturating that market. You must take the time to find cost affective ways to accomplish this and free marketing is not affective. It's just free.

Don't fall into the "I can do it myself pitfall and attempt to promote and market your book all by yourself". You must set aside a marketing budget and put that money to good use.