24/7/365 Day Author Promotions & Book Marketing


Thousands of dollars are spent publishing books. Authors spend endless hours writing them. How much money and time are spent on marketing them?

Many authors make the mistake of not marketing their books or self marketing them. Now how is a buying audience going to purchase your book if they don't know it exists?

Maybe you have paid for the standard single marketing page that your publisher offers. So have thousands of others. Maybe you paid for the standard publishers marketing package and you are in the in print book data base. So have millions of others and there you sit, lost, faceless and nameless amoung the millions.

We provide expanded online marketing within a network of sites. I hope your not missing this. I'm not talking about author promotions and marketing on one site. I'm talking about author promotions within a network of sites. Further and unlike other marketing offers that comes with a monthly renewal fee. Our marketing packages are for one full year of marketing with no monthly renewal fees. That's right. One full year and with no monthly renewal fees.

For information, contact us by email at kingdomexpansion1@gmail.com and we will prepare a marketing program designed just for you.