Author Book Buzz Craze

Daily authors and writers run around to author orientated sites, networks and communities posting their books, information, links and creating book buzz. What amazes me is the dedication and time that a author or writer puts into this type of promotion and book marketing. The magnet of attraction is that it's free. One thing is for sure, many great online friendships are birthed. However, when it's all done, said, and over, just how many copies of a authors books are actually sold to yes, other authors.

95% of all the traffic to these sites are authors trying to sell their books and a very high percentage of the repeat visitors are authors. Now why would a author only target other authors? That just makes no sense.

Authors, if you want to create book buzz, promote and market your books. You must use targeted marketing finding targets, audiences and places where book lovers (the buying public) look for books. Promoting and marketing your books to other authors is not using the power of the Internet to your advantage. However, many of you have either come to know this or are realizing it.

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