Authors, Start Your 2010 Book Marketing Now

Here comes another year. 2009 will soon be in the books and 2010 will soon be upon us. Now is a great time to start your 2010 author promotions and book marketing campaign.

Take some time and read over some of our posts and topics of interest or contact us and we will help you get the online book marketing that you deserve that will extend your marketing and online exposure.

Happy Thanksgiving To All

May your Thanksgiving Holiday be filled with love, peace, joy, great food and great times.

Blessings, to all.
Author Media Blogs & Book Marketing

Author Book Promotions

Extended Author Media Site Promotions & Book Marketing, that includes the following:

1) A cover shot of your book release with a link back to your author site
2) The title of the book (above the book cover)
3) The authors name (below the book cover)
4) A content post that again shares the book cover, the title, the authors name, book description and with a link back to the authors site.
5) Labels that compliment the post, your book and you as author.

What are the benefits?

1) Expanded and targeted marketing within a established Christian Network of sites.
2) Prime front page advertising.
3) National and worldwide exposure.
4) Dramatically increases your online presence.
5) Will help to increase your page ranking.
6) 1 full year of marketing.
7) You get the expanded book marketing that you deserve.
8) We continue to market you on various sites.

We have marketing programs available on 25 sites, 50 sites, 75 sites and up to 100 separate sites. Just imagine the potential and the best part is the prices, they are designed with authors in mind. That's the best part.

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Word Of Encouragement For Authors

You have worked very hard at writing and publishing your book and poured your heart and soul into it like many authors do. With that has come dreams of success and authoring further books. You have the product in your hands, now you have to market it.

If you successfully authored the book, you can also successfully market your book. I encourage you to think outside the box and start thinking the language of book marketing.

Your only an idea away from success.

Finding Success In 2010

2009 is soon to come to an end with 2010 bringing a brand new year, lots of great authors and some great new book releases. May 2010 bring a fresh start, and much success to all.

With 2009 soon coming to a close, do you have a marketing plan for 2010? Have you thought about the year to come, making a fresh start and looking for new markets and arenas to market your book and authors media site within?

If last year didn't prove to be all that you had hoped for, don't quit. Start thinking about 2010 and not doing the same thing over and over, but creating a new fresh online marketing campaign and finding new doorways that lead to greater things.

You have the product in your hands. Your book. You wrote it for a reason, put all the hard work, love and effort into it. Now you have to find the right market and markets to promote your book in. You have to put as much energy into being a creative book marketer as you did in creating the book. Don't bdepend on the POD publisher to market your book and if you have self published, then you must also self market.

If your looking for some new markets, try our marketing challenge.

Authors, Get The Online Book Marketing You Deserve

I just spent the last 3 -4 hours searching book marketing sites looking at marketing prices. I was in shock to some of the prices that I found. From $25.00 for a small banner for one month on sites that were not even yet ranked to $400.00 just to build a one page authors page.

Then as I searched further, I found additional sites charging even more money to market a author and his book. Actually it's not some of the prices that burdened me. It was the terrible layouts, graphics, images, font choices and just the unprofessional designs. First impressions make a HUGE difference, and I was not impressed at much of what I viewed.

Authors beware. Just because you come by a site that has other authors listed, doesn't mean that you should jump on board. Take your time, do some research and look around before you buy the cow. Otherwise you may not get any milk.

Author Websites, Media Blogs And Book Marketing

If you've published a book with a POD publisher, half the work is done. Now you have to market your books and that is just as important as writing and publishing a book.

Maybe you've paid for the 25,000 online bookstore promotion package. OK, cool your in the data base, along with millions of other author's and books. Maybe you've paid for the national and international promotions package. That's great, now your again among the millions and millions of online books.

Have you Googled your books title, or maybe your name and found that your book is found on the search engines? That's great, however in all honesty does anyone other than you, your publisher and a few friends know the name of your book or who you are? Let's be honest, if your a first time author or a unknown author, who's going to search for your book by it's title or your name as the author?

As a author, you must market yourself and your book. That's where having a author media site becomes your starting point. You can showcase your book, a description of your book, your author description, some interesting things about yourself, share important links and share your contact information and where and how book lovers can order your book.

Provided that you can order your books from your publisher at a author's discount. Then you can sell them right from your authors site and the profits by far exceed royalties.

Your author's media site becomes your online worldwide business card. It is where people can find you, read about your book, you as the author, about local book signings and whatever other interesting information and content you provide. Without your own personal website, or authors blog, your just another book and author among the millions and millions found online.

Some author's join every book club they can find, sign every guest book they can and join other author communities hoping that this will bring book sales. However, in the end, this usually proves to be a lot of work with very little results.

If your looking for some assistance in creating a author's site and marketing your site and book, contact us at , we can help you get online, jump started and get you the online exposure that you deserve.

Is Your Book Selling

Is you're book selling? Are people visiting your author media site and ordering your book or are you hoping all those online bookstores will sell it for you? Print On Demand has it's ups and downs, that's for sure.

If you are a author that is waiting for your book to be found among the millions that are listed online through all those online bookstores, chances are you've learned that sales are not what you had hoped for. From that big name site clear down to those smaller sites, 99% of author's find that they offer the sky and produce very little unless you're in the top 100 daily and month after month.

Every author MUST market his or hers books and author media site. Selling books directly as a author by far produces more profits than royalties unless you're selling thousands of books each week. The key is creating a attractive author media site that has a great layout and great content and marketing your author media site. The key is creating friendships with others through creating a personal author's media site that people want to visit and spend some time at. Afterall, it's people that buy books.

Extensive Book Marketing Program

Take advantage of our extensive book marketing program which will get you the exposure that you deserve for your book and author media / book site. We are offering ad placement and marketing on up to 100 separate sites within our network.

This extensive marketing program will get you the exposure that you deserve, drive people to your site and increase you're online presence.

Author Book Sales & The Christmas Holiday Season

It's November 2nd, 2009 and the holiday season is fast unfolding. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas is less than 60 days away. As an author, are you taking advantage of marketing your book and author's media site for the holiday season? If not, there's still time to get a marketing program underway.

Interested in marketing your author media site and new book release? If so, we can help. Once you've created your author media site, the next step is to market it to potential readers and book buyers. After all, you have worked hard publishing you're book, now you have to market it and you can't depend upon all publishers to do this for you.

Many times author's believe that once they create a author's media site thousands of people will immediately find it. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way, as your author's media site is in a vast ocean of millions upon millions of other sites. There it sits in that vast huge online ocean called the Internet and without networking with other sites, your online presence is basically non existent.

We can help you get the exposure that you deserve, increase your online presence and market your author media blog / site and your book on up to 100 premiere sites that will help get you on the map. Just imagine the exposure, potential, and online presence that you will gain by networking and marketing your author's media site and book on 100 premiere sites and at a price designed just for author's.

So if you're tired of signing guest books and spending endless hours joining other communities trying to market your book and create a online presence so that potential buyers can find your author media site, lets get the ball rolling and get you the online exposure you deserve and at a price that will make you smile.

For further information contact us at: and together, we can make things happen.

Author Media Blogs & Book Marketing