Finding Success In 2010

2009 is soon to come to an end with 2010 bringing a brand new year, lots of great authors and some great new book releases. May 2010 bring a fresh start, and much success to all.

With 2009 soon coming to a close, do you have a marketing plan for 2010? Have you thought about the year to come, making a fresh start and looking for new markets and arenas to market your book and authors media site within?

If last year didn't prove to be all that you had hoped for, don't quit. Start thinking about 2010 and not doing the same thing over and over, but creating a new fresh online marketing campaign and finding new doorways that lead to greater things.

You have the product in your hands. Your book. You wrote it for a reason, put all the hard work, love and effort into it. Now you have to find the right market and markets to promote your book in. You have to put as much energy into being a creative book marketer as you did in creating the book. Don't bdepend on the POD publisher to market your book and if you have self published, then you must also self market.

If your looking for some new markets, try our marketing challenge.