Authors, Get The Online Book Marketing You Deserve

I just spent the last 3 -4 hours searching book marketing sites looking at marketing prices. I was in shock to some of the prices that I found. From $25.00 for a small banner for one month on sites that were not even yet ranked to $400.00 just to build a one page authors page.

Then as I searched further, I found additional sites charging even more money to market a author and his book. Actually it's not some of the prices that burdened me. It was the terrible layouts, graphics, images, font choices and just the unprofessional designs. First impressions make a HUGE difference, and I was not impressed at much of what I viewed.

Authors beware. Just because you come by a site that has other authors listed, doesn't mean that you should jump on board. Take your time, do some research and look around before you buy the cow. Otherwise you may not get any milk.