Is Your Book Selling

Is you're book selling? Are people visiting your author media site and ordering your book or are you hoping all those online bookstores will sell it for you? Print On Demand has it's ups and downs, that's for sure.

If you are a author that is waiting for your book to be found among the millions that are listed online through all those online bookstores, chances are you've learned that sales are not what you had hoped for. From that big name site clear down to those smaller sites, 99% of author's find that they offer the sky and produce very little unless you're in the top 100 daily and month after month.

Every author MUST market his or hers books and author media site. Selling books directly as a author by far produces more profits than royalties unless you're selling thousands of books each week. The key is creating a attractive author media site that has a great layout and great content and marketing your author media site. The key is creating friendships with others through creating a personal author's media site that people want to visit and spend some time at. Afterall, it's people that buy books.