The Best Online Book Marketing Is Targeted Book Marketing

Too many times the self promoting author settles for any and all opportunities to share their books at any site. As if the more exposure and links, the better. Yet many times the effort and time that it takes to accomplish this would have been better used with a game plan.

Would a company that sells vitamins put all their efforts and marketing into the automotive industry? Would a company that sells medical supplies put all their efforts and marketing into the food industry? No and it is the same with the self promoting author. You must find your market. The market that best suits your book.

If you have written a book about fishing, your market is anything that has to do with fishing, to include the outdoors, camping, fishing supplies, camping supplies and so on. If you have written a book about healthy foods, then there's your market. Health, foods, healthy living and so on.

Find the market that best suits your book. Google that market and find ways to market your book within that market. At the very least, you will get some insight.

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Christian Author Promotions And Book Marketing

Are you a Christian author looking for ways to promote and market your book? Maybe you have yet to create a authors site where book lovers can find your book and other important information. Regardless of where you are in the promotions and marketing process, we can help.
Take some time to read over our site and then contact us. We can help you get the marketing that you deserve within a network of Christian sites where your book will have prime front page ad placement within a Christian marketplace.

Author Sites, Blogs And Book Marketing

Too many authors don't take advantage of the fact that they can build some nice author sites and blogs to share their books and other important information while creating a online presence and readership. I see many authors that settle for a single page offered by the publisher that they published with. Other authors believe and depend on other online promotions, in print book data basis and sales from Amazon. (Amazon is great)

Yet the problem is that many times with regards to the in print book data basis, the single pages offered by some publishers, book buzz at authors sites and where authors hang out coupled with even the biggies. If no one knows who you are, the title of your book, and the ISBN number. Who's going to find you among the thousands and sometimes millions of books that are listed? No one, that's who. You must promote and market yourself as a author and your book.

It's important for a author to have a authors site or blog and blogs these days are the way to go. With a authors blog you can showcase your book, the book description, the preface, reviews, about the author, contact information, how to order and other important information. With a authors blog you can create a online presence, create a readership and friends, family and book lovers can visit your site and find out about you as author and your book. There's really no end to what you can do and the additional marketing and promotions that can be sought once you have a professional looking working authors blog.

Here are a few basic author sites that we have assisted authors with as some authors just don't have the time, the knowledge or the desire to create, design, build and launch a authors site to blog. If you need some assistance, advice or just some pointers, contact us via email at

Author Christine Prescott Author of Spiritual Nutrition
Author Virgil Jose Author of The Examined Life
Author Patricia Bridewell Author of Reflections Of A Quiet Storm
Author Alexander Vassilieff Author of Odyesseya
Author Eric Zehnder Author, Writer

Print On Demand Publishing And Book Sales

If you have published a book with a print on demand publisher or have self published through some other means, you will soon find out what all authors soon learn. That most publishers publish and print books, but perform very little author promotions and book marketing for the author.

Sure you can order the standard book marketing packages and get your books in the online data base and even on Amazon. However there are millions of books in these data basis and listed on endless online bookstore data basis. One question. What are the chances of someone magically searching for you as a author by your name, your book by it's title or the ISBN number? It rarely happens. The truth and reality is that you must promote yourself as a author and market your book to perspective book buyers if you want to sell books.

There are way too many struggling authors that have fallen for the big number catches. Get your book listed on 25,000 online bookstores. Sounds impressive and actually the numbers are, but again the problem is that there you are amidst the millions of other authors and books and no one knows who you are or the title of your book.

You must create and find ways to create strategic expanded marketing if you want to find success which leads to the next problem, which is, that most authors and writers are not marketing professionals or online specialists.

I am amazed at all the posts, interactions and comments that authors place in author sites hoping to sell copies of their books, to whom, but other authors. Just imagine if one took all that time, effort and interaction and used targeted marketing. That's not to say that the interactions are a waste of time because there are great things to be learned by other authors.

If you are looking for some strategic expanded author promotions and book marketing contact us. We can create a author promotions and marketing plan that will help you get the exposure you need while expanding your online presence and reach into additional communites, networks and social communites. Then maybe some book lovers will know who you are, the title of your book and how to find you. Be sure to visit Christian Book Marketing

Author Media Blogs & Book Marketing


Author Book Promo

Authors, lets make 2010 your year of successful author promotions and book marketing. Don't depend on your POD publisher to promoted and market your books. Start a successful marketing campaign of your own and use targeted marketing in the process. We can help you make that possible, which gives you more time to pursue other things like writing great books.

You might also consider joining The Authors Club which a a new forum just for authors and another great site to visit for the Christian author is Christian Author Book Marketing.

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Authors May 2010 Bring You Much Success

With 2009 in the record books, we all have 2010 to look forward to. May it be a year of accomplishments and success for many. With 2010 freshly starting out, now is the time for every author to put things into perspective and come up with a plan for 2010.

From previous works and published books, manuiscript preperations, editing, book cover designs, to new book projects and releases, publishing needs, book signings, book events and all the promotions involved, plus the task of a fresh authors website and of course author promotions and book marketing for the year ahead.

Over this last year, I have been following and reading some great writings that help authors with tips, information, ideas and lots of advice about how to promote and market their books. One thing that I find is many of these sites have thousands of authors registered that all interact, share their books, author sites and so on. Sometimes I wonder where that goes with regards to book sales. Author's all trying to sell each other their books. Meanwhile there are millions and millions of book lovers out there that read 10 and 20 books per year.

Now if I wanted to sell tires, I don't think I would try to sell retail tires to my competitors that makes tires. Seems to me, I would want to focus my marketing on car owners and not the people that make tires for cars.

Let me encourage you to find ways, and new lands to promote and market your books at. As a author of a new book you want to find ways to promote and market your book to a buying audience, not to other authors on sites and forums where authors hang out.

Of course these sites provide great interactions, friendships, information, tips and for the new author looking to learn and gain in site. You will find vast amounts of information. In fact here a some that I highly recommend.