Author Sites, Blogs And Book Marketing

Too many authors don't take advantage of the fact that they can build some nice author sites and blogs to share their books and other important information while creating a online presence and readership. I see many authors that settle for a single page offered by the publisher that they published with. Other authors believe and depend on other online promotions, in print book data basis and sales from Amazon. (Amazon is great)

Yet the problem is that many times with regards to the in print book data basis, the single pages offered by some publishers, book buzz at authors sites and where authors hang out coupled with even the biggies. If no one knows who you are, the title of your book, and the ISBN number. Who's going to find you among the thousands and sometimes millions of books that are listed? No one, that's who. You must promote and market yourself as a author and your book.

It's important for a author to have a authors site or blog and blogs these days are the way to go. With a authors blog you can showcase your book, the book description, the preface, reviews, about the author, contact information, how to order and other important information. With a authors blog you can create a online presence, create a readership and friends, family and book lovers can visit your site and find out about you as author and your book. There's really no end to what you can do and the additional marketing and promotions that can be sought once you have a professional looking working authors blog.

Here are a few basic author sites that we have assisted authors with as some authors just don't have the time, the knowledge or the desire to create, design, build and launch a authors site to blog. If you need some assistance, advice or just some pointers, contact us via email at

Author Christine Prescott Author of Spiritual Nutrition
Author Virgil Jose Author of The Examined Life
Author Patricia Bridewell Author of Reflections Of A Quiet Storm
Author Alexander Vassilieff Author of Odyesseya
Author Eric Zehnder Author, Writer