Authors May 2010 Bring You Much Success

With 2009 in the record books, we all have 2010 to look forward to. May it be a year of accomplishments and success for many. With 2010 freshly starting out, now is the time for every author to put things into perspective and come up with a plan for 2010.

From previous works and published books, manuiscript preperations, editing, book cover designs, to new book projects and releases, publishing needs, book signings, book events and all the promotions involved, plus the task of a fresh authors website and of course author promotions and book marketing for the year ahead.

Over this last year, I have been following and reading some great writings that help authors with tips, information, ideas and lots of advice about how to promote and market their books. One thing that I find is many of these sites have thousands of authors registered that all interact, share their books, author sites and so on. Sometimes I wonder where that goes with regards to book sales. Author's all trying to sell each other their books. Meanwhile there are millions and millions of book lovers out there that read 10 and 20 books per year.

Now if I wanted to sell tires, I don't think I would try to sell retail tires to my competitors that makes tires. Seems to me, I would want to focus my marketing on car owners and not the people that make tires for cars.

Let me encourage you to find ways, and new lands to promote and market your books at. As a author of a new book you want to find ways to promote and market your book to a buying audience, not to other authors on sites and forums where authors hang out.

Of course these sites provide great interactions, friendships, information, tips and for the new author looking to learn and gain in site. You will find vast amounts of information. In fact here a some that I highly recommend.