Author Noleen Finch

Title: A Fight for Innocence
By: Noleen Finch
ISBN# 978-1622953561
Review Date: December 26, 2013
A Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

A Fight for Innocence by Noleen Finch, although fictional, encapsulates the plight of innocent children touched by sexual abuse, never to be the same and carrying burdens that should not be.  As this subject is monumental in nature, the author has created a story that will give hope and is written in the spirit of Isaiah 61 – setting the captives free. 

Emanating from the struggle is the existence of evil that impacts our young every day in our world.  With brilliance, Noleen Finch draws attention to this subject in a very real way, giving readers insight on how innocent children have been scarred for life.     

Cassie Howard is a young ambitious single woman that has dedicated her life to helping children and their families in crisis.  Cassie leans on her strong faith in Jesus Christ to be able to help those families she encounters and finds herself drawn to a four-year old named Annon.  Cassie realizes Annon has an amazing gift, one that may unlock the mystery to Justin, a three-year old little boy that has just been kidnapped.  With amazing intensity, true faith and a pure heart, Cassie embarks on an ensuing journey of faith that leads to a struggle over true evil that lurks in the darkness of the world. 

Fast paced and true to real life, A Fight for Innocence is one of those books that the reader will never forget.  The plight of child sexual abuse and the prevalence of evil affecting our children is a reality.  Highlighting this evil as a spiritual battle, the author sheds light on the reality of spiritual warfare that rages against the innocent children.  A Fight for Innocence will ignite passion to believe, hope and gives readers a yearning for justice in the lives of those held captive by evil, meanwhile giving them the tools to recognize abuse.  A wonderful book that just might be a movie in the making!  Highly Recommended.

You mat get your copy of A Fight for Innocence at Amazon and in Kindle Edition.

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Life is an Amazing Song by John Raikkonen is a triumphant life memoir of the author's journey as a young boy brought up in war-torn Finland during the Finnish-Russian War and his eventual experience being brought to America to find a better life. 

His story is unique, breathtaking, heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.  The author utilizes descriptive imagery and scenes that give each account life, bringing the reader right into his world.  This is a must-read for those that enjoy true-life stories involving history, drama, while intertwining the workings of Almighty God.  Truly an epic adventure that you will not soon forget!

Although heartbreaking and disturbing at times, the author has added humor into his portrayal of himself as a young boy on many occasions as he gives an account of his rambunctious cousin, Rake, who leads him into finding good "smoke." This unforgettable story of him showing young John how to smoke a shoestring at the tender age of four; well, you will laugh right along with him. 

His journey is spent between years with his grandparents in Finland, then to Sweden, and then opportunity knocked.  He was offered a chance to go to America – and he took it with his family's blessings.  You will learn of his trip on the SS United States and experience first-hand what it was like to be an immigrant landing in New York.  What an amazing life this man has lived.  Eventually, the author became a successful businessman and his experience related that America really was, "the land of opportunity." 

This is book is a delightful read, one that will keep you interested.  The author keeps the reader's attention by his thoughtful penning of every scene in detail and you will know by the end of the book that every good gift that comes is from God.  Truly an enchanting and delightful journey that gives account of the tragedies and triumphs encountered through war and through a life well-lived.  One might think that this tale should be a movie in the making Lifes Amazing Song.  Any book ordered through the web site will be autographed.

You can get your copy of Life is an Amazing Song by John Raikkonen on Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at other fine online bookstores.

A Christian Book Marketing Author's Article Blast, sharing Christian authors and books with the world.

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Realize the Power of Your Christian Identity by Julie Ngwbi

Realize the Power of Your Christian Identity is a compelling book that sheds light on who you are as a Christian and gives insight into living a victorious life in Christ.  Unveiling the power of who you are in Christ, author Julie Ngwbi, has written this book to instruct you to walk in the God-given purpose that you were created for.  Many, even Christians, experience identity crisis, not knowing who they are or what they were created for.  You have a rich inheritance in Christ, and you, as a Christian, are the temple of God.  Learn how to fulfill your potential to the fullest as you discover your purpose through this insightful biblical perspective on your identity as a Child of God.

In-depth and formed from personal experience, with rich teaching from Scripture, the author has developed this book to guide others into their destinies. 

As a young child growing up in Zimbabwe, Africa, the author grew up in poverty due to the death of her father at the age of eleven.  She assumed many responsibilities for the family as her mother struggled with different jobs to support the family.  She came to the Lord at a young age and has been transformed into a powerful ambassador for the Lord, ministering life in Christ to others.  The author's hopes are that you will access the keys to living a purposeful and satisfying life through her book, while developing a deeper intimacy with the Lord as the realization of your purpose comes to fruition.   

Reading this book will transition you into a deeper, meaningful and purpose filled life -leading to victory in Christ in all areas of your life.  Be lifted higher and be encouraged through this thought provoking and inspiring book.

You may get your copy of Realize the Power of Your Christian Identity on Amazon, at the author's website Christian Idenity and at the author's blog.

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Title: The Oldest Enemy
By: Michael J. Webb
Christian Book Review
ISBN# 978-1-936835-12-6
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Sparked by memories that haunt him, David Lighthouse's new life is seemingly hanging by a thread as his past boomerangs directly back into his face.  Confronted with accusations of murder, yet again, David embarks on an incredible, heart-pounding journey as an assistant Pastor that directly confronts the evil that has targeted him.  Once an investigative reporter for the Denver Post, David has learned that what lies beneath is not always the truth.  Being accused of murdering his fiancĂ© in the past, he now discovers that not only is he a target from a sinister force, but the entire world is as well.  Even more frightening is that this evil is unknown to many and plans from a reclusive German billionaire threaten another holocaust. 

Gathering an entourage of a mix of friends and skeptics, David sets out to stop this evil that threatens to bring destruction upon the world.  Only he knows the truth.  He is the only one who can stop this conspiracy from this ancient evil that has risen yet again.  Readers will be thoroughly entertained and enthralled with this thriller involving exorcisms, demons and the fight against good and evil as David battles mankind's oldest arch enemy, evil itself. 

This novel is a highly recommend read for those that enjoy suspense, the supernatural, drama, and a well-written plot with believable characters.  The author writes with ease and readers will be kept on the edge of their seat with the author's use of descriptive imagery and dialogue that invites the reader into the scene and the very feelings of the characters.  There is a much deeper gospel message weaved throughout the story as well.  Eternal in nature, this message delves into who mankind's ancient enemy really is. 

For more information about the author and his books, visit Michael J. Webb. You may get your copy of The Oldest Enemy at Amazon, in Kindle Edition and at other fine online bookstore

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CBM Christian Book Marketing's Editing Services 

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For Immediate Release
A CBM Christian Author Press Release

Award winning Christian author, Dale Allan, releases A Prayer for the Devil, a provocative fast-paced murder mystery wrapped in a thoughtful meditation on the intersection of faith and justice.

From beginning to end, this political thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. Twin brothers Luke and Aaron Miller could not lead more different lives. Aaron, a rising political star who manages the campaign of a man many believe will be the nation's next president, embraced his father's Jewish heritage. Luke, on the other hand, honored his mother's faith and entered the priesthood. When Aaron and the candidate he supports are killed in a bombing at a presidential stump speech, the Miller family's core is destroyed. Fear of a terrorist threat grips the nation, but the FBI and the press seem more focused on the death of a presidential candidate than on the other innocent victims like Aaron. Suddenly, Luke begins to feel the lure of a vengeance that is stronger than the bond of faith.

As he falls deeper into the abyss of political intrigue that surrounded his brother's mysterious professional life, Luke is tempted to break his promise to God and reassess his own sense of right and wrong. Luke's comfortable life in Boston collides with the faraway world of the Middle East as he sets out on a journey to unravel the truth behind Aaron's murder. Will he take an eye for an eye? Luke's journey through his own darkness propels him to a shocking ending that will leave readers breathless.
  • WINNER! National Indie Excellence Book Awards Best Religious Fiction, Best Fiction, Best Thriller
  • FINALIST! Forward Reviews - Book of the Year - Best Thriller and Suspense
  • FINALIST! International Book Awards - Best New Fiction, Best Mystery/Suspense
  • AWARDED! Kirkus Star for books of exceptional merit
  • PARIS BOOK FESTIVAL - Fiction - Top 10
"I promise you a compelling read. I couldn't put it down once I started reading it. If you're a James Patterson or David Baldacci fan, you'll love this author's style and ability to tell a story and keep your interest, even with several subplots in play…This exciting thriller could easily be made into an action-packed motion picture."
— Ed Wilkinson – Editor:  The Tablet

For more information about the author and the book visit Dale Allan. You may get your copy of A Prayer For the Devil at Amazon and in Kindle Edition.

 ~ A CBM Christian Author Press Release sharing Christian authors around the world.

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CBM Christian Book Marketing

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CBM Christian Author Press Release
A CBM Christian Author Press Release

Come walk with Jesus and experience, for yourself - What Did Jesus Say: The Seven Messages from the Master

It's not your typical "walk-in-the-park." What Did Jesus Say- "The Seven Messages from the Master" is an engaging stroll down the beach from author Terry Allan Christian offering seven, timeless, messages contained within the Bible from the Master Teacher – Jesus.  This book gives over 500 of Jesus' teachings that will become your own personal poetic journey with Jesus.  Beautifully illustrated in full color as a 170-page e-book (also available in audio CD or paperback), this book will transform your perspective on life.     

Unique and never before gathered in one volume, the author as inspired by the Holy Spirit, offers these seven messages taught by Jesus without opinion or theological interpretations.  Powerfully written to impact and transform lives with the teachings of Christ derived only from the red printed letters in the Bible. Rev. Terry Allan Christian has over 30 years of experience walking with God and has created a journey of discovery – offering wisdom, refreshment and the transforming power of Christ to all.  Discover the seven messages from the Master and the ever-enduring love He has for you in this fascinating book!  

Reverend Christian is a minister teaching the Body of Christ true Christian principles.  As a retired motivational speaker, he has taught over 2500 seminars as a corporate trainer to companies throughout America and Canada.  As a young teen, growing up in a very dysfunctional household, the author developed a severe stuttering problem.  Encountering the God of the impossible at the age of 23, he was miraculously healed and then gave his life completely over to God at that moment.  Shortly after that life-changing event, the Lord encountered him again with a vision and the Holy Spirit told him one day he would be a teacher of Christian principles.  Thirty years later, after much teaching and instruction from God, he is a minister teaching Christian principles to the Body of Christ. 

For more information be sure to visit You may get your copy of What Did Jesus Say?  in print or Kindle Edition  at and other online bookstores.
__________________________________________ end.
CBM Author's Article Blast
From multi-published and multi-award winning author, Yolanda Shanks, comes volume 2 of Not Just a Hearer but A DOER.  This series includes both volumes 1 and 2 and have been created as 31-day devotionals presenting the truth of God's Word. 

Christian author and Sunday School Teacher, Yolanda Shanks, compassionately and honestly reveals the destructive thought patterns that keep us from obtaining God's best for us.  Be set free from the snares of the evil one and fleshly entanglements, one-step-at-a-time, as you renew your mind through the refreshing water of the Word.  In doing this, your life and your inner thought life will be on the way to becoming acceptable and pleasing in the sight of the Lord, yielding a bountiful harvest.

Inner thoughts are what defile the temple.  We may hold wrong attitudes about others and ourselves that are not in accordance with the commands of scripture, which can actually produce negative results.  Learn how to dump the garbage, so to speak…with this amazing and uplifting short 31-day devotional!!

A highly recommended read for those who desire cleanliness within the inner man.  Thought provoking and challenging, this 31-day devotional will add to your daily life as your mind is renewed day-by-day.
For more information about the author and her books, visit Author Yolanda Shanks. You may get your copy of Not Just a Hearer but A DOER Volume 2 and other books by Yolanda Shanks at Amazon.  

Christian authors use Christian Author Article Blasts to share Christian books with the world.
________________________________________________ end.
CBM Christian Book Review
Title: Israel, My Personal Journey
By: Carol A. Krejci
Review Date: July 17, 2013
A Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Israel – My Personal Journey by multi-published Christian author Carol A. Krejci presents a fascinating 40-day contemplative devotional through the land of Israel.  Taking readers on a discovery tour of Israel, the author has chronicled her adventure beginning from modern-day Israel that concludes in Jerusalem during the time of Jesus.  Each chapter offers insights and Scripture inspired by the Holy Spirit that will touch the soul.  Traveling through historical sights such as Jerusalem, the Western Wall, the memorial of Yad Vashem, Bethlehem and the Garden of Gethsemane, the author relates her experiences and gives refreshing and often enlightening biblical insights through each chapter.  Presenting reflective wisdom from many past occurrences, such as the exodus and life of the Israelites, this 40-day devotional offers a unique adventure through Israel that will ignite faith, passion and trust in God. Israel – My Personal Journey is a delightful 40-day journey that will challenge readers to grow spiritually in their walk with the Lord as they gain deep insight into Israel's past and God's mercy, love and forgiveness that is offered to all.   
The landscape, history and geography of Israel leads way to timely comparisons, presenting different historical time periods that literally bring the Bible and Israel to life.  This devotional comes highly recommended for those that have a deep love for Israel and the Lord, or may be used as a personal devotional, giving hope and encouragement for the day, as well as in a group setting. 

Through the pages of this book, one will learn of the love and faithfulness of Almighty God to His people, through the land of Israel.  The author also portrays through the leading of the Holy Spirit a sense of the Father's love to the reader, calling Him "Abba" meaning a childlike "Daddy."  If you are a lover of Israel, the Bible and the Lord, you will certainly be refreshed as you enjoy this spiritual historical journey through the land of Israel.  Uplifting and inspirational, author Carol Krejci has shared her tour of Israel in such a way that has the ability to change your life as you reflect on your own personal journey with the Lord. 

~Carol~Shower of Blessings~ Ez. 34:2

You can get your copy of Israel, My Personal Journey at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at other fine-online bookstores. Be sure to visit Carol at FaithWriters and on FaceBook.

Christian authors sharing Christ with the world through the power of Christian Book Marketing.

Press Releases for the Christian Author

CBM Christian Author Press Release

Award winning and multi-published author Emma Right releases her new series and novel, Dead Dreams: Book 1.  Created as a young adult contemporary psychological thriller, this emotional drama takes readers on a journey through main character, Brie's life. 

Young Brie, has just turned eighteen and she knows what she wants.  Now on her own for her first time, common sense seems to get thrown out the window as she lets Sarah, an heiress to a coal mining fortune enter her world.  At first things are polite, but strange happenings begin to occur as Brie starts to wonder about Sarah—did she make a mistake? 

Filled with the theme of eternity, destiny and finding one's true desires…this read comes highly recommended as Brie's dreams quickly morph into nightmares with dire consequences.  Will Brie continue to throw out common sense and keep her roommate? 

Emma Right takes the reader on many twists and turns throughout this psychological mystery thrill ride, basing this novel on the scripture, "What if a man gains the whole world, but loses his soul?"  Ingeniously and masterfully written, Emma Right, has created a hugely popular series, sure to inspire and encourage young adults to turn from selfish ambition into the loving arms of Jesus Christ, Savior of all.

Emma Right is a happy wife, Christian homeschooler and mother of five living in the Pacific West Coast of the USA. Besides running a busy home, and looking after their five pets, which includes two cats, two bunnies and a longhaired dachshund, she also writes stories for her children. When she doesn't have her nose in a book, she is telling her kids to get their little noses in one.  Right worked as a copywriter for two major advertising agencies and won several awards, including the prestigious Clio Award for her ads, before she settled down to have children.

Get your copy of Dead Dreams: Book 1 and other books by Emma Right at Amazon. Dead Dreams: Book 1 is also available in Kindle Edition and at Barnes and Noble.

Be sure to visit Emma Right at her author's website for tips and ideas about books, homeschooling, bible devotions, and other great ministry. You may follow Emma at her Facebook page

CBM Christian Author Press Releases, sharing Christian authors with the world.


CBM Christian Author Press Releases for the Christian Author

A CBM Christian Author Press Release

Christian author Kassi L. Pontious of Alpine, Utah releases You're Strong Enough - written to the youth of today this unique book combines insights from her own struggles in life, giving hope and encouragement to those that feel hopeless and lost.  Through a series of quests, readers are sent on a journey to find true purpose in life.  Biblical principles are given through the genre of a warrior from a heavenly kingdom.

Engaging, fast-paced and thought provoking, each quest presents answers and practical advice on the issues and daily struggles youth face today – such as forgiveness, purity, perseverance and faith.  Inspiring, uplifting and insightful, this book offers real hope presenting wisdom gleaned from the Bible; this book offers youth a new perspective on life here on Earth, encouraging them to go to their Heavenly Father and find purpose and their identity in God.   

Capturing readers through the genre of a kingdom warrior sent to Earth, the writer has woven a creative adventure that sheds light to the dynamics of the Kingdom of Heaven, Hell, our souls and the spiritual warfare that one can experience in life.  Kassi is a talented writer that has gained much wisdom and healing in her own life by applying the biblical principles presented in her book.  She candidly shares her journey and offers others a nudge in the direction towards leaning on God.  With a strong desire to assist others in finding their true identity, Kassi L. Pontious, presents a wonderfully entertaining and informative book that is a truly amazing read.  You won't want to put down this one down.  Pick up your copy today!

 Be sure to visit Kassi at her webiste Kassi Pontious.You may find Your'e Strong Enough by Kassi L. Pontious at Amazon, and at other fine online bookstores. Be sure to view Kassi's video book trailer on YouTube.

A CBM Christian Author Press Release


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