Get Your Christian Book Cover Placed In Prime Position

~ Prime front page ad placement
~ Your book cover on the right or left side of the site.
~ A link to either your author's website or Amazon page.
~ The marketing and your positions remains for one full year (but I rarely remove it when the year ends)
Here are the sites:
Authors In The Press
The Author's Report Card
Book Buzz
The Authors Online Magazine
Book Promotions
Global News Release
Christian Book Review
Author's Book Club
The Author Book Online Magazine
Author Promotions,
The Authors Online Magazine
The Author's Page
 Author Book Marketing
New Book Releases
Professional Book Reviews
Get em while they are available ...
Also, anyone that is interested in placing their book on 50 to 100 sites in prime position, let's put a special together for you.
CBM Christian Book Marketing
"Get Your Book On 100 Great Christian Sites"