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Thinking about launching a authors blog to promote and market your book. Personally I prefer to use blogger, however last night I came by a authors site that was launched using Wordpress. I particularly liked the template the author had chosen and the fact that the blog functioned so well. Having a few blogs at Wordpress myself (I'm a blogger addict) I decided to add one more which took me all of about two hours to create, arrange and post various posts on. You might check out this template and style, Christian Book Marketing at WordPress .

Building the blog and launching it is only half the project. The other have is marketing the blog so that readers and book lovers can find it. Otherwise you are just another blog lost in the endless millions of sites online.

Christian Book Marketing has the ability to promote a authors blog and drive traffic to your blog.

Doing Business God's Way

Inspired by the Holy Spirit. Pray, Practice & Prosper - Doing Business God's Way.

Because our ways are not His ways, we have allowed ourselves to think about money and wealth incorrectly. As a result, in 2008, the United States experienced the worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression of 1930’s. Can it happen again? Of course. Can it be prevented? Yes, with the right attitude about the acquisition of personal and corporate resources.

This is a one year devotional book describing these attitudes and how best to put them into practice. This book focuses on the needs of those in the marketplace, spending the majority of their lives working at their career.

God can mold your character to become who and what God has called you to be. It is done through the gift of the Holy Spirit which creates a clear vision that will guide your daily choices. As you make these choices, following the leading of the Holy Spirit, you can develop habits that grow character, improve decision making and prosper every aspect of your life with the right attitudes. Your job IS your ministry and spending 40+ hours a week at work is a great opportunity to live life God called you to live... even as you prosper through it.

Christian Book Marketing & The Christian Marketplace

Christian Book Marketing, The Christian Authors Choice

When it comes to building a online presence for the Christian author, Christian Book Marketing offers expanded services that provides Christian authors with a unique and powerful marketing plan. In today's economic market coupled with the increase of book releases through the self publishing industry and print on demand, authors need to pursue expanded marketing programs to compete within the market. This requires making the right choices and pursuing the right markets.

Christian book marketing requires tapping into the Christian marketplace while also tapping into the secular marketplace. This requires the ability to tap into both market places through expanded networking. That's where Christian Book Marketing can place a Christian author at the forefront.

From building and launching authors websites, author pages, blogs, expanded marketing programs, social communities, book trailers, book reviews, book cover designs, editing and print ready files for publishing. Christian Book Marketing is dedicated to providing professional and quality services to it's authors.

"Let CBM, Christian Book Marketing promote and market your Christian title"

Christian Author Promotion Web Sites

Web Sites For The Christian Author

Professional design, creation and launch.

Expanded online website promotions & marketing.

Major search engine placement.

  • Build and expand your network ability.

  • Unique and repeat visitors.

  • Target and captivate your market.

  • Drive traffic to your website.

  • Improve your professional image as a author.

  • Provide a great online visitor experience.

  • Home Pages

  • Authors Pages

  • Book Pages

  • Order Pages

  • Book Review Pages

  • Photo Pages

  • Video Pages

  • Press Release Pages

  • Testimonial Pages and more ....

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