Author Media Blogs & Book Marketing

Interested in marketing your author media site and new book release? If so, we can help. Once you've created your author media site, the next step is to market it to potential readers and book buyers. After all, you have worked hard publishing your book, now you have to market it and you can't depend upon all publishers to do this for you.

Many times author's believe that once they create a author's media site thousands of people will immediately find it. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way, as your author's media site is in a vast ocean of millions upon millions of other sites. There it sits in that vast huge online ocean called the Internet.

We can help you get the exposure that you deserve, increase your online presence and market your author media blog / site and your book on up to 100 premiere sites that will help get you on the map. Just imagine the exposure, potential, and online presence that you will gain by networking and marketing your author's media site and book on 100 premiere sites and at a price designed just for author's.

So if you're tired of signing guest books and spending endless hours joining other communities trying to market your book and create a online presence so that potential buyers can find your author media site, lets get the ball rolling and get you the online exposure you deserve and at a price that will make you smile.

For further information contact us at: and together, we can make things happen.

Author Media Blogs & Book Marketing

Author Media Blog Banners

Here are three simple examples of blog banners that I created for three of the sites within our Christian Network of sites. Creating a simple but colorful author media's blog banner can add life to your author's media blog or site. We can help, simply contact us at:

Author Media Blogs & Book Covers

This is a book cover that we designed back in 2008. Note the clarity, colors and font layout which was all done in PhotoShop CS3. Also note the size and upload on this page which is very important when creating a author media site or blog. Of course within this management program Blogger offers three upload sizes, small, medium and large, however the upload file must first be prepared to get a quality graphic when uploaded.

Many times I come across author media sites and the book cover has been uploaded wrong which places the cover out of proportion and looks very un professional. It's important to have the right programming and knowledge when creating a jpg and uploading your book cover to your author's media blog. You can also click on the image and see a larger view of the cover.

The above author of this book was well on his way to success, however he then decided that he didn't want to do book signings at local bookstores or further pursue sales. That after making the top 100 numerous times at various online bookstore sites and selling out of his original author orders of over 400 books in the first 60 days.

If you need some assistance, advice or some graphic art work, contact us, however make sure that you truly want to be a successful author which includes additional marketing, book signings and stepping into all the doors that open and come your way. Contact us at:

Author Media Blog Banners & Graphics

Your authors media blog and site's layout is very important. First impressions make a huge difference and the competition out there for author's is tremendous. Having a professional author media blog banner, some additional graphics and showcasing the cover of your book is very important.
The designs on this page are a simple front and rear cover that we designed for a 10 page writing for a local event.
If you are in need of some graphic art work, book cover designing, a custom banner for your authors media site, contact us at and we just might be able to assist you depending upon you're needs.

Free Marketing For Author's & Thier Books

Many times a author will run around to various sites, sign guest books and become a member of every site that offers guest book signing and membership hoping that this will generate sales.

However, what if as a author you only concentrated on premiere sites rather that just any and every site. Using this perspective will save you lots of time and further associate you as a author, your book and your authors media page not with just everyone and anyone, but selected premiere sites. This makes a huge difference in you're online presence, not to mention your association. It also will save you lots of wasted time and disappointment.

Here is a great site for authors to share, list their books and even showcase their author's media blog. It's called goodreads and you can create a membership, list you're book, authors media site, start groups and interact with other authors. You WILL also find lots of insight and information through you're membership and online interactions at goodreads.

Author Promotions - Book Signing & Author Media Blogs

Having a professional book signing event is very important to every author. Author's must plan in advance before putting on a book signing event. Professional Author media boards, book markers, display stands and author media blogs are very important.

Having a professional authors media blog will allow you as a author to create a online meeting place for bookstore managers and potential customers to find you, read about you as a author, read about your book and make contact with you. Make sure you are prepared when doing your first book signing event and make sure that you have business cards with your authors media blog and contact information ready and on hand.

Author Promotions - Author's Book Marketing For The Holidays

The Holiday season is just around the corner and now is the time to start putting a Holiday marketing plan together. Book sales increase around the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays and every author should plan and take advantage of the holiday seasons with regards to marketing.

If your just a tad behind on marketing your author's media site and book, contact us and we can put together a marketing plan for you. You may email us at"

Author Promotions - Creating A Simpe Author's Media Site

There are many great blogging communities online where author's can create a author media site or blog. Of course this does require some basic knowledge within the management design program, however with just some basic knowledge, you can get started. Simply follow the user's instructions while in the design process.

I recommend Blogger or WordPress's for those just starting out. Both offer various free templates to choose from and are quite easy to use.

If you need any help, assistance or advice, contact us at:

Free Marketing For Author's

Are you looking for some free online exposure for your author's media site and book? How about the opportunity to interact with other author's, exchange ideas and get valuable information? If so, we have just created a brand new authors forum called The Author's Club.

Stop by, register and don't forget to share your author's media site and books with others.

The Author's Club

Creating A Online Presence

If you've designed a author's media blog you've planted the seeds to create a harvest. Now you have to water those seeds and that's where choosing the right online marketing program for your author's media site or blog comes into play.

Many author's make the mistake of creating a author's media site and believing that people will magically find it. However, without a basic marketing plan to market your authors media site, author's soon find out that they are just one site among millions upon millions with no online presence at all.

We can help you create a online presence, dramatically increase your market and help get you on the map towards a successful author media site or book marketing plan.

For further information on how to create a marketing plan for you're author's media site contact us at:

Author Media Blog Marketing

A author without a author's media blog is like a fish without water. Author media blogs are very important in the life of every author that desires to be successful. Creating a professional author's media blog is a task in it's self. However marketing you author's media blog is a whole other situation.

It's a huge ocean out there online and once you're authors media blog is created, you must market the site to attract visitors. That's where Author Media Blog & Book Marketing can assist you. For further information contact us at:

Author Media Blog & Book Marketing Costs

If you've checked into a online marketing program for your author's media blog you've probably found out that it can get quite expensive. The prices can range from $30.00 per month for advertisement on one site up to over $1,000.00 for yearly fees. That of course makes it very hard for author's to market their author media blogs and books, as the cost cuts deep into their royalties and profits. The numbers just don't add up unless your selling hundreds of books each day.

Of course many author's choose to purchase the marketing package when they purchase the book publishing package, which gets your book listed on 100's to 1000's of online bookstores and sites. Some packages go as high as 25,000 online bookstores and 15,000 online Christian bookstores.

However, there your book is online listed with millions of other books that are also for sale on those very same sites whereas the market is over flooded with authors, books and changes weekly and monthly. So in all honesty, what are the chances that your book will be found by its unknown title, as a new book.

The problem is this, chances are no one has heard of you as a author or knows that you're book is listed on those sites. It's just there lost among the millions of books and only found under a few word searches. Yes, there are some online bookstores and sites that will showcase a particular author and book, however that's like playing the slots hoping your name will come up.

I know, I have purchased those extensive online bookstore marketing packages before and with great disappointments. They offer the world, and deliver nothing and especially the ones associated to the POD publishing packages as most real bookstores will not even order POD books for thier shelves, even if you pay the book return fee to the publisher.

The key is finding a market for your books where the competition isn't so overwhelming while at the same time tapping into new markets, arenas, online networks and communities. Imagine 1,000 people visiting a site with 100,000 books for sale vs. 1,000 people visiting your site with your book for sale.

If you're interested in marketing your authors media site, book or books, and would like extensive marketing not on one site, but 25, 50, 75, or 100 separate sites for one full year that will dramatically increase you're online exposure, presence and marketing, contact us.

We will create a marketing package for your author's media blog and book that will get you the exposure that you deserve and at a price created especially for author's that fits into you're marketing budget. Plus and this is a huge plus, your book and author's media blog or site will not be lost in the millions of books listed on online bookstores, where the competition and market is flooded. Here are 7 simple but powerful reasons to take our authors marketing challenge.

1) Reach a larger audience for one full year.

2) Expand your reach through our network.

3) Increase visitors directly to your site.

4) Increase your online presence.

5) Increase your page rank.

6) Extend your reach into various networks, communities and social communites.

7) Network with a huge network that is established and that has great content.

Interested parties may contact us by email at: