Free Marketing For Author's & Thier Books

Many times a author will run around to various sites, sign guest books and become a member of every site that offers guest book signing and membership hoping that this will generate sales.

However, what if as a author you only concentrated on premiere sites rather that just any and every site. Using this perspective will save you lots of time and further associate you as a author, your book and your authors media page not with just everyone and anyone, but selected premiere sites. This makes a huge difference in you're online presence, not to mention your association. It also will save you lots of wasted time and disappointment.

Here is a great site for authors to share, list their books and even showcase their author's media blog. It's called goodreads and you can create a membership, list you're book, authors media site, start groups and interact with other authors. You WILL also find lots of insight and information through you're membership and online interactions at goodreads.