A Life Changing Book That Speaks Of The Wisdom Found In Proverbs 7

A CBM Christian Book Review 
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

The Seduction of Proverbs 7: Reloaded by Dr. Timothy O. is a powerful life-changing book giving keen insight from Proverbs 7 – The Warning Against the Adulterous Woman.     

Some say ignorance is bliss. In fact, it is! This book will open your eyes to the wisdom available in following the instruction of Wisdom. For, “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding,” (Proverbs 4:7 KJV).                   

Unveiling the secrecy of “Seduction,” – our culture is rife with promiscuity. Dr. Timothy O. offers insight into this dilemma presenting an understanding that seduction is dangerous and not following the wisdom of Proverbs 7 that leads many astray. 

Well written and full of wisdom, his book sprang forth from a conversation with a fellow female Christian student, one who he respected and looked up to as an excellent student. Dr. Timothy O. went on a divine search for insight, led by God, and has written a book to share his findings, giving nuggets of wisdom to all no matter what race, sex, creed, or financial status – The author states that the Biblical laws regarding sexual activity have not changed. These laws are set forth by God and have consequences that are universal. But don’t despair! This in inspirational and a simple read into the taboo subject of sex beyond the boundaries of marriage that is thoughtfully written. 
His book sheds light into an understanding of sexual temptation dynamics based upon the Bible, to include the moral and ethical bond of marriage. He refers to this as “wisdom for seduction,” stating, “This wisdom is hidden in one of the overlooked seduction stories of the Bible - Proverbs.” 

If you have gone astray, had sex outside of marriage, he gives hope “repentance” and the seeking of godly wisdom. The author is honest, upfront, and candid in this matter of sex and promiscuity. The author does not compromise, yet lovingly offers readers the honest truth in a simple form, as he dissects each section of the Proverb. This aids in great understanding of what the Scripture is speaking and teaching.  

For readers that don’t already know about the book of Proverbs, it is a book on wisdom for life. Proverbs 7 is written for a reason. The outcome is trembling and fearful – not following God’s ways will only lead one to death. It’s that simple. The author spurs the readers to understand this wisdom from the Bible. And yes, Proverbs 7 may be ancient, yet the rules haven’t changed – they apply to all across the globe and the principles of the Bible have stood the test of time and these laws that govern spiritual and physical matter are unwavering no matter your ethnicity, family background or your bank account. The warning is the same 

The Seduction of Proverbs 7: Reloaded is available at Amazon, in Kindle and at other fine online bookstores. To find out more about the author and his books visit Wisdom Stuff.

CBM Christian Book Reviews - Passage Finder

A Must Read Book.

Get ready to fly, sail, camp and discover! This is a fast-paced Christian-themed scientific journey of exploration filled with technical discovery and building, as a beloved father and son grow in their Christian faith and make a surprising discovery underneath the Earth. ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews

David and son, Aaron, work together in this exciting exploration of earth and sea as a father and son duo filled with comradery, showcasing faith and trust in Jesus. Their adventures take them across the globe, and both admit that they love exploration, especially David. Exciting, the two find different landscapes traversing across sea and land in their exploits. Questions have arisen from a mysterious island sinking near Heard Island. Lessons range from oceanography, Earth Science to sailing emerge, as they discover circular chasms on the sea floor under the deep waters surrounding the island. Aaron’s search has begun. Why did that island just disappear and sink, and why so violently? Aaron had barely escaped. 

Yet, despite their commonalities as father and son, their Christian faith keeps them going. Witty and filled with vivid writing and an understanding of how the world works, the author slides in tidbits of life lessons from the Bible. The freedom between these two is refreshing and will leave one yearning for travel and adventure. Building and designing ideas seem to flow between them, passed down from the previous generation. With a taste for adventure, readers will enjoy scenery changes from sea planes to a luxurious jet. Their journeys take them farther than they could have imagined. 

From the southern ocean, over the Atlantic to Africa, notably Zanzibar, with a pitstop in Madagascar before an Antarctic expedition. Then both are off again – this time to the jungles of South America. The two travelers begin to answer questions as to the reason why that island sank; this leads them to Canada. The untouched Artic tundra to be exact. 

The Gospel message and salvation is intertwined within the book. Meanwhile their Christian faith brings hope. David teaches his son lessons, deep lessons about love, God’s creation and why God had to allow evil. These are much appreciated answers without complicated theology. The way David answers just makes sense. 

This is a wholesome adventure recommended for young boys and girls above the age of twelve and comes highly recommended as a scientific, Earth-Science and Christian-based novel that gives the desire to explore different places throughout the world. One might even have a map handy, as these two travel quite extensively.  

A wonderfully written novel that never left me with a dull moment. I felt as if I had travelled right there with father and son. A well-done book fit for family entertainment!

Title: Passage Finder
By: Thomas Ask
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

You may get your copy of Passage Finder at Amazon or in Kindle as a download.

Christian Fiction - A Must Read

Title: The Mindruler
By: Steve Pillinger
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0+ out of 10.0 stars

The Mindrulers is an award-winning 3-book series by Steve Pillinger, a multi-published author, Bible translator, history buff, and linguist.

In Book 1 of this epic Christian suspense saga (The Mindruler), lives collide in a grand battle taking place on another world. A student, a lecturer, a web designer and a retired teacher are forever changed when they find themselves in an unknown reality. In this alien place they are drawn into a deadly battle against the evil Mindruler and his minions. These overlords control people’s thoughts, thereby governing their every move and making them slaves through this ultimate invasion of people’s psyche and self-will. Freedom is at stake and reality will be forever altered if the Mindrulers succeed.  

Imagine waking up and finding yourself in another reality, another paradigm, one you don’t know how to escape from! Fantastically written, the book unfolds the characters’ daily lives, carefully developing each of them in a way that draws readers in and keeps them on edge, glued to the page, wondering what happens next, as these four individuals discover the strange and confusing new reality of an alien world. Long-awaited prophecy is being fulfilled in them, though they struggle to believe this at first. But gradually they discover that mindbending is real, and find themselves embroiled in medieval battles with swords and armor. Yet victory awaits them as they learn to rely on One whose power is greater than the Mindruler, despite his use of a nation’s resources together with spiritual and mental oppression to achieve his goals.

Guided by a brilliant writer, one will find oneself engaged along with the characters in this epic conflict on a faraway world that holds deep, dark secrets. Reluctantly to begin with, these very ordinary people from Earth learn to accept their role as “Restorers of the Way”; and as they travel from crisis to crisis, they begin to grow into the true Restorers they are intended to be. But they soon realize that the weapons of their warfare are not those one would normally expect. Special ‘instruments’ help them with their task, and they discover that the only way out is to go through! The author has included wonderful maps to illustrate the journeys that make up this grand adventure.

This is a well thought-out and fantastically creative book, surely a movie in the making! It awakens fantasy and portrays the age-old dragon’s attempts to steal, kill and destroy. Christians understand that this spiritual battle is real: the author has presented a breathtaking and harrowing look inside prevalent evil, and created a masterpiece of fiction that takes readers to an imaginary world that is both similar and unique, like and yet unlike our own world.

Highly recommended for young men and women who love Christian fantasy fiction and adventure within a truly epic and heroic saga, intertwining spiritual battles of good versus evil.

Magnificently done and highly entertaining!

You may get your copy of The Mindrulers at Amazon

A Practical Guide

The excitement and practicality of knowing your spiritual gifts is now yours. The topic of spiritual gifts can seem complex. What are my spiritual gifts? How do I recognize my spiritual gifts? How many spiritual gifts do I have? How do I use my spiritual gifts? The answers to your questions concerning spiritual gifts are now at your fingertips. 

This book will now serve as a practical guide to help you find and understand your place in the Kingdom of God. The only thing that feels better then knowing that you're in the right place in the body of Christ, is knowing that you are called, equipped, and trained to accomplish what God has positioned you to do. Every spirit filled Christian has at least one or more spiritual gifts. These spiritual gifts are not for the individual, but for the rest of body. 

You can be the instrument that God uses to enrich and bless those around you. The Apostle Paul makes clear his thoughts on spiritual gifts. "Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant." 1 Corinthians 12:1. You will learn the difference between ministry gifts and spiritual gifts. You will become familiar the revelation gifts, power gifts, and utterance gifts, and know the function in purpose of each group. You will not only have a knowledge of what all the spiritual gifts are, and how they operate within the body of Christ, but how to discover your own personal gifts and become proficient in operating them.

Why Do We Have to Make a U-Turn Anyway?

A Highly Recommended Must Read Book!

Angelo Paul Ramunni has written a powerful book, God Loves U-Turns: Our Last Chance To Make It Right, encouraging all believers, and unbelievers, to turn to God now.  

Biblical insight, coupled with some of his personal life experiences, help readers to navigate the “times” we are living in. The time is now, not tomorrow, and not later this year, but today is time to consider not only eternity, but what a godly life looks like, and why God’s forgiveness and standards are important to you. God Loves U-Turns. This is a call to all to look to God. 

A “Baby Boomer” born in 1948 gives the author unique insight from past WWII days, the turbulent 60’s and 70’s, as readers come to understand that he has paid close attention all his life. He has gained much wisdom from many years’ life experience, and what he writes is important because he has watched our world descend into the depths of moral and ethical decay, straying farther and farther from God and godly principles set forth in the Bible. He gives keen statistics of the failing morality in America that explain these modern-day times to full of calamity and confusion, as we are just coming out of the Pandemic. 

Yet, there is hope. His call is to all to re-evaluate the course of life, and if need be, make a U-turn. His book is scriptural, pivotal, and transformational, as he gives the reasons why as individuals, and as a nation, it is time to turn back to God. 

With such chapters as: Somebody Has to Say It, Revelation, Discovery, Signs, & Wonders, Why Do We Have to Make a U-Turn Anyway? Some Reasons Why We Do Not, What is So Difficult About Making a U-Turn? What Happened? The Truth Is, Some of the Great U-Turners of All Times, The Old Paths and the Good Way, What’s the Real Reason for Going Back, How to Make a Successful U-Turn, The Role of the 21st Century Christian Church and Epilogue: A Modern Day Conversation with Jesus.  

This is one book that will enhance the Body of Christ, while bringing understanding to those in darkness, the importance of knowing and following Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. This book is also a reminder to consider the gifts of God, and to pay close attention to life, because if you do, you can see God’s miraculous hand at work all around. 

God Loves U-Turns: Our Last Chance to Make It Right is one of those books that will make an indelible impact on your life, whether new to the Lord, wondering where you at after Covid, or to anyone needing inspiration and hope. 

Highly Recommended! You may get your copy of 
God Loves U-Turns: Our Last Chance To Make It Right at Amazon.

Title: God Loves U-Turns: Our Last Chance To Make It Right
By: Angelo Paul Ramunni
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0+ out of 10.0 stars

Five Stepping Stones

Georgy Vasilca in his first volume,  The Diamond Soul: Five Stepping Stones to Christlike Character, from the Diamond Soul Trilogy series offers a powerful framework built from Scripture and a Christian perspective, coupled with viewpoints and wisdom from many years research by the author on various aspects of human nature, psychology, neuroscience, and Biblical principles that offer deep insight into the steps needed to develop Christlike character. 

Five Stepping Stones (You are a Christian, You are a Fighter, Your Godly Way, You are Disciplined & Polishing Your Character) that offers an easy and interactive step-by-step guide that sheds light on the transformative work of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. 

As noted by the author, one cannot do this work alone. The author states that, “Building your Diamond Soul character is the most significant collaborative project between your faith and your reason to elevate you to new heights of understanding, wisdom, and closeness to God.” The goal is Christlike character that leads to advancement of the Kingdom of God in you shining upon the Earth, and reflecting His glory to others. 

Easy-to-use, the author answers many life questions and provides an interactive guide with questions designed for the reader to reflect upon their own interpersonal and outward reflections in life. Knowledge is provided into the roots of moral character and development into maturity in Christ, along with wisdom from a wise, old soul. The author does speak truth from Scripture, giving readers a format or map of what godly character, according to the Bible, looks like. 

This is a phenomenally interesting read as the author delves into a better way of functioning – God’s way. 

Applying these time-tested life principles coincide with leading a fulfilling, joyful life, that is full of discovery and purpose, while ever reaching for a deeper intimacy with your Creator. And can be facilitated by pastors, teachers, or lay mentors that want to inspire others in Kingdom principles and Christlikeness. Additionally, this book comes highly recommended for those that feel stuck, need encouragement, or for those believers that desire a deeper walk with God. This is more than just a book! This is Truth and a lifestyle based on Biblical principles giving readers keys, incentives, understanding and way to live as a Diamond Soul for God.  

I cannot recommend this book enough – Inspirational and insightful, this author speaks truth to help others mature into diamonds. I can hear God saying, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” This is a life-changing book.

The Diamond Soul: Five Stepping Stones to Christlike Character (1),
The Diamond Soul Trilogy
George Vasilca
A CBM  Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

You may get your copy of The Diamond Soul: Five Stepping Stones to Christlike Character (1)The Diamond Soul Trilogy at Amazon or in Kindle as a download. Be sure to visit  the author at The Diamond Soul Character

Available At LuLu

Stations of the Cross begins with a clear introduction to the historical value for walking to the Stations of Cross as a ritual.

Mary Miller painted the collection in 2008 and now it is a permanent fixture in the sanctuary of  Iglesia Anglicana de San Pablo in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 

The images are brilliantly artistic, and accompanied by her genius interpretation which change this rite into a passion play. Either reading them alone or as a group this small book of image and text provokes deep thought. The meditations stimulate new insights into today's world.

One member said, “I found myself sufficiently vulnerable to walk in Jesus’ shoes, shoulder his burdens, open my heart and broaden my intentions to better see His message of love and surrender” 35 pages of spiritual strength and wisdom waiting to be revealed as you witness and walk. Stations of the Cross is Available through Lulu

A True-Life Testimony of Survival and Restoration

A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0+ out of 10.0 stars

Never Forsaken is a labor of love told by Cindy Scott, the daughter of Marion Ghent Jose Lau. Her mother’s memoir reaches back in time to the early 1900’s, through WWII, to present day. 

Cindy Scott spent two years gathering the several manuscripts her mother penned over fifteen years and combined them with taped interviews to fill in the gaps. The finished work fulfills her promise before her mother's death to see this book, Never Forsaken, published. 

Never Forsaken is a true-life testimony of survival and restoration after WWII, including the big move to America for a better life. I was hooked from the first chapter. Marion’s rendition of life back then, her father’s radical transformation, becoming born again after being a drinker and gambler, reeled me right in. With a tinge of humor in the section of Papa’s new life, this is a touching sentiment of how the Word of God broke through such a calloused heart. 

Readers will find Marion Ghent’s harrowing journey as a young girl in the Philippines an amazing adventure. Being the youngest of eleven living siblings and the daughter of a colporteur for the American Bible Society, surely this story is an inspiring read that relates God’s absolute faithfulness and how He works in the humblest of ways. The book also relays the efforts of the foot soldiers of the Gospel, and reveals the treasure of how the Gospel goes forth.   

The Ghent’s surviving the shock of war and the tragedies that followed, shed light on loss, but a strong, persevering faith that comes to fruition in finding a new life in America. Certainly, this may be a movie in the making. Exciting, touching, and a powerful story, amazing endurance unfolds during some of life’s pivotal moments, relating Marion’s tale of never being forsaken by God. 

Leading to a triumphant restoration with long lost family members after the scattering of the War years, the author takes readers from beginning to an end of an era long gone. One will be left in awe and find inspiration to all that Marion Ghent and her relatives had to go through during those humble years in the Philippines, escaping and hiding in the jungle for three years. In this miraculous book, history literally unfolds as the awful horrors of war in a foreign country. 

Cindy Scott has culminated history and the telling of Marion's story, and her life experience that also includes photos, maps, text and indexes explaining these far off and quite exotic places in the Philippines. What an amazing read! 

One will find that faith, courage, and overcoming do not come without struggles. Yet, God is ever faithful! 

This book comes highly recommended for those that enjoy true-life war stories, happy endings, with God in the mix! I sincerely hope this book becomes a movie. For me, as one who reads many books, this one was truly memorable and unforgettable. 
You may get your copy of Never Forsaken at Amazon and in Kindle as a download.
Be sure to visit CYD Publishing for more information about the author and her books
or visit the author at Author Cindy Scott

Never Forsaken
A young woman’s gripping account of faith, courage,
and survival during and after World War II
Cindy Scott

Spiritual Gifts

A Must Read - Let’s Discover Your Spiritual Gifts by Pastor G. Victor Morrisey Jr. has been written to help others in the body of Christ discover their place in the Kingdom of God through the realization of their spiritual gifts as spoken of in the Bible. Readers will come to know purpose as they understand that they are called, chosen, equipped, and have everything they need from God. This is a comprehensive instructional guide that breaks down this complex subject on spiritual gifts, offering an easy-to-read teaching on the many gifts from the Holy Spirit that will enrich one’s service in the Kingdom, giving great understanding of their own personal spiritual gifts, and how to use them.

The author notes that spiritual gifts are not for you, but a service to the body of Christ. With this in mind, Pastor G. Morrisey guides readers through a step-by-step and practical insight of spiritual gifts given by the Holy Spirit. Believers will come to understand their own spiritual gifts, as they are taught each gifts’ functionality, along with Who gives these gifts. By building on the spiritual gifts listed in Scripture, the author also speaks on the authority of Paul the Apostle’s statement in 1 Corinthians 12:1, “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant.” He stands on that statement by Paul. At the end of each chapter, Pastor Morrisey offers a short quiz to personalize the chapter. Each chapter is concise, offering insight and sound doctrine.

Such chapters include: Spiritual Gifts and the Holy Ghost, What are Spiritual Gifts According to Scripture, Revelation Gifts: Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge and the Discerning of Sprits, Power Gifts: Faith, Healing and Working of Miracles, Utterance Gifts: Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues and Prophecy, Gifts of the Spirit, Definition of Spiritual Gifts Listed in the Bible, Steps to Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts, How to Exercise Your Spiritual Gifts, and Confirming Your Spiritual Gifts. At the end of the book is another personal quiz that includes a section on using your gifts wisely.

Invaluable, and inseparable from the Word of God, spiritual gifts will move one forward in the flow of the Kingdom of God. Each believer has various gifts that are given by the Holy Spirit. As an important part of the body of Christ, each believer should stive to understand their gifts and talents to use them accordingly as a servant and as an instrument to the body of believers, as well as to those around them. This is a wonderful and important book to come up higher in one’s walk with God and to learn to be used mightily of God.

This book comes highly recommended for new or mature believers alike who would like to become the least in the Kingdom of God by becoming “a servant to all.”

You may get your copy of Let’s Discover Your Spiritual Gifts at Amazon or in Kindle. Be sure to visit Pastor G. Victor Morrisey Jr. at God's Love Church where you can find out more and his books and some wonderful ministry. 

Title: Let’s Discover Your Spiritual Gifts
By: Pastor G. Victor Morrisey Jr.
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Christian Book Marketing - #1 Christian Book Release

#1 Amazon Nonfiction Inspirational Autobiography for Christian Leadership ... No Other Autobiography Juxtaposes Faith and Navy SEAL Military Training

CBM Christian Book Reviews - Soooo, You Want to Be Married?

This book comes highly recommended for those considering a marriage partner or those who are in pre-marital counseling. For those that are married, this also comes highly recommended to either correct trouble spots or come up higher in the relationship. ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews 

Soooo, You Want to Be Married by Dr. Michael W. Wesley, Sr. was originally written as a resource for those that are in love and considering matrimony. Yet, this book can easily relate to all married couples. Whether one is engaged, a newlywed, or even married for years, all couples will benefit from this truthful, well-written, and concise book giving not only Biblical principles, but much-needed guidance and hope! 

As a pastor, marriage counselor, and a multi-published author, Dr. Wesley sheds light on the many issues that all couples face. Covering a multitude of subjects, this book will be a benefit to all those who desire a healthy, free, well-balanced, and scripturally sound marriage. Consider this as an informative, smart, witty, and funny adventure into the discovery of what makes, breaks, and keeps couples together through the up-and-downs of life and marital relationships. 

Dr. Wesley looks at the common issues, ranging from the loss of courting and romance, to lack of communication, continuing with some of the nitty-gritty problems that can face a marriage. From finances to planning, he tackles each subject with ease, never forgetting that each partner is obviously different, being male and female. He notes that there is an ebb-and-flow to the understanding of both sides of the fence. Forgiveness, love, respect, and honoring God are all key concepts discussed. 

Offering solutions, strategies, and time-tested advice from years of experience, couples learn to identify weakness, strengths, and mental attitudes and changes that should be made within a relationship or marriage. Even if you feel like you made a mistake and there is no answer except separation, this book comes recommended for both partners to read. Dr. Wesley gives readers the tools, insight and perspectives that bring not only the Biblical concepts and principles into focus, but he also speaks candidly on what a happy marriage looks like. Understanding roles as husband and wife is also key within this read. 

Candidly and gently, he reminds all that the institution of marriage is a strong Biblical foundation among this nation, as well as around the globe. A CBM Christian Book Review ~ 10.0 out of 10.0 Stars

You may get your copy of Soooo, You Want to Be Married? At Amazon or in Kindle as a download. Be sure to visit the author at MW Wesley Ministries

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Christian Author James Nelson

The most common response from those who have read this book is, “I wish I had known this information earlier in my life.” The reader cannot help but gain substantial knowledge investigating life’s deepest and most important questions. The author's research and presentation make this one of the most significant and creative nonfiction books available today.

Why are the scientific discoveries of the last 25 years changing many people's view of the world? What are the secrets to maintaining civility in discussions that even involve politics? Are there not some general truths involving relationships and finances that can prevent great personal hardship and suffering? Is there a definition of success that frees a person to pursue what is truly meaningful? Why are people like riverboat gamblers when choosing their worldview? The book is highly informative, entertaining, and sometimes provocative as it progresses from easier to more complex topics.

The author has conducted extensive research and heavily documented his findings. There are many areas in life where a person can spend ten years dealing with a problem or spend ten hours reading a book that saves them substantial struggle. This is that book, and it can positively influence your life – and an entire generation.

Two Must Read Books by Rev. Naresh K. Malhotra PhD

Title: God is Calling You: 
Discerning the Calling of God
By: Rev. Naresh K. Malhotra PhD
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0+ Stars

“This book is a must-read for all those who desire to discern and follow the call of God in their lives!” ~ CBM Christian Book Reviews 

God is Calling You: Discerning the Calling of God by Rev. Naresh K. Malhotra PhD is the first book in a series of two volumes “God is Calling You” (the second book in the series is “Responding to God’s Call”). These books are penned by the author to instruct, inspire, and shed light on how to biblically discern, and respond to the calling of God on one’s life. By using proven principles of learning in a uniform format, combining Scripture, and sound biblical principles that are foundational, the author provides keen Scriptural insight, reflection from his own personal experiences, and individual self-introspection that speak of the abundant life available in the Lord Jesus Christ. Each chapter contains “Quest Questions” that help lead readers to a challenge that relates to that teaching that will help readers discern and discover - the calling of God upon their own lives. Transformational, powerful, this life-changing book encourages all to walk by the power and leading of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God! 

The book is based on 2 Thessalonians 1:11 (KJV), “Wherefore also we pray always for you, that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfil all the good pleasure of his goodness, and the work of faith with power.” The author has written to those that would seek to pursue God in obedience and faith. Those who desire to discern and fulfil the calling of God upon their lives will receive wonderful foundational and biblical instruction, as the author presents keen insight into scripture verses and concepts. Key Concepts are presented first, such as God’s love for you, victory over sin, and walking in love begins the book that builds a strong foundation in the Word of God, not just as a religion, but as following Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Designed with five chapters, this book is for those that are willing to follow God in all His goodness. Life-lessons, and deep spiritual and scriptural truths are revealed in each chapter. The focus is on such topics such as the calling to God’s love for you, salvation in Jesus Christ, spiritual growth, growing in grace, and discerning God’s calling. Further insight into faith and Peter’s calling exhort and bring hope in God’s calling and readers’ authority in Christ, also revealing God’s absolute faithfulness.

This calling of God encompasses every facet of one’s being and why they are here on this earth. The author has written a superb book. The author displays that God has given us all that we need to grow and mature in the grace of God to include our own God-given purpose, passion, and vision that bring joy and satisfaction in life. (John 10:10) 

Both books come highly recommended as discipleship books and/or as evangelical tools for pastors, apostles, teachers, and lay Christians that want to understand the calling of God. Come and understand the calling of God upon your life in this fantastic book written to those that are willing to follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior in all His fullness.

Additionally, this book comes with forewords and endorsements from many strong leaders within the Christian faith community as: Dr. Charles Stanley (Pastor of First Baptist Church, Atlanta and In Touch Ministries), Ravi Zacharias, (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries), Doug Shaw (President/CEO International Students, Inc.), to include many more men and women. 

Truly, a highly recommended must read!

For more information about Dr. Malhorta’s books and ministry may be obtained by visiting Global Evangelistic Ministries. You may obtain your copy of God is Calling You: Discerning the Calling of God at Amazon.

Title: God is Calling You: Responding to the Calling of God
By: Rev. Naresh K. Malhotra PhD
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0+ Stars

“This book is a must-read for all those who desire to discern and follow the call of God in their lives!” ~ CBM Christian Book Editing

God is Calling You: Responding to the Calling of God by Rev. Naresh K. Malhotra PhD is the second book in the series “God is Calling You”. (The first in the series being God is Calling You: Discerning the Calling of God). Both are designed specifically from Scripture to learn how to first discern your calling, and then understand how to respond in passion, obedience and through faith and trust in God being led by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Reverend Naresh K. Malhotra, PhD, is a man that has followed wholeheartedly after the visions God has given him. He has created a book to reflect foundational doctrine and Scripture, revealing the grace of God and faith that offers answers to real questions like “Who am I?” and “What am I created to do?” Responding in faith to the calling of God is met by sound biblical doctrine with a uniform format combining commentary, to include examples of those in the Bible that were called by God. His book presents spiritual truths in the calling of God and relates how one is to respond in faith.

Consisting of seven chapters and focusing on responding to the calling of God, this book brings greater understanding of the grace of God upon all, the giftings, and callings that God offers. Everyone has a unique calling that was selected and chosen for you in relation to your lifestyle, family, connections, vocation, and ministry. Learn how to respond to that calling in this phenomenal book. Key concepts include learning to walk on water in the storm, stepping into your calling, God’s vision for your calling, God’s ministry of multiplication, overcoming obstacles, possessing the inheritance of your calling, and the call to continue in your calling.

Both books come highly recommended as discipleship books and/or as evangelical tools for pastors, apostles, teachers, and lay Christians that want to understand the calling of God. Come and understand the calling of God upon your life in this fantastic book written to those that are willing to follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior in all His fullness.

Additionally, this book comes with forewords and endorsements from many strong leaders within the Christian faith community as: Dr. Charles Stanley (Pastor of First Baptist Church, Atlanta and In Touch Ministries), Ravi Zacharias, (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries), Doug Shaw (President/CEO International Students, Inc.), to include many more men and women. 

Truly, a highly recommended must read.

For more information about Dr. Malhorta’s books and ministry visit Global Evangelistic Ministries. You may order your copy of God is Calling You: Responding to the Calling of God at Amazon

A CBM Christian Book Review - Finding Encouragement, Motivation, and Sanity in a Post-Covid World

Magnificent Generation: Millennials, or It Could be Xers or Zers, but it’s probably too late for Boomers is written for the next generation of Millennials, and others, looking for sanity and encouragement in a Post-Covid world. The author, James Nelson with comrade and contributor, Matt Thornton, as the Millennial voice and long-time friend, present to readers practical advice, insight, and research from a Christian perspective. 

With years of wisdom, experience, and education, the author saves readers unnecessary struggle Invigorating, with some humor, this is a delight read with thought-provoking and challenges to readers spoken from combined life-experiences. His book focuses on Millennials, who are now at the age of powerful influence and that have never been more important to our nation. This is the next generation. His book gives hope and guidance to those seeking to navigate the chaos.    

This is an informative read that brings clarity. From finances, to world views, Christianity and religion, personal needs, marriage and relationships, this book offers a way to live life well in light of our present-day afflictions. Nelson, as the older generation, has therefore presented extensive research to uphold his findings in the book. He offers hope to the next generation of young Millennials with an overview denoting that, “…there was a battle and victory that overcome false and destructive ideas with the true and good.” ~ We are at that great divide now.  

With such chapters as: Success: Could Someone Please Tell Me What It Is? Relationships: Floating Down the River, Personal Finances: Finances are Very Personal, Politics: Can We be Civil? Higher Education: The Truth About Words, Science: 25 Years of Surprises, Worldviews: Riverboat Gamblers; Christianity: Perhaps the Christianity You Have Been Rejecting You Should Be Rejected & Conclusions: Looking Ahead shed light into how to navigate our ever-changing world.  

His insights, honesty, and research are greatly appreciated. Additionally, with a recommended reading list at the end, readers are given more information for the journey ahead.

This book comes highly recommended for pastors, parents, and Millennials with baby-boomers in mind. The author has a huge heart for the next generation, and he has written a poignant book that leaves a legacy to the next generation. 

A fantastic, insightful, and life-saving read!

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Title: Magnificent Generation: Millennials, or It Could Be Xers or Zers, But It’s Probably Too Late for Boomers 
(Finding Encouragement, Motivation, and Sanity in a Post-Covid World)
By: James Nelson (with Matt Thornton)

Christian Author Israel Jimah

A Must Read - Goliath Killers: Destroying Stubborn Challenges by Israel Jimah speaks of battles with evil by presenting the truth of the Word and power of God to defeat the enemy in our lives. In slaying these Goliath’s the author offers readers sound instruction in fortifying their faith and knowledge in the Word of God. He exposes the tactics and the schemes of Satan by giving a clear picture of who Satan is, offering the divine wisdom of God that brings victory when in a battle. Giving the core of the real battle – the unseen realm spiritual realm and the battle over the souls of men, believers in Christ already have the victory if they stand in faith.  In this way, through the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, readers understand what it is to be a Goliath Killer. 

By first presenting an overview of the pride and fall of Lucifer, this is the battle we fight here on Earth. These battles we all face are wars and battles against darkness, as the Kingdom of God forges forth upon the Earth, so does the kingdom of darkness bring resistance. The author utilizes Scripture in the King James Version, giving hope and encouragement for these stubborn (evil) challenges.

Reflection upon Scripture also reveal Jesus in His Majesty and glory; He is the catalyst for change. When light enters, darkness flees. The author’s representation of the boy that was demonized that the disciples of Christ could not set free. The demon obeyed Jesus. But why couldn’t the disciples cast out this demon if they had been given the keys of the Kingdom? This book gives answers as to “How To” break the powers of these stubborn issues relating to spiritual warfare through Biblical examples, concepts, strategies and solutions.

With such chapters as: The Conflict, Winning the Battle, The Revelation of Jesus, Victorious Forever, God’s End-Time David’s, Put on Your own Armor, Invading Enemy Territory, Fighting in the Flesh?, What Jesus Said in a Vision Praying in the Spirit. Each chapter highlights the power of the Kingdom and insight into God’s End-Time David’s. This is an exciting book that teaches the reality of the war-at-hand and the reality of our weapons in warfare. For they are not carnal, yet supernatural in nature that give saints that have Goliath’s they need to conquer in their own lives.

A wonderfully encouraging read based upon sound doctrine that offers Biblical solutions and the Word of God to stand on for some of your Goliaths (most challenging situations and circumstances). Believers in Christ will are instructed in the ways of God and in the knowledge of God through this book. This is a must-read for all Christians during these turbulent times!

Title: Goliath Killers: Destroying Stubborn Challenges
By: Israel Jimah
A CBM Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

You may get your copy of Goliath Killers at Amazon and in Kindle as a download.