Christian Book Marketing - The Definition of Marriage

The Definition of Marriage: What You Really Need to Know About Marriage by Bishop Otis Kenner II Th.D. offers a firm Biblical view of marriage and speaks of God’s original design for marriage as a covenant. A covenant is more than a contract. There is much to consider before entering into marriage and many do not understand the Biblical definition of marriage, or know what their role is in a marriage.
A man and a woman differ in their roles and in their needs. Each are meant to complement one another, just as two puzzle pieces fit together in a jigsaw puzzle. In his new book, Bishop Kenner offers all the missing pieces in marriage today, creating a beautiful picture of God, marriage, offering a picture of Christ and His Church, being a mirror of what Holy Matrimony should look like.
Misconceptions and worldly views of marriage have skewed God’s purpose for marriage and the family. Many worldviews do not apply to God’s original design. God’s original design for marriage is between one man and one woman in a godly covenant unto death. Marriage is defined by the author as a ministry to each other. Offering an interactive 3-day challenge and inspiring journey for couples, the author hopes to create godly marriages that last.
Reading this book together offers couples a way to get back on track and helps them to understand marriage the way it was intended to be by God. Issues such as responsibility, intimacy, further enhanced by Scripture and definitions of a woman’s purpose and man’s gift offer a right mindset for each partner in marriage. Such issues as extra baggage, communion, submission, and balance offer solutions from a godly perspective. All are important issues to understand and adhere to
No matter if you are single, considering marriage as an engaged couple, or if already married, this insightful and Biblical read can help you understand the true meaning and purpose of marriage.
After 23 years of marriage and 11 children, Bishop Otis Kenner II Th.D., helps singles and couples understand fully their roles in marriage.