Christian Book Releases - 7 Visual Steps to Living Your Dream by Emmanuel N. Obu

New Book Release

7 Visual Steps to Living Your Dream: Creating Dreams and Bringing Dreams to Reality by Emmanuel N. Obu gives the inspiration and guidance one needs to see a dream come to fruition.

There is currently an "epidemic of unfulfilled dream" and many are already victims.  Dreams are ideas. And ideas exist so they could be transformed into reality. This book is a balanced approach of Spirituality, Practicality and Reality. Spirituality being the intangible part and processes of living a dream through God. It took me over six years after experiencing practical failures in birthing my dream as shown in this book, before I began to get it right. This book would be helpful in your quest for a purposeful living according to God's blue print, generating ideas and navigating through failures that are very eminent in attempting to live a dream.

     "There is no dream or idea that cannot be accomplished unless you don't know how."
                                           ....Emmanuel N. Obu

You may have put off an idea or dream because you think it's unachievable or you have tried to live it and failed. Inside this book you will discover what you've missed out, not understood and processes required for living any dream or achieving any idea.

This book will show you how to connect with a dream or an idea if you have the desire for a purposeful living. You will visually see the process towards realizing your dream and know what is right to be done. 

Dreams are the seeds for reality and dreamers rule the world. You cannot be in charge until you have a direction. Your dreams and ideas are directions you need to follow to destination. This is a book that helps you with following your direction, being in charge of your course and seeing the reality of your pursuit.

Your accomplishments depend on the vision, dreams and ideas driving your life! 
In this book:
- You will know that anyone can have a dream and accomplish it.
- You will be taken through a visual process of living your dream, which makes reading easier, and more understandable.
- The understanding of your purpose becomes clearer
- To Succeed and make it through life with your ideas become achievable 
- You will understand the Law of Creation as was exhibited by God from the beginning, so you also can replicate it and become a creator.

Once you are a dreamer, you are already empowered to be a creator!

You may get your copy of
 7 Visual Steps to Living Your Dream: Creating Dreams and Bringing Dreams to Reality by Emmanuel N. Obu in Kindle Edition. Be sure to visit the author at Sparkle Switch and make your life, sparkle.