Your Christian Author Press Release, Make It Count

Adding a press release to your author's portfolio can be a powerful tool. Of course it is important to have the press Release professionally written. Many times authors only have one press release released. While from a place of finances that might be Ok, from a place of marketing it is not.
The life of a press release is short in the sense that today's press release is tomorrows old news. You see thousands and thousands of press releases are being submitted hourly. Within that, if you release a press release, within days it simply falls off the map.
This is one of the reasons why CBM not only writes and submits the press release to pr sites, but also posts the press release on 100 Christian sites for one full year. You get the better of two worlds as the press release also becomes a powerful marketing tool. Links are added to the press release that share your author's website, Amazon page, Kindle page and other pages of interest where book lovers can find and purchase your book. For further information contact CBM.

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