Creative Christian Book Marketing

CBM Christian Book Marketing offers premium promotional packages for the Christian author that tap into the Christian marketplace. Here are just a few packages that will help you spread the Word about your new book release, create a online presence and drive more book lovers to you author's website, author's blog or Amazon page..

~ Professional Book Reviews - Are you in need of a professional book review to share with the visitors on your author's web site, at Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Goodreads or in other communities and online book stores.  Put the power of Christian Book Marketing Book Reviews to work for you.

~ Book Review Marketing - The power of Christian Book Marketing. Let's place your book review on 100 separate Christian sites that all have great content. share Jesus Christ and that are constantly updated with fresh content. Unlike other sites that offer one to three month marketing packages, let's place your book review on 100 Christian sites for one full year. Book Reviews Marketing makes for a very powerful marketing tool.

~ Professional & Affective Video Book Trailers - The movie industry has used movie trailers for years and with great success. Today, many best selling authors use book trailers as a powerful marketing tool to promote their books. Showcase your book using Christian Book Marketing Video Book Trailers and join other Christian authors in the visual media world.

~ Video Book Trailer Marketing - Book trailers are a powerful marketing tool when used properly. People are visual and love short clips. Just imagine having your book trailer shown on 100 separate sites for one full year with links back to your author's website, blog or Amazon page.

~ Press Release Marketing - Need a Press Release? Press releases expose your book to all the right people. Radio stations, television, news paper columnists and other media related services. Press releases are used by marketing experts by the 1,000's daily.

Christian Book Marketing Press Releases are used by Christian authors to promote and market their books. A professionally written press release posted on various PR sites and up to 100 Christian author related sites can help you to get the exposure that you need. Author Press Releases further exposed your book to various premier social networks, additional networks, communities, directories and are picked up by powerful feeds. Plus as author, you get a copy of the press release with the right to use the press release in your media package (as written, cannot be altered).

~ Author Website Design and Creations - Every author needs a professional well laid out authors website to professionally promote both themselves as author and their books. An authors professional image is just as important as a great looking book cover. From single page websites to full 10 page website with all the goodies, social buttons and video productions. let's create a package that fits your budget and still professionally showcases your book.
~Expanded Website Marketing - It's a huge endless constantly changing ocean out there online and one can have a great website and still get lost in the mix. It's important for a author to promote and market their website in ways that attract visitors of interest. You can have the greatest looking website found online and if no one can find it, it's useless. Gaining exposure online to be found on the major search engines, website marketing search engine optimizations, page placement and ranking are all just a few of the factors that are a part of having a successful authors website.

Christian Book Marketing can design, create, and launch a turn key web site with all the goodies like social buttons, video, and so that visitors can purchase copies of your books right from your site. From 7 to 10 page websites and at affordable prices. Plus we have the ability to market your website on over 100 separate sites.

For further information about the above services and other great services come and find out about Christian Book Marketing and lets get your name and book up in lights.