Samuel O. Enyia, Author of Prayer: God And You Alone

Title: Prayer: God And You Alone
Author: Samuel O. Enyia
ISBN# 978-1-60647-580-5
Review Date: March 28, 2012
Reviewed by CBM Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Prayer: God And You Alone is a powerful book that will help you to transform your prayer life using strategies, action tips and powerful principles. Filled with wisdom, scripture and solid foundations for teaching, this is a must read book for every believer that desires a closer and more intimate relationship and prayer life with God.

With such chapters as What About Prayer, Know God's Creative Will, Pray The Will of God, Pray and Wait, Pray With Self Discipline, Time Alone with God, Know the Word Factor and many other life changing chapters, the author has compiled a wonderful book filled with practices that will help you to dig into the very depths of the heart of God and prayer.

More than just a book to be read, Prayer: God And You Alone is also a wonderful study book that places important questions on the table and allows the reader to participate in the answers. Filled with the solid foundations of scripture the author has woven together a wonderful book on prayer that provides the reader with the tools for a successful prayer life and the blessings that come through prayer.

With a total of 16 chapters and 226 pages be prepared to be both taught and challenged to apply strategies and principles that when put into action will ignite your prayer life. This is a highly recommended read for Christians of all walks, regardless of whether they are a new believer or a mature believer. There are nuggets to be found within the pages of this book for everyone.

This book is also a very powerful ministry tool to share the love of Christ, Kingdom principles, the Word of God and encouragement with others.

Visit Prayer: God and You Alone by Samuel O. Enyia

You may get your copy of God and You Alone at Amazon and also at Barnes and Noble

Highly Recommended
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

Christian Book Reviews by CBM Christian Book Reviews

A CBM PR All Trial By Fire by Carol J. Posner, The Love and Healing Power of God

For Immediate Release
A CBM Press Release
March 23, 2012

All Trial By Fire by Carol J. Posner

Author Carol J. Posner releases All Trial By Fire; an explosive testimony of a woman trapped in domestic violence and is a triumphant testimony to the love and healing power of God. In her revealing book, Carol's story begins with a tale of abuse and domestic violence, living a life of fear and isolation as she survived kidney failure through a life-giving kidney transplant. This book touches on such subjects as the importance of prayer and scripture, the reality of spiritual warfare, the strength of our forefathers/saints in the faith, the hidden pain of many in our society-the poor/abused/homeless, the trap of misunderstanding people in situations we haven't experienced, such as chronic illness or domestic violence and the drawbacks of depending on drugs and doctors for healing, but most importantly God's eternal love for us.

Carol's testimony is one of hope, perseverance, endurance and faith when all else looks hopeless. Her testimony calls out to those in despair and let's them know that they are not alone and there is hope within God, "…if only we will reach out to Him." Her testimony shouts that there is a God in Heaven and He cares for each one of us, more dearly than any earthly parent would or ever could. Her book proclaims that there is love, grace and healing to be found in the arms of the Father. Through her testimony, the author encourages others that we are never alone and that our Father in Heaven loves us as His own children. When the trials of life become overwhelming, the Lord will see us through.

Carol Posner is a Christian author who writes from the heart and truly has a god-given purpose in her life to reach out to those who are hurting. Having three grown children of her own and three precious granddaughters, the author resides in Southern California with her husband of over 30 years. She is her church's secretary and happily boasts, "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose," as she knows that the Lord has healed her and transformed her life to be a testimony to others that it's never too late and God's hand is never too short.

For more information about Author Carol J. Posner and her book visit Lawndale Christian Church. You may contact Carol through the church by visiting the church online staff page.

Author Carol J. Posner - All Trial By Fire is available on Amazon

A CBM Christian Author Press Release

The Hope and Healing Power of God's Endless Love - From a Legend and Kingdom of Darkness into Poems of Hope

From a Legend and Kingdom of Darkness into Poems of Hope
Author Antionette Campbell
ISBN # 978-1615792900

"From a Legend and Kingdom of Darkness into Poems of Hope" by Author Antionette Campbell, comes an amazing true story of triumph over indescribable and horrific tragedy. Antionette Campbell's life was filled with abuse from a very young age. Then at the age of 11 she witnessed a heart wrenching crime perpetrated against her mother by her drunken father. In a rage, her father stabbed her mother 3 times in the head as she watched her mother lifeless and what seemed to be left for dead. Exasperating the event, her and the other siblings were put into foster care. Subsequently, as time approached Antionette was forced to testify against her own father.

As the author began to share her heart and trials, this brilliant combination of poetry and story was the outlet to her healing from the pit of despair that entrapped her most of her life. God's saving grace compelled her to fill the beautifully written pages in giving hope to the end to those that are wounded and broken spiritually.

Antionette Campbell has done various interviews and radio shows to include Joyce Bender on Disability Matters, Cornerstone Television Network, Word FM, Moms on a Mission to Stop Violence just to name a few. Also is a member and speaker for RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network). In going "On Tour" with her book has expanded in attending at the national events such as the 2011 International Christian Retail Show and 2011 Frankfurt International Book Fair.

Antionette Campbell declares the healing power of Christ. She states that it doesn't matter who you are, how deep you have fallen into despair or how tight the chains of bondage are around you, God's power will set you free. Transforming you from the inside into a new journey that's only found in Christ. The testimonials of this proof resonates continually through those letters she's received that have encountered and embraced the availability of God's hand in this book for us all.

Author Antionette Campbell is available for various speaking engagements to include youth camps, churches, schools and women conferences as well. She is open to both national and international engagements. Some of the proceeds will be allocated to the Washington City Mission.

Contact information for Antionette Campbell is: P.O.Box 4131, Washington, Pa. 15301 She can be reached by cell phone at 412.216.2806. Her email address is: You may also visit the authors website at and you can find her book From a Legend and Kingdom of Darkness into Poems of Hope on Amazon in hardcover, paperback and Kindle Edition.
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Experiencing Jesus' Joy by Dr. James B. Joseph

Experiencing Jesus' Joy
by Dr. James B. Joseph

Experiencing Jesus' Joy is a must read for every Christian, whether a new or mature follower of Christ. This book will provide those who read it a deeper understanding of God's Word, will, and direction for their lives. Through the reading of Experiencing Jesus' Joy, Dr. Joseph invites everyone to consider anew a close relationship with God in order that they may experience Jesus' joy on a daily basis as they help others know God more fully. By putting aside selfish desires and ambitions and being willing to give of themselves, Christ teaches His followers how to help others see the reality of God's love and enter into His eternal family. As individuals truly surrender their lives to the Father and His good purposes, they start realizing the same type of joy that Jesus did when He died a sinner's death on a cross making eternal life available for all who would start listening to God. Those who listen do so because they start realizing how much God really loves them and all others.

Brother James' main passion is to help as many as possible come to understand God's heart-felt desire for them to join Him and His eternal close-knit holy family for eternity. Through the reading of Experiencing Jesus' Joy, Dr. Joseph will show his readers that following Christ will open the door to a new life that allows God to developing His personal attributes of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in them. The benefit of following Christ who also obediently follows His Heavenly Father starts immediately not waiting for some future time in Heaven, which will be great.

After over thirty years of ministry, Brother James has written this particular book to help as many as possible come to know their God-given purpose in life and experience more godly joy as they follow God's lead day-by-day. Dr. Joseph is well aware that one of the most common complaints among Christians today is that they lack the love and joy that they felt when they first submitted to Christ and became a Christian. Godly joy, inner peace, and excitement can be re-kindled in their life to burn brighter than ever before as individuals realize anew how worthy God is of their submission to His lead and start following Him as He saves as many as will listen from a life of eternal suffering and shame. Jesus wants us all to experience the joy that He experienced at the Cross and that He still is experiencing as He leads as many as will listen through His followers into the eternal presence of His Father and ours.

Dr. Joseph learned the ancient languages of the Bible so that he could understand in-depth God's message of love for all and then help others understand this great message more fully. He holds graduate degrees from Wake Forest University, Hood Theological Seminary, and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He was licensed as a Gospel minister in 2000 and ordained as a pastor in 2007. He presently teaches the Bible in the seminary at Liberty University. His earlier book, Victory in Jesus: Being a Child of God (1997), brought great reviews from many Christian leaders of various denominations. It is clear from his writings, that Brother James wants those who will follow Jesus to work together as the Family of God and minister to a world that desperately needs God and His salvation.

To find out more about the author, his ministry and his books visit the author's website In Jesus' Service. Experiencing Jesus' Joy, is also available through your local book stores and places on line such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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CBM Press Release - Christian Author release Christian Children's Fiction, A Lump of Clay

For Immediate Release
A CBM Press Release
(March 1st 2012)

Author, publisher, professional voice-over and singer releases "A Lump of Clay" a wonderful Christian Children's Fiction.

Dr. Bobby Holliday, PhD, Christian author and publisher gathers from her vast clinical psychology and theological education to enrich children's lives with Christian fundamentals, releases her first Christian Children's Fiction Book, "A Lump of Clay." As an author, publisher, professional voice-over, and singer, Dr. Bobby Holliday has culminated all her talents and put them into her first book which is the first in a series of seven books to come from the author that inspire and teach children in an entertaining way that they are loved by God, important, as well as how to handle life while teaching them biblical fundamentals through the use of delightful characters and animals. "A Lump of Clay" is an enchanting story of a special lump of clay created for a very special purpose. This full-sized and wonderfully illustrated picture hardback book includes an audio CD for easy reading and listening that will keep children fully engaged while teaching them important, "Life Lessons."

Dr. Bobby Holliday has been a Christian since her early teen years and holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology with a minor in Theology. From a very young age she has been creating Christian teachings in the form of books and has now created a publishing company, Lady Hawk Press, which showcases all her newly printed and fully illustrated audio CD books. All her upcoming books, talents as a professional voice-over and singer, along with her interests in the equine industry are featured. She is also the founder of Equus Enterprises Inc., parent company to Lady Hawk Press that will cater in the future to under privileged and disabled children, as well as to veterans coming home from the front lines through the use of Equine Therapy. This will be the author's small way of giving back to the community, as loving a horse, saved her life.

"A Lump of Clay" will delight and teach young children how truly special and valuable they are and that a loving God created them for a very special purpose. This book triumphantly encourages children, and adults alike, that even though life is full of trials and tribulations, and even when sometimes life does not go as planned; God does have a purpose, a very special purpose for them because He loves them. Author Dr. Bobby Holliday takes the reader on an unforgettable journey through this little lump of clay's creation and through the challenges the clay faces as he learns to be humble and content in all circumstances.

Rebecca Price professionally illustrates all Dr. Holliday's books with colorful artwork and the audio CD's are professionally narrated by the author who is a professional voice-over. Dr. Holliday has done much work in the entertainment industry, her latest work being the official voice over for Angelina Jolie as the Lioness in Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2. Other talents include Rodger Bumpass, who is the voice and talent of Squidward in SpongeBob Squarepants. The audio CD will be sure to put a smile on your little one's face as they listen to the delightful narration, uplifting music and voices of all the characters that make the book magically come alive.

Dr. Bobby Holliday can be contacted at Lady Hawk Press. Her book series are also available through Amazon and other online bookstores. Through her vast Christian and educational background, she has gathered all her talents and put them into enriching the children that are our future. Her desire is to inspire and teach little ones to live their life centered on the Rock, Jesus Christ. All her books, including, "A Lump of Clay" are highly recommended to families that want solid, wholesome and entertaining teaching available to their children.

Author Brian D. Starr, Blessings of Knighthood

Title: Blessings of Knighthood
By: Author Brian D. Starr
ISBN # 978-1469137933
Review Date: February 23, 2012
Reviewed by CBM Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

"Blessings of Knighthood" by Author Brian Daniel Starr is an intricate and extensive educational book that divulges the secrets of the Christian/Judea religion that are not visible to the average Christian, who without a study of genealogy and knighthood, would have no knowledge of the subject. As the author states, "All the secrets of the known religion are no doubt in the Vatican and are known to different families and orders." This book will uncover the subject of Knighthood, Saints, genealogy of the ancient Israelite Priests and biblical figures while giving a comprehensive look at the nine most worthy warriors of times past from three eras: the Christian era, the Hebrew (Biblical) era and from three other cultures-Roman, Greek and Macedonian. This unique work is a valuable and highly informative read if one views history and genealogy, knighthood and sainthood in the right light, holding to the perception that these subjects play a very important part in our world, our history and our religions.

With careful observation and exhaustive research that is available in this modern day and would not be obtainable in the past as the author states, Brian Daniel Starr has left a legacy of genealogy going back to the mysteries of the Priest and the Knight, discussing the Crucifixion of the Lord, giving an overview of the branches of Jerusalem and the first century to the Five Generation Genesis of God to include the Davidic, Aaronic Levitical, the Gamalas and the Arimethia lineages. The author continues his research to traverse this wide span of knowledge into charts and graphs, giving the reader a visual to the diverse landscape of genealogy. The author also discusses the descendants of Mary, the daughters of Mary, the sons of Mary and gives a rather extensive roll call of the all the famous Saints of Old as named in the Bible such as Mary, Joseph and James.

Concisely, the book reveals the lineage of the High Priests of Israel to include the lives from Ahab and Jehokim and follows with the ancient lineage of biblical figures such as Sarah, Abraham and Solomon's marriage to the Queen of Egypt. This research also takes a look at some from the time of King David until the time of war of the Jews with Rome discussing how the Levitical line of Levi, the Israelite's descendants, married into the house of David. The author systematically weaves in lineage from the Israelite Levi and continues by discussing the Order of Knighthood. Additional Saints from early Christianity are also included, as well as the lineage in some Greek mythology and ancient figures such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Sir Hector.

The author includes the apostle guardianship, the Law of the Lord, Law in the Knight and crimes and the prevention of them to include the blending of the religions Hebrew, Greek and Roman. This work is an exceptional research project that took many, many hours to complete. This read is a highly educational, thought provoking work, challenging the reader to unlock and know the secrets of histories past genealogy and lineage of the Christian/Judea religion.

For more information about Author Brian Starr, the book Blessings of Knighthood and other books by Author Brian Starr, visit Brian D. Starr. You can also order Blessings of Knighthood on Amazon.

Blessings of Knighthood by Brian D. Starr

10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Christian Book Reviews by CBM Christian Book Reviews