How A Book Review Led To Singing With A Creditable Public Relations Firm

Dear Authors,

It's emails like this from Author Josephina Hernandez that brings joy to our hearts. I wanted to share the following with you to encourage you to press forward in your desires to not only find success as an author, but also to share the Kingdom of God with others through your writing talents ....

~ Dear Smitty,

I can't thank you enough for your help in promoting my book. The book review that CBM wrote about my book has led to the signing of a contract with a creditable PR firm, NY and CA based. We are starting with TV, Radio and Media with plans to hopefully have talks with the right people in the movie industry about a potential movie deal. The public relations firm decided to offer me a contract, after having read CBM's Book Review of my book.

Thank you for your professionalism, guidance and thank God that I found CBM Christian Book Marketing.

Josephina Hernandez,
Chief Prince Archangel Michael Of the Heavenly Wars