Author Alan Moreton, The Book Traveller, the Classic Fiction Fantasy Adventures of Thomas Howard

The Book Traveller

Alan Moreton is the author of "The Book Traveller", the Classic Fiction Fantasy Adventures of Thomas Howard.

Thomas Howard believes he is about to retire to a life of ease but the mysterious Mr. Ridley sells him a chair called, "The Book Traveller", which takes him on an emotional roller-coaster journey through his favorite classic books and into the murky depths of his terrifying past. As his past unfolds his volatile relationship with the beautiful, charismatic but tormented Chinese/Hawaiian girl, Heather Lee reveals obsessions of drug addiction, adultery and crime, which eventually will lead to heartbreaking tragedy.

The travel back through time places Thomas in a position to view his past through the lens of each character whose persona he assumes, giving him a deeper understanding of himself and of the world around him.

Here's what others are saying after reading the Chapter Sampler PDF that is offered on Alan's site; "I loved it!", "It is already a great story!", "What a brilliant opening!", "This is fabulous!", "I am completely enchanted."….

About the Author:

Alan was born in Birmingham, England. He has lived in the South East, principally London and Essex. He lived in South Africa for five years in the late 1980's early 1990's. His major influences are classics of English literature and the writing style of W. Somerset Maugham, whose clear but penetrating style he tries to emulate. He is an eclectic writer of fiction including crime/mystery/thriller, classic fiction, historical and memoir.


Alan Moreton is the author of "The Book Traveller", the Classic Fiction adventures of Thomas Howard and "The Messenger", a further Classic Fiction adventure of Thomas Howard.

He is also the author of "At the World's End", a Historical novel set at the end of the Victorian era during the Boer War in South Africa and the suffragette Movement. His first published work is "The Confession of Sandy Harris", a Rev. Dr. Roger Ratcher Mystery. He is also the author of The Temptation of Anthony Stone, a further investigation of the Rev. Dr. Roger Ratcher.

Be sure to visit Author Alan Moreton's website for further information on "The Book Traveller", other great books by Alan and how to download the free Chapter Sampler PDF and read the opening chapters of "The Book Traveller." You might also enjoy visiting Alan's blog Tales Of The Tortoise for some great reading.

Author Alan Moreton's work, "The Book Traveller" is also available on Amazon in paperback or on Kindle as an eBook.

Alan Moreton, The Book Traveller, the Classic Fiction Fantasy adventures of Thomas Howard

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SCARS by Patience Prence - A Must Read Novel

An Amazing End-Times Prophecy Novel by Patience Prence

A bestseller in Christian Fiction, SCARS reveals many possible answers to questions such as, "Who is the Antichrist? The False Prophet? The name that equates to 666 in both Greek and Hebrew?" and "What is the Mark of the Beast and the image of the Beast?" This is a must read book!

Revelation comes to life in this mesmerizing apocalyptic thriller weaved with End Times prophecy. A heart-wrenching story of a young girl set during the Tribulation, SCARS chronicles the beginning of the End of the World, as earth-shattering events lead up to the Apocalypse as foretold in the Bible.

Sixteen-year-old Rebekah Silver is your average teenager living in Southern California. She worries only about learning her cheerleading routines and passing her math test. But as world dictators rise to power and devastating disasters claim millions of lives she is inspired to search for answers. Becky soon discovers her world is quickly coming to an end, just as it was prophesied. Now she must decide whether to risk her life to follow the laws of God or surrender her soul to the law of man in this action-packed thriller. Will Becky Survive?

What the Reviewers are saying,

"Scars will challenge your own faith and cause you to think," LaTawnia Kintz.

"Wow. Incredible, potentially life changing," Bluebird.

"The best end-times book I have ever read, it is very plausible," ericathy222.

"Powerful," SRMeyers.

"Better than the Left Behind Series," The Novelist.

"Over-the edge-writing, " Tammy's Book Parlor.

Click here to see more Amazon Reviews of Scars

About The Author:

Patience Prence was fascinated by the book of Revelation as a young child. She has studied Revelation and end-time prophecies for many years. Patience takes in her novel, her desire to share her faith and draw readers into a better understanding of end time events and the reliability of Scripture as Truth.

Patience is legally blind and suffers from Usher Syndrome, a disease that causes hearing loss and blindness (Retinitis Pigmentosa).

SCARS is currently rated #1 in Biblical fiction on Amazon. Get SCARS on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble.

Also available at the publishers' website at

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Authors, Author Websites and the Power of Social Buttons

Dear Authors,

If you visit CBM Christian Book Marketing and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a very powerful gadget that you can add to your author's website/or blog. This gadget will make it possible for you and those who visit your website to share your website on some of the largest social media sites found on the Internet. You can become part of a global leader in sharing and social insites.

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Gravity, True For You But Not For Me by Author Michael Edwards

Title: Gravity, True For You But Not For Me
Author: Michael Edwards
Review Date: January 14, 2012
Reviewed by Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

"Gravity, True For You But Not For Me" by Author Michael Edwards is quite a powerful mini-book that packs the punch, "Big surprises come in little packages," which is an understatement. Perfect for evangelism and originally an e-book, this book addresses every possible question or doubt about Christianity by combining facts, evidence and the truth with biblical principles. This book has the reader examine what is truth, does God exist, can we trust the Bible, did the resurrection really happen, and who did Jesus claim to be. Then by giving a twelve-point conclusion the author ends the journey with a pathway to salvation. Keep several copies of this one in your car, you'll want to hand them out to everyone you meet!

The author states in his opening paragraph of the book, "It's not about religion, it's about truth." The author goes on to explain his purpose for writing the book being that the, "…objective evidence must be considered in order to make an informed decision." Otherwise believing something because your parents believe it, relying on emotions or believing something to be true because you believe it to be true does not make it true; this is called "blind faith," as the author emphatically states. The facts must be examined and as the author continues to write, "Every person deserves at least the chance to examine the facts and make an informed decision."

Compelling, powerful and filled with common sense this book is packed with undeniable factual and scientific basis that clearly state the case for Christianity and why, if you believe or not, the Bible is true for you. Initially, and ingeniously, using the analogy of the law of gravity, the author catches the attention of the reader by stating that the law of gravity is true for everyone whether you have faith in gravity or not; gravity is true for everyone.

In much the same way, the author points the reader to the facts with an easy to read, fast-paced book that examines what truth is, and how best to look at the objective evidence. Clearly and concisely, this book also takes a look at apologetics, as well as the scientific evidence for creation, thereby dispelling the common lies and myths about the universe simply by examination of the evidence. In today's confusing world of many religions the author offers clarity for the reader. While many people believe whatever they are told or that what they believe is truth with no evidence to support that belief, this book urges the reader to base their beliefs on that which is truth and the evidence first before making a decision

This book is real, interesting, states the truth and will give many the knowledge they need to make an informed decision. Written by a man who is truly concerned about your future, a true evangelist at heart, the author wants the readers to know the truth and encourages the reader to make a decision based on truth. A highly recommended read for unbelievers, atheists, skeptics, scientists, evolutionists, and Christians alike. Know the facts, read this book!

Be sure to visit the author's website for unbelievable pricing including free E-Book information.

Also available on Amazon ...... Smashwords and other fine online bookstores.

Gravity, True For You But Not For Me by Author Michael Edwards

Highly Recommended
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Book Review by CBM Christian Book Reviews

Christian Book Copyediting

CBM Copyediting Services for the Christian Author

Copyediting is a much more intense level of editing that makes sure that your message is presented as clearly as possible at both the sentence and paragraph level.

Standard copyediting finds and corrects the following errors and inconsistencies.

  • Spelling.
  • Punctuation.
  • Capitalization.
  • Abbreviation.
  • Table of Contents, chapter references and page numbers.
  • Font styles and line/word spacing.
  • Formatting of notes and tables.
  • Formatting of citations for Scriptures and other references
  • Ambiguous, imprecise and improper words that could confuse your readers.
  • Potentially libelous language.
  • Jargon and other terminology easily understood.
  • Overuse of cliches and inappropriate language uses.
  • Variety of sentence length and style.
  • Use of active and passive constructions.
  • Correcting grammar, word usage, capitalization, word breaks, tones, and format.
    Paragraph Structures.
What errors exits in the above? Can you find them?

CBM Copyediting services for the Christian author

CBM Christian Proofreading, for the Christian Author


Proofreading is considered one of the final and most important steps prior to the publishing process. It involves fine tune editing with the objective to correct those last minute spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors that either you as the author personally overlooked or other editors have overlooked.

Proofreading is for the author who has already had their work professionally edited or that feels they have properly edited their own work. Proofreading includes finding and correcting the following errors:


  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Abbreviation
  • Table of Contents, chapter references and page numbers
  • Font styles and line/word spacing
  • Formatting of notes and tables
  • Formatting of citations for Scriptures and other references

    While it is fair to say that all editors strive to provide an error free manuscript, professional editors and publishers agree that professional proofreading is a very important final step to the overall publishing process. Many publishing companies will not even publish an author's works without both professional editing and proofreading.

    Contact CBM for further information on manuscript evaluations and proofreading

Authors, Check Out Indie Authors

Here is a site that you might enjoy being a part of. IndieAuthors where you can interact with other authors, share your books, author's websites and blogs. The membership is free and you can get in on the ground breaking level.
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Authors and Social Marketing - Connect On Twitter

Dear Authors and Freinds,
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Christian Authors, Books, Book Sales - Two Industry Giants

Dear Authors,

Here are a few author book related sites that I came by that are of interest and I simply wanted to pass the information on to you.

Blessings, keep the faith and may God's favor be upon you.


CBM Christian Book Marketing

~ There is a lot that a author can learn just by visiting a site and taking in all the information. Some of the author book industries top companies can be found right online. Just imagine taking the time to read the many pages and visit the many links that are found on some of these sites. To say the least, your visit will prove to be well worth the time. Information leads to knowledge and knowledge when applied with wisdom can be very powerful.

Here are two that we highly recommend.

Ingram Books
Spring Arbor

Internet Book Marketing Sites for the Christian Author - Share Your Books, Sell More Books

It's a huge ocean out there online with millions upon millions of daily users. Just imagine if even a small percentage of those users were to find your authors website, blog or authors page. That would be awesome.

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Check out these sites:

~ The AuthorsDen - Over 1,400,000 visitors monthly.

~ Faith Writers - Instant Exposure To Publishers and Readers.

~ Christian Author Book Marketing - Create a page and share.

~ Author Nation - Online community for authors, writers and poets.

~ Goodreads - For book lovers

~ Twitter - Check out AuthorBookPromo

~ ShoutLife - Social Networking.

~ Blog Catalog - Bringing bloggers and readers together.

~ Stumble Upon - Social Networking and more.

~ Blogger - Build a authors blog

~ WordPress - Build a authors blog

Christian Book Reviews, Book Review Marketing and Book Sales

Book reviews are powerful. We see them everywhere. On Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, on author related websites, blogs, in communities, social communities and on other great sites. So why do best selling authors and publishers use book reviews? Because they are powerful and are a powerful marketing tool.

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CBM Christian Book Marketing can design, create, and launch a turn key web site with all the goodies like social buttons, video, and so that visitors can purchase copies of your books right from your site. From 7 to 10 page websites and at affordable prices. Plus we have the ability to market your website on over 100 separate sites.
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Authors, Books and Press Releases

Press Releases come in all shapes and forms and with promises attached. Get your book in the hands of top television and radio producers. Our Press Releases are sent out to thousands of radio and television sources. Press Release released to over 10,000 outlets.

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The reality is that while Press Release can be written and released, there is no guarantee that it will get read. It is the same with a musician sending a demo tape to Capitol Records. The mail service will deliver it, however, that doesn't mean it will ever be heard.

Another question? How many press releases are released per day? How about hourly? Endless thousands. Now do you think that there are thousands upon thousands of people reading press releases every minute of the day? I guess it's possible.

What about these prices of $495.00 to $800.00 to write and release a Press Release? Now does that sound like a deal? I guess if you get a slot on Larry King Live or some other great television show that it could turn into a good deal. Let's be honest though, right. And how many books do you have to sell to recoup an investment of $495.00 to $800.00?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against Press Release. We also write and distribute Author Press Releases. We just don't try to send our kids to college on your hard earned dollars. Everything has a worth, however, many times people are being taken advantage of simply because the deal sounds like a great deal, however, that is not always the case.

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Manuscript Evaluations, Proofreading and Editing

Should a self publishing author consider professional manuscript evaluations, proofreading and editing. Yes. It is very important to have your manuscript professionally fine tuned otherwise you might find yourself receiving poor book reviews, unsatisfied readers and negative remarks about your book.
Need a evaluation of your manuscript? Christian Book Marketing offers manuscript evaluations, proofreading, editing and many other author book related expertise to help authors fine tune their manuscripts for publication.
Now a question. Can you find the editing problems in the above two paragraphs?

Christian Book Reviews, A Must Have For The Christian Author

Book reviews are powerful. We see them everywhere. On Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, at Goodreads, on author related websites, blogs, in communities, social communities and on other great sites. So why do best selling authors and publishers use book reviews? Because they are powerful and are a powerful marketing tool.

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Press Release - Local Henryetta, Oklahoma Author Releases First Book

(A CBM Press Release January 3rd, 2012)

"Daydreams and Night Visions" by Author Charles Duane Henley

From author Charles Duane Henley comes his first release, "Daydreams and Night Visions" a unique and powerful collection of prophetic poems and parables intertwined with the author's personal amazing testimony. These Holy Spirit inspired writings will set your heart ablaze for Christ. Poignant and powerful these writings and poems cut to the heart and ignite passion in the soul for the One who is the lover of your soul, Jesus Christ. It is the author's intent and hope that all come to know the depth and width of the love of God and come to understand, in a deeper, more intimate and personal way what Christ did for mankind on the Cross of Calvary.

Experience the heart felt passion of this author who came from a life of sin, and as the Prodigal Son did, came running back into the arms of his loving Father in Heaven. Leaving a legacy of beautifully written and Holy Spirit inspired prophetic poems, the author's purpose and intent in penning this book is that anyone who reads this book will be inspired to make a choice for Christ. Knowing that time is short, and today is the day of salvation, the author wants everyone to know the freedom, love and forgiveness found in Jesus Christ and that there is nothing more important in this world than making sure that you don't spend an eternity without God.

The author candidly shares his life experience as a child once on fire for God, who ran astray as most people do. He found himself years later on a road called despair, which he has eloquently penned a poem of. All of the author's writings come from the inner heart and are vivid poems of his life, trials, tribulations, hopes and dreams. They display the absolute love and forgiveness found in the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. All glory is given to his Father in Heaven as the author recounts some of his hardest times being imprisoned, bound physically in the flesh, but speaks of the joy and freedom he experiences in his spirit being taught and groomed by the Lord during this period.

Out of his "pit" experience comes a beautiful testimony to the love and grace of God. These poems are poignant, sometimes convicting and simple, yet scriptural and profound truths found in the Word of God. This book is a creative and truly inspiring life story that will open your eyes to the possibilities in Christ despite great adversities. This encouraging, faith filled invaluable book of prophetic poems is sure to ignite a passion in other's souls for a life with Christ.
For further information visit Author Charles Duane Henley's web site Daydreams and Night Visions.

Christian Author Article Blasts - Expanded Marketing for the Serious Christian Author

CBM Christian Book Marketing Author Article Blasts ...
Let CBM write a professional article about your book release and post that article on 100 great Christian sites. Here's what you get.
~ A professionally written article, very much like a book review or press release.
~ We incorporate an image of your book cover.
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~ We post the article on 100 great Christian sites that all share the love and redeeming passion of Christ.
~ The Article Blast remains on the sites for one full year.
~ The Article Blast multiplies into additional networks, communities, directories and is picked up by powerful feeds and sometimes with a ratio of about 5 to 1 meaning that the Article Blast could provide as many as 500 separate links back to your author's website, blog or book page to be found on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, AOL, Excite, Lycos, Bing, and many others.
What are the benefits
~ Expanded book marketing.
~ Increases your online presence.
~ Increases page positioning on the major search engine.
~ Helps to increase page rank.
~ Smart SEO.
~ Network expansion.
~ Increases Traffic to your site.
We also offer book reviews, author press releases, book trailer productions, author media blog creations, author website creations and additional author promotions and book marketing services.
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Triumph Through Trial, A Story of Renewal By Author Theresa Franklin

Title: Triumph Through Trial, A Story of Renewal
Author: Theresa Franklin
ISBN # 978-1-936587-76-6 E-Book Edition
Review Date: January 3, 2012
Reviewed by CBM Christian Book Reviews
10.0 on a scale of 10.0 stars

"Triumph Through Trial, A Story of Renewal" by award winning Christian author Theresa Franklin is an endearing story of the Owens family who went from discord, contention and strife to a new life full of renewal and triumph. Romans 8:28 states (NIV), "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." We can rest assured that even though there are trials, tragedies and hardships in life, if we live our life according to God's plans and purposes, He will work everything out in our life for good. Get ready to sit down, relax and enjoy this beautifully written book full of hope, encouragement and faith through the story of one family that overcame life's adversities through oneness in Christ.

Author, Theresa Franklin does a wonderful job in administering to the heart of families and encouraging families to stick together in love through this fictional short story. We all know what our lives look from the outside. But when we examine our family life from the inside, more than we like to admit, one will find dysfunction in the home. When we come to a place of acknowledging our sins and confessing them to God, God can work on our behalf. The author asks these important questions and urges us all to spend, "…time in front of God's mirror and try to see what those who know you best actually see? Are you a Christian? Have you accepted Christ as your savior?" In that, the author is asking, are you walking the walk and talking the talk? So many people profess to be Christians, but as Christians we should be exhibiting love, respect and service to our families in the home as well. If not, this book will lead the way to a new path of wholeness in Christ for families.

Driven by emotions, control, negativity, judgment and perfectionism, Cynthia is in complete denial of her behavior towards her family members. Severely affected, the husband is miserable, and her children avoid her as much as possible. Inevitably when there is dysfunction in the home, the author states, the stress can be measured in emotional and physical illnesses. Although the book is a fictional story, the author has described a very real and believable picture of how life is in our own families sometimes. The Owens family is torn from the inside out, due to stresses from the contention and discord caused by one family member suffering from deep emotional wounds caused from her own dysfunctional childhood.

This book is truly a blessing to families and the body of Christ. The author, through the use of scriptures and examples of family life, paints a wonderful picture of how life can be through the love and redemption of Jesus Christ. The author promotes family in this story of healing and encourages others, that "…love covereth a multitude of sins." Families will find solace and comfort through this book. Theresa's Franklin's writing style flows smoothly making for an easy read, keeping the reader fully engaged. This book will minister to all families that are "less than perfect." A highly recommend, encouraging read that will impact others for Christ. God can work in any situation, as the author illustrates, even the impossible ones.

Triumph Through Trial, A Story of Renewal By Author Theresa Franklin

Highly Recommended
10.0 on a scale of 10.0 stars
Book Review by CBM Christian Book Reviews

How To Create A Professional Book Cover for Your Christian Title

The cover of your book is one of the most important parts of publishing your book. You can have a great story, however, if you have a poor book cover design it can and will effect your chances of success.

The book cover is what people first see when searching online bookstores. Your book cover is also the first thing that a person sees sitting on the shelf at your local bookstore. People are visual and having a fantastic book cover is a must have and considered prime real estate when it comes to book publishing.

So where do you start? You can higher a graphic artist to create your book cover and if that is within your budget, I encourage you to do exactly that. There are many graphic artists that will create a complete book cover, back and front, with prices starting at $250.00 or less.

A graphic artist can create a beautiful book cover that will professionally represent your book. Yet what if you are on a tight budget, or possibly considering creating your own book cover using various templates that are available? Where do you find great photography at great prices or for free. Check out some of the following sites where you will find awesome photography and prices that will fit your budget.

CBM Christian Book Marketing
"Get Your Book On 100 Great Christian Sites"

Big Stock Photo
Deposit Photos
Ark Stock Photos
Christian Stock Photography
Free Stock Photography
Morgue File
NOAA Photo Library
Pixel Perfect Digital
Free Photos Bank
Creating Online Stock_Photos
Free Stock Photos
PD Photo
Free Digital Photos

Christian Book Editing, Book Design and Book Publishing - Permissions to Quote Scripture

Many times authors freely use scripture in their books without looking into permissions. If you are looking for both guidelines and peace of mind, visit the following sites for information on "Permissions to Quote" and "Copyright Legalities".
In many cases, it's much easier than you think.
CBM Christian Book Marketing

"Get Your Book On 100 Great Christian Sites"