Authors Don't Pay High Prices for Book Marketing Services

There are some book publishing firms out there that offer marketing ad ons to their publishing packages. Press releases, book trailer productions and other marketing needs. The problem is not the services, but the prices. The services are way over priced and the first time and inexperienced author just doesn't understand enough about the industry to realize that they are paying way to much money for those services.

Here is a perfect example. Author business cards, flyer's, post cards and other marketing tools. Way over priced. You end up paying top dollar for something that you can get for less than half the cost. Check out for all your author and business printing needs. You can get quality printing and save lots of money.

If you are looking for book marketing services without paying through the nose. Check out Christian Book Marketing for your press release, book review, and book trailer production needs. They also offer expanded online marketing and can showcase your book on hundreds of sites that tap into the Christian Marketplace. Compare their services and prices with others and you will be surprised at how much online marketing you can get for much less than others are charging.