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Award Winning Author Sherrill S. Cannon's Santa's Birthday Gift

Santa’s Birthday Gift is an attempt to include Santa in the meaning of Christmas. (After I read a story of the nativity to my young granddaughter, she looked at me and asked “But where’s Santa?”) The editor who critiqued this book wrote: “What a cute story! I know there are many stories about how Santa came into the picture, but this is a delightful idea behind the gifts at Christmas.” The story is best for ages 3-10, to be read to children who still believe in Santa! This book received a 2011 National Indie Excellence Finalist Award, and is a 2011 Readers Favorite Finalist. ~ Sherrill Cannon

Other books by Sherrill S. Cannon include:

Peter and the Whimper-Whineys (2010) is designed to help parents cope with whining and complaining children. The book is a 2011 Readers Favorite Finalist.

Sherrill's third book was released in February of 2011, The Magic Word. The book has received a NABE Pinnacle Achievement Award for summer 2011, a Global eBook Finalist Award, and is also a 2011 Readers Favorite Finalist.

Visit Sherrill Cannon at Sherrill S. Cannon's Website and Blog or at Sherrill Cannon's Amazon page

Santa's Birthday Gift by Author Sherrill S. Cannon

From Award Winning Author Sherrill S. Cannon comes Santa's Birthday Gift ~ A Delightful Children's Story

Sherrill S. Cannon is the author of multiple books. Santa's Birthday Gift (2009) was written for ages 3-10 and received the 2011 National Indie Finalist Award and is a 2011 Readers Favorite Finalist.

Peter and the Whimper-Wineys (2010) is designed to help parents cope with whining and complaining children. The book is a 2011 Readers Favorite Finalist.

Sherrill's third book was released in February of 2011, The Magic Word. The book has received a NABE Pinnacle Achievement Award for summer 2011, a Global eBook Award nomination, as well as being a 2011 Readers Favorite Finalist.

Sherrill grew up in the Willard Hotel in Washington DC (her Father was the manager), she was married and lived in Northern Virginia for twenty years where she and her husband raised four children. She later moved to the Philadelphia PA suburbs where she has lived for fourteen years.
To find out more about Author Sherrill S. Cannon, Santa's Birthday Gift, Whimper-Wineys and The Magic Word visit Sherrill S. Canon's website

Author Theresa Franklin

Author Theresa Franklin is the author of three wonderful books. As a wife, mother and director of special needs children many of her stories are gleaned from the experiences with these special individuals, as well as from her own life experiences.

Don’t Forget Daddy is a book written for young children to address their feelings when it comes to change in the family dynamics. Whether through divorce or loss of a parent, this issue is addressed with finesse and delicacy by author Theresa Franklin. Through the book your child will discover that young Ashley can still have a new daddy without forgetting about her real daddy that has gone to Heaven. This delightful book with its colorful illustrations will uplift your young child and encourage them to talk about their feelings.

Journey to Fulfillment, From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones is an encouraging memoir of her life shared by author Theresa Franklin. The author candidly shares from her life’s struggles, tragedies and victories that helped mold her into the woman she is today-a woman transformed by the love of Christ. Today she is living a life fulfilled as a beloved wife, mother and retired director/teacher for special needs children. This heartwarming story exemplifies how one can take adverse circumstances in life and in turn change those circumstances and life experiences into stepping-stones that lead to a path of life and fulfillment in Christ.

A Sunny Tomorrow is a delightful collection of nineteen short Christian stories written for young children. The author truly captures the heart and mind of the child in each story and each story will keep your child fully entertained. Some stories are quite humorous; other stories capture the innocence, imagination and characteristics of a child that is truly enchanting. The author has also delicately addressed issues with children and their feelings with some stories on subjects such as divorce, adoption, having a parent with special needs or dealing with the loss of a parent.

Author Theresa Franklin
Don't Forget Daddy

Press Release - Author, Jieun Jung - Quiet Waters From God

(A Christian Book Marketing Press Release)
Thursday, August 4, 2011

Title: Quiet Waters From God
Author: Jieun Jung
ISBN # Kindle Edition B005BU98V6

Author Jieun Jung, a Christian graduate of Seoul National University, releases her first book Quiet Waters From God which is currently available on Kindle.

Jieun Jung has a heart for sharing the love of God, His wonderful grace, encouragement, hope, and simply to provide God’s waters to the thirsty of all peoples and nations.

In Isaiah 32:18, the scriptures state that my people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.

There’s no doubt that this book will be like refreshing waters to the thirsty and especially in these times of uncertainties with the many unfortunate things that have been and are unfolding in our world. Like a dry desert or dry thirsty land, God can and does provide provision to all peoples that seek His face.

This is a highly recommended read.

You may find Jieun Jung’s e-book on Amazon and at other online bookstores. The author can be visited at her website, Quiet Waters From God and you can find her on Twitter at PrincessofGod21.

A Christian Book Marketing Press Release