Author Joespeh E. Hyskell's Who's On Board

Title: Who’s On Board
Author: Dr. Joseph Hyskell Jr.
ISBN #978-0-557-44627-8
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

“Who’s on Board?” by Dr. Joseph Hyskell Jr. is an inspiring and scripturally based bible study. The author discusses twelve checkpoints that help the reader to understand what it is to be a “born-again” believer. Filled with scripture application, Author Dr. Joseph Hysekll Jr., has carefully laid down a solid foundation built upon the Holy Scriptures. The twelve checkpoints then can be discussed in a small group setting or read individually. The author indicates that many profess to be a Christian, but their life does not demonstrate a life lead by the “indwelling” of the Holy Spirit. This book will identify the “born-again” believer and demonstrates the difference between knowing about God, and really knowing Christ in the power of His resurrection.

An exciting and short read, this book is an excellent ministering tool that can be used to bring others into the Kingdom of God. This study, as suggested by the author, is recommended for groups not bigger than ten to keep the teachings on a very personal level. Written with much wisdom from scripture and from a man that has over 52 years in ministry as a Pastor, teacher and missionary, Dr. Joseph Hyskell Jr.s’ teaching has captured the essence of what it means to be “born-again.”

Section II of the book includes uplifting and inspirational poetry by the author written all to glorify the love and power of God. This encouraging selection of poetry will be sure to touch your heart, just as the Psalms identify with the condition of one’s heart and emotions. A true writer at heart, Dr. Joseph Hyskell Jr. captures the wisdom and love of the scripture through sharing his brilliantly poignant poetry. This section is a testament to the love and truth of the scriptures and is a true gem, one that shall be treasured by readers inspired by poetry.

The ideals set forth by Author Joseph Hyskell Jr. have been tested and tried by the author and proven to be overwhelmingly victorious. Become a true believer and inspire others to have their lives changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This book, with much prayer as the author notes, will help you do just that.

Who’s On Board by Author: Dr. Joseph Hyskell Jr.

10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews

Astonishing and Inspiring, Unbridled Grace by Author Michael J. Norman

Title: Unbridled Grace
Author: Michael J. Norman
ISBN# 9781457500961
Review Date: July 21st, 2011
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0

Unbridled Grace by Michael J. Norman is an astonishing and inspiring true account of a six-year nightmare endured by the author and his immediate family. This journey led this young, bright doctor, freshly out of medical school, through the darkest depths of an evil conspiracy involving the Russian Mafia. This is a truly amazing story of redemption and a triumphant testimony to the love and grace of God.

Upon answering a microscopic two-line ad in the newspaper, the author, Michael J. Norman found himself entangled in the most mind-boggling web of evil imaginable and found himself to be the direct target of powerful, influential and merciless men in a system that defines itself as our legal system. Caught against insurmountable and extraordinary circumstances, Author Michael J. Norman, unabashedly tells his dramatic story of an almost inconceivable nightmare that forever changed his life.

Guided by his power in the choice to believe in his own innocence, truth, justice and the saving power of God, Author Michael J. Norman candidly shares his dramatic real-life scenario of one man’s fight against the impossible, only to find himself face to face with the absolute omnipotent, ever-present power and favor of God.

This riveting true story will undeniably lift your faith and is a great encouragement to the body of Christ as a testimony to the absolute strength in trusting your life to the Savior of your soul, Jesus Christ.

Come experience the authentic and exceptional story of one man who endured excruciating pain and trauma. Be encouraged in your own life to step out in faith and put your trust in God and the absolute power of choosing Him over anything else in this world.

A highly recommended and engaging read for anyone enduring any kind of threatening trial. This book will give you fuel to get through the fire. Be prepared, this book is nothing short of breathtaking!

Unbridled Grace by Author Michael J. Norman

Highly Recommended
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0
Reviewed by Christian Book Reviews

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New Book Release - A Sunny Tomorrow by Theresa Franklin

A Sunny Tomorrow - A Collection of Christian Short Stories for Children
By: Author Theresa Franklin
ISBN # 978-1-61739-773-8
Review Date: July 3rd 2011
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0

A Sunny Tomorrow by Author, Theresa Franklin, is a collection of delightful short stories written for young children. This endearing collection has nineteen short stories in all. Each story deals with a different subject. The author truly captures the heart and mind of the child in each story. Additionally, this author is known for identifying with children’s feelings within each subject and especially when dealing with difficult subjects such as divorce, adoption, having a parent with special needs or dealing with the loss of a parent.

Included in this entertaining collection are more humorous stories that deal with much lighter subjects such as grandmas, tasting something to eat before you decide you don’t like it and how a lovely blue flower called a bluebonnet grows or how to be superhero. Each story is entertaining and enchanting for children of young ages to sit and listen to. I found myself chuckling at some of the tales, as the author really knows how a kid thinks. My six year old was quite enchanted and kept saying, “That’s true, that’s what I think.”

Other thoughtful writings are written for comfort, such as Sometimes You Need a Shoulder and Mommy Doesn’t Cry Anymore or Daddy, I’m Scared. Other stories included are simply written for humor and entertainment, like Jolene the Pig or Brent and Dad Go Fishing. No matter which story you choose, you can be sure your children will be thoroughly entertained and will be asking you to read more and more.

“A Delightful Read”

A Sunny Tomorrow by Theresa Franklin
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews