Book Marketing For The Self Published Christian Author

Thinking about self publishing or maybe you just published your first Christian book. Now what? Maybe you are on Amazon or listed online at many online Christian and non Christian book stores? Building a online presence and getting out there is important. But what if ....
What if no one can find your book in the millions that are listed online? Just because your book, title and name as a author is on a few great sites doesn't mean that people will find it. Ask yourself this question. Who is going to search for my brand new book release by title or my name as author?
This is why the self published author must market their books. You must create a online presence, promote and market your book so that people can find it. This is not easy and the competition is enormous.
Here's are three first steps that must be put into place.
1) A authors website or blog.
2) A book review.
3) A book trailer.
4) Some smart online marketing of the above three items.
For more information on how the self published Christian author should promote and market their book, take the time to read over Christian book Marketing and be sure to do your homeword before taking on the task.