Book Trailers - Key's To Success

Book Trailers: The Key to Successful Video Marketing

Here is a article that I came across written by Sarah Weinman, the practical writer about the power of using book trailers. As many of you know the book trailer craze has exploded with both authors and publishers using book trailers to promote and market books just as the motion picture industry has used movie trailers to real in ticket purchases.

The article reads as follows:

It used to be a big deal when the author bio on the back of a book included contact information such as an e-mail address or a Web site. Now hardly anyone bats an eye when a writer—new, emerging, mid career, or veteran—blogs alone or with others, sends out missives via MySpace or Facebook, and checks in on occasion with Twitter, GoodReads, RedRoom, or the latest Web 2.0 social networking site. But none of these Internet marketing approaches reflects the publishing industry's struggle to convert the latest technology into increased book sales as forcefully as video content—specifically the book trailer, an idea that's turned into explosive reality thanks to broadband Internet connections, the astounding success of YouTube as a distribution channel, and the almost desperate need to capture the attention of a younger generation that is allegedly reading far less than the previous one.

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