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Looking for a affordable book trailer to showcase your book? Book Trailer Productions can create a simple yet powerful book trailer that professionally showcases your book, plus market your book trailer on up to 100 sites.

Book Trailer Productions & Marketing

Expanded Book Trailer Marketing

Book trailer are an important part of marketing books. The movie industry has used movie trailers for years and with great success. Today authors are using book trailers as a powerful marketing tool.

After a book trailer is created it is usually uploaded to YouTube or another hosting company. However, that's just the beginning. Yes you can add your book trailer to your authors site, blog or web page, but what about extensive marketing. How do you use the marketing power of your book trailer to market your book?

What about having your book trailer posted on 25, 50, 75 or even 100 sites and sites that are further networked and linked with other great networks, communities and social sites through powerful feeds.?

Here are some sites and pages of interest that share tips and information on book trailers and book trailer marketing:

Christian Book Marketing & Author Promotions

Specalizing in Christian Author Promotions and Book Marketing, providing targeted online marketing for Authors within the Christian marketplace. We utilize the power of the Internet combined with professional author promotions and book marketing techniques that provides expanded online marketing, increases traffic and gathers the attention of book lovers.
From Christian Book Marketing to custom cover designs to book trailers call upon Christian Book Marketing.

Book Trailer Examples

Here is a example of a simple yet powerful book trailer. The script which was prepared by the publisher is a perfect example of using powerful words to relay a message. The trailer consists of 15 frames and is just over 1 minute in length.

The following book trailer is another example of the power of white font on a black back ground.

The Simplicity Of A Book Trailer

You don't have to pay a arm and a leg for a quality book trailer. I have had authors come to me sharing starting prices of over $300.00 for a pretty simple productions. Look no further. View the following video and contact us. We can work with you to create a quality book trailer that showcases you as author and your book.

Custom Book Trailer Creations & Productions Made Simple. Powerful, Affective & Affordable Book Trailers. For further information contact Smitty at kingdomexpansion1@gmail.