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A CBM Christian Author Press Release

Come walk with Jesus and experience, for yourself - What Did Jesus Say: The Seven Messages from the Master

It's not your typical "walk-in-the-park." What Did Jesus Say- "The Seven Messages from the Master" is an engaging stroll down the beach from author Terry Allan Christian offering seven, timeless, messages contained within the Bible from the Master Teacher – Jesus.  This book gives over 500 of Jesus' teachings that will become your own personal poetic journey with Jesus.  Beautifully illustrated in full color as a 170-page e-book (also available in audio CD or paperback), this book will transform your perspective on life.     

Unique and never before gathered in one volume, the author as inspired by the Holy Spirit, offers these seven messages taught by Jesus without opinion or theological interpretations.  Powerfully written to impact and transform lives with the teachings of Christ derived only from the red printed letters in the Bible. Rev. Terry Allan Christian has over 30 years of experience walking with God and has created a journey of discovery – offering wisdom, refreshment and the transforming power of Christ to all.  Discover the seven messages from the Master and the ever-enduring love He has for you in this fascinating book!  

Reverend Christian is a minister teaching the Body of Christ true Christian principles.  As a retired motivational speaker, he has taught over 2500 seminars as a corporate trainer to companies throughout America and Canada.  As a young teen, growing up in a very dysfunctional household, the author developed a severe stuttering problem.  Encountering the God of the impossible at the age of 23, he was miraculously healed and then gave his life completely over to God at that moment.  Shortly after that life-changing event, the Lord encountered him again with a vision and the Holy Spirit told him one day he would be a teacher of Christian principles.  Thirty years later, after much teaching and instruction from God, he is a minister teaching Christian principles to the Body of Christ. 

For more information be sure to visit www.WDJSbook.com. You may get your copy of What Did Jesus Say?  in print or Kindle Edition  at Amazon.com and other online bookstores.
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From multi-published and multi-award winning author, Yolanda Shanks, comes volume 2 of Not Just a Hearer but A DOER.  This series includes both volumes 1 and 2 and have been created as 31-day devotionals presenting the truth of God's Word. 

Christian author and Sunday School Teacher, Yolanda Shanks, compassionately and honestly reveals the destructive thought patterns that keep us from obtaining God's best for us.  Be set free from the snares of the evil one and fleshly entanglements, one-step-at-a-time, as you renew your mind through the refreshing water of the Word.  In doing this, your life and your inner thought life will be on the way to becoming acceptable and pleasing in the sight of the Lord, yielding a bountiful harvest.

Inner thoughts are what defile the temple.  We may hold wrong attitudes about others and ourselves that are not in accordance with the commands of scripture, which can actually produce negative results.  Learn how to dump the garbage, so to speak…with this amazing and uplifting short 31-day devotional!!

A highly recommended read for those who desire cleanliness within the inner man.  Thought provoking and challenging, this 31-day devotional will add to your daily life as your mind is renewed day-by-day.
For more information about the author and her books, visit Author Yolanda Shanks. You may get your copy of Not Just a Hearer but A DOER Volume 2 and other books by Yolanda Shanks at Amazon.  

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CBM Christian Book Review
Title: Israel, My Personal Journey
By: Carol A. Krejci
Review Date: July 17, 2013
A Christian Book Review
10.0 out of 10.0 stars

Israel – My Personal Journey by multi-published Christian author Carol A. Krejci presents a fascinating 40-day contemplative devotional through the land of Israel.  Taking readers on a discovery tour of Israel, the author has chronicled her adventure beginning from modern-day Israel that concludes in Jerusalem during the time of Jesus.  Each chapter offers insights and Scripture inspired by the Holy Spirit that will touch the soul.  Traveling through historical sights such as Jerusalem, the Western Wall, the memorial of Yad Vashem, Bethlehem and the Garden of Gethsemane, the author relates her experiences and gives refreshing and often enlightening biblical insights through each chapter.  Presenting reflective wisdom from many past occurrences, such as the exodus and life of the Israelites, this 40-day devotional offers a unique adventure through Israel that will ignite faith, passion and trust in God. Israel – My Personal Journey is a delightful 40-day journey that will challenge readers to grow spiritually in their walk with the Lord as they gain deep insight into Israel's past and God's mercy, love and forgiveness that is offered to all.   
The landscape, history and geography of Israel leads way to timely comparisons, presenting different historical time periods that literally bring the Bible and Israel to life.  This devotional comes highly recommended for those that have a deep love for Israel and the Lord, or may be used as a personal devotional, giving hope and encouragement for the day, as well as in a group setting. 

Through the pages of this book, one will learn of the love and faithfulness of Almighty God to His people, through the land of Israel.  The author also portrays through the leading of the Holy Spirit a sense of the Father's love to the reader, calling Him "Abba" meaning a childlike "Daddy."  If you are a lover of Israel, the Bible and the Lord, you will certainly be refreshed as you enjoy this spiritual historical journey through the land of Israel.  Uplifting and inspirational, author Carol Krejci has shared her tour of Israel in such a way that has the ability to change your life as you reflect on your own personal journey with the Lord. 

~Carol~Shower of Blessings~ Ez. 34:2

You can get your copy of Israel, My Personal Journey at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and at other fine-online bookstores. Be sure to visit Carol at FaithWriters and on FaceBook.

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