Christian Author Yolanda Shanks releases A Cause to be Thankful

A Cause to be Thankful
By: Yolanda Shanks
Review Date: May 13, 2013
A Christian Book Review
9.9 out of 10.0 stars

A Cause to be Thankful is the third book in the Destined to Live, Despite Me Series by award-winning and multi-published Christian author and suicide survivor, Yolanda Shanks.  This book gives an insightful look into the roots of the spirit of ingratitude, revealing that a spirit of entitlement pervades throughout today's modern society.  The author boldly proclaims that thankfulness, instead of ungratefulness, is the correct biblical perspective and attitude in all circumstances.  Yes, all circumstances…with that said, the author includes a wonderful analysis of the ten healed lepers in Luke 17 where only one returned to thank the Lord.  From a biblical premise the author pinpoints the meaning of thankfulness in its fullness.  Examples from the life of King David and many others are examined, preluding to the idea that a thankful attitude should always be within our hearts, minds and actions as to convey to others, and the world, the absolute gratitude we as Christians have for all that He is and has done in our lives.     

With honesty and compassion, the author reveals that a genuine attitude of thankfulness should be a Christian's attitude.  As the biblical examples come to life, one will realize that through all the trials, these triumphant examples adamantly chose to bless the Lord at all times.  This was especially true of King David.  The author has used much biblical interpretation, scripture and Psalms throughout her book that bring to light the biblical attitude of thankfulness and what thankfulness does for our soul.

This book will challenge you to come up higher in your walk and obedience to the Lord in choosing to have the right attitude.  You will find that having the right attitude and perspective can change your life in ways you did not expect.  Suddenly, favor will be in your life and suddenly there will be joy.  This book is a true delight to read. 

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